Antalya Shopping Malls & Antalya Fake Markets

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Hello, all shoppers and travelers! As you know, Turkey offers amazing deals for vacations and also shopping. Shopping in Turkey is very easy. Many malls and shops are reachable and they also have online shopping. Via tax free shopping, it will be better for shopping more.

You will find shopping opportunities (with or without tax-free options) in the best fake markets in Antalya and the best malls in Antalya. Probably, shopping is one of the best things to do in Antalya. So, don’t miss the deals and current advice. In this ultimate shopping guide, we will tell you all the shopping tips and malls in Antalya in order to make your next stops more enjoyable!

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Antalya Shopping Guide

Once you’ve learned about all the shopping centers in the city, you can compare and visit shopping malls in Antalya. That’s why we want to enlighten you about their qualities. 

When I go to Antalya city center, I can probably easily find at least one shopping mall near me. But which is the cheapest mall in Antalya? Let’s discover all the malls, especially those which offer us cheap shopping in Antalya. Let’s find the best mall in Antalya together.

Mall of Antalya Shopping Center (Antalya Shopping Outlet)

Mall of Antalya Shopping Center
Mall of Antalya

This place is one of the biggest shopping mall in Antalya. The mall of Antalya shopping center is well-designed and a fresh place where you can find so many things besides clothes. It is next to the cheapest outlet mall which is Deepo Outlet Center, that’s why we will examine both together.

  • Location (Where is Mall of Antalya?)
    Mall of Antalya is very close to the Antalya airport. It’s on the main road. Either with tram or other public transport or by car, you can access the Mall of Antalya easily.
  • Working hours
    10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. on weekdays
    10:00 a.m. – 10:30 p.m. on weekends
  • Car parking area
    There are both open air parking areas and indoor parking for the Mall of Antalya and Deepo Outlet Mall.
  • Fairly stores
    So many options for almost everything.
  • Budget friendly prices
    Budget friendly prices may change due to the store’s luxury level. But fair enough.  
  • Supermarket
    There is a Migros supermarket inside.
  • Food and drink court
    On the entrance floor, you can find some coffee shops like Starbucks. On the top floor, you will be able to find a very large food court with a fresh balcony.
  • Kids entertainments
    There are some kids activities, toy stores, and tiny mall tours in a cute ring for kids. 
  • Cinema
    Mall of Antalya has 11 theaters capacity which belongs to the Cinetech cinema brand. By the way, you don’t need to know Turkish. You can catch the movies which are in the English language with Turkish subtitles.
  • Restrooms
    Restrooms are enough and clean in general.
  • Nearly Things To Do
    More shopping! Seriously, you can find amazing leather and fur shops near the Mall of Antalya and Deepo Outlet Center.

Mall of Antalya Shopping Center Stores

Let’e explore Mall of Antalya shops together. The brands waiting for you at the Mall of Antalya Shopping Center are;

Mall of Antalya Men’s and Women’s Clothing Stores

adL, Armine, Bad Bear, Polo Club, Bonitas, Colin’s, Columbia, Karaca, D’erol, Dagi, DeFacto, dsg outlet, EKOL, exxe, faik sönmez, G lingerie, gant, Gizia, Guess, H&M, Hays, Italian, İpekyol, Jack&Jones, JeansLab, Joia, Kayra, Kiwe, Kığılı, Kom, Koton, Lc Waikiki, Lee Wrangler, Levi’s, Loft, Love my body, LTB, Mark & spancer, Mavi, Mudo, NaralMaxx, Nocturne, Occasion, Peni, Perspective, Pierre Cardin, Pologarage, Rue, Sneaks Up, Suwen, Tommy Hilfiger, Tuğba, Twist, Benelton, Vakko, VDR, Who What Wear.

Mall of Antalya Kids Dresses and Baby Stores

B&G store, Defacto, Kids Home, Kitikate, Lc Wakiki, Minikido, Panço, Studio Kids, Polo Kids, Benelton.

