Legendary Antalya Perge Ancient City

Perge ancient city

Perge ancient city is one of the ancient and magnificent cities of the Roman Empire, located in Antalya today.

This fascinating city has a rich history and showcases the glory of ancient civilizations. It is one of the well-preserved ancient cities in Asia Minor.

Let’s take a look at the history of the ancient city of Perge, its fascinating ruins, the entrance fee, and working hours.

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The glorious history of the Perge ancient city

Although it is not certain that the ancient city of Perge, BC. It is believed to have been founded by the Hittites around 1500 BC.

The name of the ancient city of Perge comes from the Luwian language spoken by the Hittites and other Anatolian civilizations.

Perge has been an important city in the region with its fertile lands, its proximity to the Cestrus River (today’s Aksu River), and its strategic location, and has been the center of its time in the region.

Although the city of Perge was not involved in an important war throughout its history, it was affected by the political events in the region and was occupied several times.

The ancient city of Perge was occupied by the Greeks after the Hittites and the region was introduced to Greek culture. B.C. In the 5th century, it came under the rule of the Persian Empire.

The city changed hands again in BC. It happened with the conquest of Anatolia by Alexander the Great in 333 and entered the Hellenistic period again.

During the Hellenistic period, Perge was ruled by the Ptolemaic Kingdom and later the Seleucid Empire. During this time the city flourished and became an important center of arts, culture, and trade. The city’s magnificent Hellenistic Gate and its colonnaded streets are a testament to the architectural prowess of this period.

In 188 BC, Perge was included in the Roman Republic as part of the province of Pamphylia. Under Roman rule, the city experienced significant growth and development.

Many important structures such as the Roman Gate, theater, and stadium were built or renovated during this period.

Perge was also an important center for Christianity in the early years of the religion. Many Christians, including St. Paul, lived in the ancient city of Perge.

The city was later ruled by the Byzantine Empire after the fall of Rome. In the 7th and 8th centuries AD, Perge was exposed to numerous Arab invasions and gradually lost its importance.

Perge ancient city ruins
Perge ancient city ruins

Perge Ancient City Ruins

The ruins in the ancient city of Perge are well preserved today. Since this city was not used much after the Roman period, it did not wear out much.

Let’s take a look at the ruins of the ancient city of Perge.


Perge ancient city theater is the 3rd largest ancient theater in Turkey and one of the best-preserved theaters from the Roman period.

Theater MS It was built in the 2nd century and has a capacity of about 12000 people. Due to its size, it is a very famous theater in its time.

The theater of the ancient city of Perge was built on the hill just to the left of the city of Perge. For this reason, the acoustics of the Perge Theater, which has a natural slope, are close to perfect.

The theater is designed in a typical Roman style, with a semicircular seating area and a stage for performances. It was used for various events such as games, musical performances, and gladiator fights.

The sculptures that once adorned the outer walls of the theater are now exhibited in the Antalya Museum.

Today, the road passes between the theater and the city ruins. For this reason, right after buying the ticket, it would be more logical to first visit the theater and then enter the city.

Perge Ancient City Theater
Perge Ancient City Theater


The stadium of the ancient city of Perge is one of the best preserved ancient stadiums that has survived to the present day.

The stadium was built in the Roman period and has a thin and long structure measuring 234 x 34 meters. The north is closed in the form of a short side shoe, and the south is open.

Built around the 2nd century AD, the Stadium has 13 rows and seats 12000.

In the ancient city of Perge, gladiatorial battles were also held in addition to activities such as theater. I recommend you to go to the ancient city of Perge just to see this stadium.

Ancient city of Perge
The ancient city of Perge


Agora is another important work of the ancient city of Perge. It is located to the right of the Hellenistic gates.

Unfortunately, the Agora has been badly damaged over time, but the mosaics on the ground are still in place.

You can close your eyes and imagine that there are shops on both sides of Agora Road and you are shopping.

Perge Ancient City Antalya
Perge Ancient City Antalya

Hellenistic Gates

There are three gates from the Hellenistic period, in the east, west, and south of the ancient city of Perge.

B.C. The main purpose of the doors, which date back to the 2nd century, is to provide security and is referred to as a courtyard door.

Above the gates are statues of the gods and the founders of the city and other decorations.

Perge Ancient City Antalya
Perge Ancient City Antalya


The monumental fountain (nymphaeum) built for Emperor Septimius Severus is right at the entrance of the city.

Some statues and figurines belonging to the Nymphaeum were taken from the city and taken to the Antalya Museum.


The baths, known as the thermal baths or the Southern Bath, are one of the largest in this region and are remarkable for their monumentality.

Besides the size of the baths, they are decorated with various columns, sculptures, and reliefs.

The structures in the baths were built at different times. It has different sections such as changing rooms, and cold and hot bath areas.

Perge Antalya
Perge Antalya

How to get to the Perge ancient city?

The ancient city of Perge is located in the Barbaros neighborhood of the Aksu district, 18 km from the city center. It is 7km from Antalya airport and takes 10 minutes by car.

You can go to the ancient city of Perge by renting a car. Or you can take a taxi, but if you want to use public transportation, you can use the tram or you can use bus number AC03 from the center of Antalya.

In both options, it takes an average of 1 hour and downloads in Aksu center. From here you can take local minibusses, hire a taxi or choose to walk.

👉 You can reliably rent a car in Antalya.

Perge Ancient City
Perge Ancient City

Perge Ancient City entrance fee

Perge Ancient City entrance fee is 200 Turkish Liras (10 USD) per person. It is free if you have a museum pass Turkey.

If you are planning to visit ancient cities in Turkey, it may be more logical to purchase a museum pass.

Perge Ancient City opening hours

The opening time of the ancient city of Perge is 08:00 and the closing time is 17:00. You can buy tickets from the box office at 16:30 at the latest.

Since Antalya has a sunny and warm climate, I would not recommend going at noon. You should also take a hat and water with you.

Questions about Perge Ancient City

Let’s try to answer some of the frequently asked questions about the Ancient City of Perge.

Where is the ancient city of Perge?

The ancient city of Perge is 18 km east of Antalya today. It is 30 minutes from the center and 10 minutes from Antalya airport.

Who founded the ancient city of Perge?

Although it is not known exactly who settled in the ancient city of Perge and by whom the foundations of the city were established, it is thought that the first settlements were made by the Hittites.

Is the ancient city of Perge worth seeing?

The ancient city of Perge has a well-preserved Theatre, Agora, and one of the largest ancient stadiums in the world. If you came to Antalya on holiday and are interested in history, it would be good to see the ancient city of Perge.

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