5 Best All inclusive Fethiye Hotels

all inclusive Fethiye hotels

All inclusive Fethiye hotels are the new rising stars in the south-west coast in Turkey. Now, without wasting any time, we will do a deep dive into these Fethiye hotels. You can find other articles related to Fethiye at the end of this blog post.

10 Best Hotels in Fethiye

best hotels in Fethiye

Are you ready to explore the best hotels in Fethiye, which is an amazing pearl of the west Mediterranean part of Turkey? Do not forget to book your holiday at affordable prices with early reservation for the summer of 2023.

Letoon Sanctuary Place: Letoon Ancient City

Letoon Ancient City

The ancient city of Letoon, located on the Fethiye – Kaş highway, is an ancient city considered sacred by the Lycians, whose first settlements are estimated to have been established in the 7th century BC.