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Mall of Antalya Sportswear stores

Adidas, Hummel, Kar spor, Lescon, Moon Sports, Morotai, Sporthink, Sportive outlet, SPX, Under Armour.

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Mall of Antalya underwear stores

Dagi, G lingerie, KOM, LCW Dream, Penti, Piere Cardin, Suwen.

You can browse Turkish underwear stores.

Mall of Antalya Shoe and Bag stores

Ayakkabı Dünyası, Bambi, Derimod, DESA, Elle, Flo, Greyder, Hotiç, Kemal Tança, LC Waikiki, Matmazel, Samsonite, Shop & Shoes, Skechers, InStreet, SuperStep, Tergan, Twigy, Polo, W Luggage.

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Mall of Antalya Accessory and Jewelry stores

Altınbaş, Atasay, Çilek Concept, Milord, Mini SOU, Orient’s, Perge Jewelry.

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Mall of Antalya Cosmetics Stores

Arifoğlu, EVE, Flomar, Frederic Patric, Golden Rose, gratis, MAD Parfum, Rosmaan, Royal Platinum, Watsons, Yve Rocher.

Check out the best Turkish cosmetics brands.

Mall of Antalya Home Decoration stores

Chakra, English Home, Gallery Crystal, Karaca, Korkmaz, Laura Bella, Madame Coco, Sarev, Taç Schafer.

Mall of Antalya Electronics and white goods stores

Beko, Media markt, Turkcell, Vatan, Vodafone.

Mall of Antalya Shopping Center Stores
Mall of Antalya Shopping Center Stores

Deepo Outlet Center Antalya Shops (Outlet Mall in Antalya)

As we mentioned before, Deepo Outlet Mall is next door to the Mall of Antalya. You can pass directly inside.

Many many years ago, there was only a Deepo Outlet but now there are two shopping centers. These two outlet malls are very attractive places for clothes shopping in Antalya.

You can also find a famous baby store Antalya next to the Deepo outlet center. Make sure to check Ebebek Turkey Baby Shopping.

Agora Mall Shops & IKEA Turkey Antalya

Ikea Antalya and Agora Mall shops are side by side. You can pass from both inside and outside. Ikea is a good option for both shopping and lunch.

  • Location
    From Antalya airport to Agora Shopping Center is about 10 minutes by car. From Mall of Antalya to Agora Mall is about 5 minutes by car or 20 minutes by foot.
  • Working hours
    10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Car parking area
    There are enough inside and outside car parking areas. 
  • Fairly stores
    Prices depend on the stores, but still worth visiting. Some shops are cheaper and some stores are more fancy there. But don’t forget to check the info place. Sometimes they have deals, campaigns or drawings for the customers.
  • Budget friendly prices
    There are plenty of stores for every budget.
  • Supermarket
    There is a supermarket inside. Also you can visit Ikea’s market, too. 
  • Food and drink court
    So many options can be found like: fine dining, coffee stores, special desserts, fast food…
  • Kids entertainments
    Well, Agora is the best indoor destination for kids’ entertainment. These joyful zones are not only for kids, but adults can enjoy them too.
  • Cinema
    If you are looking for a cozy and quiet cinema, then you should try Agora cinemas as soon as possible.
  • Restrooms
    One of the cleanest restrooms within Antalya malls. 
  • Nearly things to do in Antalya
    Upper Duden Waterfalls is about 12-15 minutes via car to Agora Shopping Mall. Also, you can go to the Lower Duden Waterfall is about 15-20 minutes by car from Agora Mall.

Agora Mall Shopping Center Stores

The stores in Agora Mall Shopping Antalya are as follows;

Agora Mall Shopping Center Men’s and Women’s Clothing Stores

Avva, Bagist, Boyner, Brands & Trends, Colin’s, Gizia, G Lingerie, İpekyol, Jimmy Key, Koton, LC Wakiki, Love my Body, LTB, Mavi, Mudo, Paul Mark, Twist, Polo, adL.

Agora Mall Shopping Center Kids Dresses and Baby Stores

Armağan, Aura Kids, B&G store, Toyzz shop.

