Olympos Turkey – Best 3 Bungalow Hotels

Olympos Antalya is one of Turkey’s most popular tourist attractions and Turkey’s best bungalow hotels are in Olympos.

You can stay in a bungalow hotel in Olympos and have a peaceful holiday surrounded by nature.

Due to its environment, Olympos Turkey is a favorite holiday destination for people with a bohemian lifestyle.

If you want to have a holiday in Olympos Antalya, it is useful to pay attention to the religious holidays of Turkey. During religious holidays, Turks go on vacation and Olympos can be very crowded. In addition, hotel prices increase during the holidays.

If you want to have a holiday in Olympos Turkey, I recommend you to read the Olympos Antalya guide and Olympos nightlife.

If you wish, let’s take a quick look at the best hotels in Olympos.

Olympos Turkey Hotels
Olympos Antalya

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Top 3 Bungalow Hotels in Olympos Antalya

I stayed in all of the hotels we recommended to you and I left satisfied. I hope you will be satisfied too.

Kadir’s Tree House

Kadir’s Tree House is the first bungalow hotel in Olympos Antalya and is very popular.

Kadir’s Tree House hotel, which has 120 rooms, has no age limit for children, but there is no crib. Pets are not accepted.

The hotel has a paid airport shuttle service. If you wish, they will pick you up from Antalya airport and bring you to the hotel.

Kadir’s Tree House is within walking distance of the Olympos beach and the Bull Bar, one of the popular venues of Olympos nightlife, is located in the hotel’s garden.

I recommend Kadir’s treehouses for their location, popularity, nightlife, and access to the beach.

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Olympos Turkey bungalows
Kadir’s Tree House – Olympos Turkey Bungalow Hotels

Bayram’s Tree Houses

Bayram’s Tree Houses are one of the closest hotels to Olympos beach and the ancient city of Olympos.

There is an age limit of 18 for the hotel with 50 bungalow rooms and unfortunately, they do not accept pets.

The hotel, which has breakfast and dinner in the morning, also has an airport shuttle service if you wish.

There is a dedicated workspace and wifi service for remote workers.

Click to see the best prices at Bayram’s Tree Houses hotel.

Olympos Bungalow Hotels
Bayram’s Tree Houses – Olympos Turkey Bungalow Hotels

Olympos Orange Bungalow Hotel

Olympos Orange hotel is another clean and beautiful hotel to stay in Olympos Antalya. Bayram is right next to the hotel.

The hotel, which has its own bar, is one of the liveliest hotels in Olympos.

Breakfast and dinner are included in the morning and the hotel has an airport shuttle, wifi, and parking.

Olympos Orange hotel is one of the rare hotels in Olympos that accepts families with children, but unfortunately, they do not accept pets.

Click to see the best prices at Olympos Orange Bungalow hotel.

Olympos bungalow hotels
Orange Olympos – Olympos Turkey Bungalow Hotels

Olympos Antalya Hotels – Frequently Asked Questions

We tried to answer frequently asked questions about vacationing and hotels in Olympos Antalya.

Are all hotels in Olympos bungalows?

No, not all hotels in Olympos are bungalows, but the reason why Olympos is preferred is to be in touch with nature. For this reason, bungalow rooms are preferred.

Which hotel is closest to Olympos beach?

The closest hotel to Olympos beach is the Oleander hotel, but our recommendation is to stay at Bayram’s Tree House. Among our holiday suggestions, it is the closest hotel to the beach ticket offices.

How much are hotel fees in Olympos?

Olympos is more suitable than other holiday regions of Turkey. Room rates in Olympos Antalya vary between 45 and 60 dollars per day.

Is there a family hotel in Olympos?

Olympos hotels generally accept adults, but some hotels such as Kadir’s Tree Houses and Bayram’s Treehouse accept families with children.

How many days should I stay in Olympos Turkey?

3 day holiday in Olympos Turkey will be enough. If you are wondering what to do in Olympos, you can take a look.

Is Olympos Antalya worth seeing?

You can have a peaceful holiday intertwined with nature in Olympos Antalya. Also, Olympos beach and Olympos ancient city are very beautiful. You can do activities such as boat tours and rock climbing. It’s worth giving Olympos a chance.