Agora Mall Shopping Center Sportswear stores

Sportive, Arem Nike, GS store.

Agora Mall Shopping Center Shoe and Bag stores

B&B, Dogo, Flo, Hotiç.

Agora Mall Shopping Center Accessories, Jewelers and watchmakers

Altınbaş, Atasun Optik, Erdem Optik, IsaBella, Konya Saat, Perge, Yılmaz Optik.

Agora Mall Shopping Center Cosmetics Stores

Flomar, Sevil, Watsons, Yve Rocher.

If you are wondering about the best Turkish cosmetics stores, click here.

Agora AVM Antalya Shopping Mall
Agora Mall Shopping Center Stores

Antalya Migros Shopping Center(5M migros)

Migros shopping center is one of the oldest malls in Antalya. However, you can still find all your basic needs in this three decker shopping mall.

Antalya Migros Shopping Center
Antalya Migros Shopping
  • Location
    Migros Antalya Shopping Mall is located in the Konyaalti district. It is across from the amusement park.
  • Working hours
    10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Car parking area
    Only open air area for car parking.
  • Fairly stores
    From dry cleaning to tech stores there are plenty of stores. Actually, if your expectations are on a basic level, Migros is the oldest but still the best shopping mall in Antalya.
  • Budget-friendly prices
    Normally you may see average prices but sometimes they have special deals which you don’t wanna miss.
  • Supermarket
    In particular, there is a huge Migros supermarket inside so you can find several food or drink products there at good prices.
  • Food and drink court
    Sorry but not sorry. This section needs to be extended! Especially during the weekends, people are playing musical chairs indoors. Also, Migros has the smallest balcony compared with other malls. But it is not so important unless you are a smoker.

    Ok, previously that place was enough (even with the balcony) for everyone but currently, there are so many visitors. So it’s very hard to breathe or find an empty place to sit in the fast food court.
  • Kids entertainments
    Some cute mobile toys are waiting for children! Directly go to the bottom floor for your kids.
  • Cinema
    Cinemaximum cinemas have been nice for many years.
  • Restrooms
    Restrooms are all-right.
  • Nearly things to do in Konyaalti
    Here are the walk distance attractions for you: Aqualand Antalya Dolphinland, Konyaalti Beaches, an Amusement park in Antalya, the famous park Glass Pyramid Antalya, Antalya Archaeological Museum, etc.

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Antalya Migros Shopping Center Stores

Here are the Antalya Migros Shopping Center Stores most visited by tourists.

Antalya Migros Shopping Center Men’s and Women’s Clothing Stores

adL, Avva, Beymen Club, Calzedonia, Colin’s, D’S Damat, Dagi, Damat Tween, Ecrou, G-lingerie, İpekyol, Kığılı, Koton, Lacoste, LC Waikiki, Levi’s, Lufian, Mango, Mavi, Naramaxx, Network, Oysho, Polo, Sarar, Tommy Hilfiger, Benetton, Who What Wear.

Antalya Migros Shopping Center Sportswear stores

Adidas, Columbia, Fenerium, Instreet, Nike, Oyshop, SPX, Super Step.

Antalya Migros Shopping Center Shoe and Bag stores

Bambi, Ceyo, Derimod, Desa, Divarese, Hotiç, Kemal Tança, Kifidis, Samsonite, Super Step, Tergan.

Antalya Migros Shopping Center Accessories, Jewelers and watchmakers

Altıbbaş, Ariş Pırlanta, Atasay, By Sera, Cella, Helen Accessories, Isabella, Pandora, Rose Jewellery, Saat & Saat, Şamil Saat, So Chic, Vialli.

Antalya Migros Shopping Center Electronics Stores

Axcell, Media Markt, Mi store, Samsung, Türk Telekom, Turkcell Tim, Vodafone

Antalya Migros Shopping Center Cosmetic Stores

Watsons, Gratis, Mac, Sephora, Mad Perfumeur, Yves Rocher

Mark Antalya Mall

MarkAntalya Mall is one of the most popular shopping centers in town. This mall is in the middle of the center and very near to Old Town Antalya. You can find many options for cosmetics, clothes, shoes, textiles, etc.

Mark Antalya Mall Shopping
Mark Antalya Mall
  • Location (Very Central)
    You can access it either via public transportation or private vehicles. 
  • Working hours
    10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Car parking area
    There is only indoor car parking.
  • Fairly stores
    Stores are fair enough.
  • Budget-friendly prices
    Prices are average, in particular, cheaper than in many places. 
  • Supermarket
    There is a Migros supermarket on the bottom floor but keep that in mind: you can’t find alcoholic drinks in this one particularly.
  • Food and drink court
    Markantalya restaurants are several and tasty. Fast food options are nice, also you can find dessert and coffee places on the top floor. Besides, there are two balconies apart from the indoor food area.
  • Kids entertainments
    There is a kid zone next to the supermarket on the bottom floor. Also, you can find a sand pool for kids.
  • Cinema
    Cinemaximum cinema with many saloons and movies. 
  • Restrooms
    The restrooms are okayish.
  • Nearly things to do in Markantalya
    Visit Old Town Kaleiçi Antalya, take some photos near Kaleici Harbor, enjoy Oldtown Antalya nightlife, and swim at Antalya Kaleici beach. Also, Oldtown Antalya shopping may be nice for souvenirs.

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Mark Antalya Mall Center Stores

Stores in Mark Antalya, one of the biggest shopping malls in Antalya;

Mark Antalya Mall Center Men’s and Women’s Clothing Stores

adL, Aker, Altınyıldız, Avva, Bershka, Beymen, D’S Damat, DAGİ, Defacto, Ekol, Faruk Ekin, H&M, Ipekyol, JEPublic, Kığılı, Koton, LC wakikik, Levi’s, Loft, Mango, Mavi, NaraMaxx, Pierre Cardin, Pull&Bear, Ramsey, Sarar, Stradivarius, Süvari, Twist, Polo.

Mark Antalya Mall Center Underwear stores

Penti, Suwen, Mango, Dagi.

Mark Antalya Mall Center Shoe and Bag stores

Bambi, Deichmann, Derimod, FLo, Kemal Tanca, Samsonite, Shop & Shoes, Tergan.

Mark Antalya Mall Center Sportswear

Adidas, Boyner Sports, Nike, Skechers, Instreet, Sportive.

Mark Antalya Mall Center Cosmetics Stores

Cosmetica, Body fit Shop, David Walker, FLomar, Golden Rose, Gratis, MAC, Rossmann, Toi&moi, Watsons.

Mark Antalya Mall Center Electronics Stores

Troy(Apple), Samsung, Teknosa, Turkcell, Vodafone, Türk Telekom.

If you are searching for a Antalya hijab shop, Tekbir shop on the corner on the other side of the tram will provide you with what you need. See more Best Turkish Hijab Brands

While you get the heart of Antalya, you should explore Kapalıyol street as well. Many Antalya clothes markets can be found there. Also, there is a big Flo store that you can find many shoes and brands together. You may also enjoy the Best Turkish shoe brands & Online shopping

Mark Antalya Shopping
Mark Antalya Shopping

Shopping Malls in Lara Antalya

Lara district probably has one of the best beaches in Antalya but surely it has more things than swimming. You can find many things to do here which includes shopping and walking around. Here are the famous shopping centers in Lara Antalya for shopaholics! Let’s dig in more.

Terra City, Antalya

Due to other malls, Terra shopping center guests a bit luxury brands in the mall. Still you can find cheaper brands inside, too.

Antalya Terra City Shopping Mall
Terra City Antalya
  • Location
    Terra city is located in Lara, Antalya. 
  • Terra City Opening Times
    Working hours are from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Car parking area
    There are outdoor parking areas behind the mall. 
  • Fairly stores
    Stores and shops are very satisfying for shopping lovers.
  • Budget friendly prices
    Whether you are searching for the cheapest brands or the luxury ones, Terra City offers the customers what they need.
  • Supermarket
    Macro Center can be found. 
  • Food and drink court
    Options are very nice and addressing for everyone.
  • Kids entertainments
    No worries, you will find something for your kids.
  • Terra City Cinema
    One of the nicest theaters in town.
  • Restrooms
    Restrooms are tidy and easy to access. 
  • Things to do in Lara Antalya
    Lara Beach nightlife offers you something. Also there is a street market on Saturdays for those who want to buy cheaper clothes.

Terra City Mall Center Stores

Terra City, which is very preferred by tourists, has some premium brands that you cannot find in other shopping malls.

Terra City Mall Center Men’s and Women’s Clothing Stores

Camper, adL, Aldo, Altınyıldız Classic, AVVA, Ay yıldız, B&G Stores, Bambi, Beymen Business, Beymen Club,
Calvin KLein Jeans, Calzedonia, Cella, Damat, Defacto, Derimod, Efor, Ekol, Elle, Faik Sönmez, Gant, GAP, Guess, G-Lingerie, Guess, Ipekyol, Jack&Jones, Jimmy Key, Kip, Koton, Lacoste, Lc Waikiki, Lee Wrangler,
Lufian, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Mavi, Nautica, NetWork, Pierre Cardin, Pologarage, Pull&Bear, Rue, Sarar, Stradivarius, Sunglass hut, Tommy Hilfiger, Vakkorama, VDR, Weekend, Yargıcı.

Terra City Mall Center Shoe Stores

Aldo, Ceyo, Desa, Camper, Ecco, Hotiç, Kemal Tança, Nike, Samsonite, Skechers, SuperStep, Twist, Venito.

Terra City Mall Center Cosmetics and Eyewear Stores

Supplementler, Bargello, Emo, Flomar, GözGrup, Gratis, L’oocitane, MAC, Rossmann, Sephora, Watsons, Vakko, Yılmaz Optik, Organika Natural House Opticity.

Terra City Mall Center Watch, Jewelry and Accessories Stores

Swatch, Atasay, Blue Diamond, Cepax, Koçak, Pandora, Saat & saat, Şamil Saat, So Chic, Vetrina, Zen.

Terra City Mall Center Kids and Baby Stores

Minipicco, B&G Store, Joi Kids, Miny Center Carter’s, Panço, Studio Kids, Kitikate.

Terra City Mall Center Sportwear Stores

Adidas, Boyner Sports, Columbia, Nike, Puma, Skechers, SPX, Supplementler, Fenerium.

Terra City Mall Center Electronics Stores

Media Markt, Mini Sou, Samsung, Venito, Vodafone.

Laura Shopping Center

No overhope, but it’s ok. You can find the basics if you are in a hurry or for your specific needs.

Laura Shopping Center
Laura Shopping Center
  • Location
    Laura Shopping Center is on the boulevard which is a very central location. 
  • Working hours
    Between 10:00 – 22:00
  • Car parking area
    The outdoor parking area is very extended. 
  • Fairly stores
    Not at all.
  • Budget-friendly prices
    Average prices.
  • Supermarket
    There is a supermarket inside.
  • Food and drink court
    Not many opportunities if we compare among others. 
  • Kids entertainments
    Near the car park, also behind the ATM’s, there is a place for kids.
  • Cinema
    Laura mall has a lovely cinema.
  • Restrooms
    Average restrooms can be found.
  • Nearly things to do
    If you can’t find the clothes that you want in Laura shopping center, you can see other stores within walking distance. Those shops are very popular, especially the luxury shopping in Antalya.

Laura Shopping Center Stores

Laura Shopping Center is slightly smaller than other Antalya Shopping centers and its stores are as follows;

Ada shoes, Altınbaş, Altınsay, Ayakkabıcı, Batik, Bücürük, Collezione, DAGİ, Dilvin, Donna, Elçin, English Home, Fusion, HC Shoes, Hibrit, Hotiç, Image Saat, La guotte, LTB, Melisita, Minikko, Miss Poem, Penti,
Pink Boutieq, Polaris, Prenses, Quantum, Rana Hediyelik, Samsung, Smoke, Stefanel, Storks – Rolex, Su Concept, Tekin Acar, Toyzz Shop, Vakko


You can find different things to do in the Shemall shopping center. This mall is not very big but you can find something there for yourself. 

Shemall Shopping Center
Antalya Shemall Shopping Center
  • Location
    Next to the Laura Shopping Center.
  • Working hours
    From 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Car parking area
    An indoor car park can be found. 
  • Fairly stores
    The shops are enough in order to cover your needs.
  • Supermarket
    The supermarket is very large.
  • Food and drink court
    Starbucks is on the entrance floor. The upper floors have some options for fast food and others.
  • Kids entertainments
    Not so many alternatives.
  • Cinema
    Shemall has a very good cinema which is worth seeing. 
  • Restrooms
    Average restrooms will be found.
  • Nearly things to do
    You can find so many things to do in Lara Beach.

Shemall Shopping Center Stores

Shemall is probably the smallest shopping center in Antalya and its stores are;

Polo Garage, Cosmetica, Shef’s, Tchibo, Starbucks, Pure Black, Penti, Fratelli, Ets tur, İpekyol, Gratis, Optizen, Assos, Minotti, Semapti Lostra, Shoes point.

Erasta Antalya Mall

This mall is very unique because the mall is in the open air. If you want to buy some gardening stuff you can visit Bauhaus which is next to the Erasta mall.

This shopping center in Antalya is very near to the Antalya bus station location.

There is a Decathlon store for campers and nature lovers, a cinema for movie lovers and some clothes and other shops for shopping lovers.

You can have the best Turkish coffee in Kahve Dunyası which is next to the entrance of the mall.

Also, you can visit Ozdilek Mall, Metro Groceries, Belek Mall for your needs. 

erasta avm antalya shopping mall
Erasta Antalya Mall

Land of Legends Shopping Mall

The Land of Legends Shopping Avenue offers you so many amazing things there. Also, you can find Antalya golf clubs around.

See offers for Antalya Land of Legends 👇🏻

Hisar Shopping Mall Antalya

This mall is located in the Kundu region and you can find the main things there. 

Antalya Mall Brands

Famous ones are written above but we would like to add this brand: Fulla Outlet.

Fulla Outlet

You can find many cheap clothes here. Fulla Outlet shop is one of the cheapest clothing brands in Antalya. Very near to Antalya airport.

Also, you can visit the Nike Factory outlet for sneakers. And you can visit the Baby Mall for baby clothes.

Best places to buy fakes in Antalya

There is a public bazaar and some shops in Antalya where you can buy fake, export surplus, and faulty products at cheap prices. Let’s talk briefly about the fake markets in Antalya.

best place to buy fakes in antalya
Best places to buy fakes in Antalya

Best fakes markets in Antalya

I will tell you about the two street markets where you can buy export surplus products, defective products, and fake products cheaply, and the places you can find in the center of Antalya.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that we call them defective products, there may be invisible sewing faults and very small holes in most of them. You can examine and choose them in the street market.

You can see the three markets on the map where you can do fake shopping. Although credit cards are accepted in the street markets, cash is preferred.

1. Lara street market

The street market set up in the Lara/Şirinyalı area on Saturdays is very close to the Shemall shopping center.

Known as the High Society market among Turks, Lara market is the biggest street market in Antalya and you can find export surplus products of brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma.

These are all original products. The reason for being sold in the street market is that there are products that were not sold in the stores in the previous season. Firms sell to marketers at wholesale prices instead of keeping them in storage.

Apart from original products, you can find fake t-shirts, bags, and shoes of many famous brands.

You can go to Lara market by public buses such as KL08, and LC09 and get off at the İsmet Gökşen stop.

best fake markets in antalya
Antalya fake market

2. Meltem Thursday Street Market

The Thursday street market in Antalya’s Meltem street market is like the Lara street market, but slightly smaller.

You can find shoes, dresses, t-shirts, bags, etc. for all kinds of brands at a cheap price in the Thursday street market.

In addition to fake clothes, vegetables and fruits are also sold.

3. Antalya Center – Kapalı Yol Bazaar

You can find many fake dresses, bags, and shoes in the İki Kapılı Han and its surrounding shops on Closed Yol Street(Kapalı Yol) in the center of Antalya. This place is definitely the favorite fake market Antalya of the visitors. Explore this popular point of fake clothes Turkey Antalya.

These products are produced by Turkish textile manufacturers and are of high quality. You can buy it at a much cheaper price compared to shopping centers.

Bonus: Belek Fake Markets

Kadriye street market, which is established every Friday by the municipality in the Belek district of Antalya, is special for tourists.

You can visit every Friday between 16:00 – 00:00. You can find bags, shoes, clothes, and other products you are looking for in this neighborhood market.

You can also shop for fakes in the shops in Belek markets.

Belek fake markets
Belek fake markets

Bonus 2: You can also find fake shops in Side Turkey. Check Side Turkey shopping to get more info.

Frequently Asked Questions about Antalya Shopping

Here, we gathered up some frequently asked questions about shopping in Antalya. 

What is the best mall in Turkey?

Mall of Antalya shopping center is probably one of the best malls in Turkey.

Is Antalya good for shopping?

Definitely yes. You can find amazing malls in Antalya. In addition, there are plenty of street markets for clothes, bags, and shoes. 

What are the best malls for shopping in Antalya?

Mall of Antalya, Mark Antalya, Terra City, etc. 

What is the best shopping mall in Antalya?

If the point is about the cheapest shopping you should try Mark Antalya mall.

Which is the best Mall in Antalya?

If we look from the viewpoint of accessibility, Migros Shopping Center is the best. 

Which is the biggest mall in Antalya?

Mall of Antalya is one of the biggest malls in Antalya. You can also consider to shop from Agora mall.

Are there any markets in Antalya?

There are so many groceries, supermarkets, and street markets in Antalya. Every day, you can find at least five or six street markets in different locations of Antalya.

Which shopping malls offer entertainment for children?

Markantalya, Agora, Mall of Antalya, Land of Legends offer entertainment for children. Markantalya has a playground and sand section for children. Agora has a very big kids and entertainment zone. Mall of Antalya also offers different activities for children. Land of Legends have free entertainments every evening. Also there is a very big and famous theme park for everyone. See offer for Land of Legends tickets price.

Which shopping mall is close to the Antalya Old Town?

MarkAntalya Shopping Center is within walking distance of Antalya old town shopping.

What is Antalya known for?

Antalya is known for its nightlife, some of the best beaches in Turkey, and of course the cheapest shopping.

What to buy in Antalya?

You can buy mostly clothes and shoes in Antalya. Besides, souvenirs can be a kind of shopping for your family and friends.

Does Turkey have Tax Free Shopping?

In Turkey, airports have some tax refund places. So you may claim your taxes back.

Where are Antalya shopping fakes?

Antalya is probably the best place in Turkey for fake goods. But you should try street markets instead of shopping malls and stores. In some Antalya bazaars, you can find many Turkey copy clothes.

Which are the best fakes in Antalya?

Handbags and clothes might be imitations or excess of exports on the street markets.

Is there a Belek fake market?

Belek has plenty of stores and street markets. It is hard to say there is a Belek fake market but in some street market stands, fake products can be found.

Is there an Alanya fake market?

There are street markets in Alanya where you can find fake products. The best is the street market in Alanya city center on Friday. You can find the clothes, bags and shoes you are looking for in this market.

What day is Lara fake market?

Lara fake market is set up in the Şirinyalı street market on Saturdays. You can get off at İsmet Gökşen stop with the KL08 public bus. It is also very close to the Laura shopping mall.

Where to buy fake designer clothes in Antalya?

If you want to buy fake designer clothes in Antalya, public bazaars are the place to go. You can buy products such as fake bags, fake designer clothes, and fake shoes, especially at the public market in Lara (Social Market – only on Saturdays).

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