Golf breaks in Turkey 2023 – Flights & Hotels

Tourism is an important source of income for Turkey, and there are large five-star hotels specially prepared for those who love to play golf. If you are a golf enthusiast, you can take nice and affordable golf breaks in Turkey.

There are 36 golf courses in Turkey, 11 of which are in Antalya. Most of these golf courses are inside the hotels.

In this article, I will try to give you answers to questions such as golf courses in Turkey for golf breaks, the best golf hotels, golf courses in Antalya, and golf vacations in Turkey including flights.

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Golf holiday in Turkey

Golf is not a very common sport in Turkey, but there are luxury and quality golf courses and many hotels and facilities where you can play golf.

The biggest advantage of taking a golf holiday in Turkey is that it is much cheaper than in Europe and offers accommodation in luxury hotels with golf courses.

Especially in Antalya, the hotels and their golf courses are world-class and Surely you will be satisfied.

Golf breaks and Golf courses
Golf breaks and golf courses

Turkey golf resort list

City Facility Name Golf course
Antalya Gloria Golf Resort 6
Antalya Cornelia Golf Club 3
Antalya Antalya Golf Club 2
Antalya Carya Golf Club 1
Antalya Kaya Palazzo Golf Club 1
Antalya Lykia Links Golf Course 1
Antalya Maxx Royal Golf Club 1
Antalya National Golf Course 4
Antalya Robinson Nobilis 1
Antalya Sueno Golf Club 2
Antalya Titanic Golf Courses 4
Istanbul Kemer Golf & Country Club 2
Istanbul Istanbul Golf Club 2
Bodrum Bodrum Golf Club 1
Bodrum Regnum Golf Country 1
Aydin Kusadasi International Golf 1
Ankara Ankara Golf Club 2
Samsun Samsun Golf Club 1

We have listed 32 golf facilities in Turkey.

Which are the best golf courses in Turkey?

The best golf courses in Turkey are those located in Belek, Antalya. There are many options in this area. The best golf courses are Maxx Royal Golf Club, Gloria Golf Resort and Golf Club, and Sueno Golf Club.

Is Turkey safe for a golf holiday?

Turkey is an extremely safe country for holidays. If you choose Turkey for your golf holiday, you will stay in 5-star ultra-luxury hotels. These hotels are extremely safe. You can enjoy your golf holiday with pleasure.

Why should I choose Turkish golf courses and Golf resorts?

In Turkey, golf courses are generally used by holidaymakers and are operated by hotels. There are well-maintained and large golf courses in Turkey. You can also have a golf break at a very cheap price compared to the golf courses in Europe and Asia.

turkey golf resorts
Turkey golf courses

Golf courses in Turkey, Belek map

You can see the golf courses in Belek, which is home to the best golf courses and golf hotels in Turkey, on the map.

Best hotels for an all-inclusive golf holiday in Turkey

The best hotels in Turkey where you can take all-inclusive golf breaks and have the most vacation are in the Belek region of Antalya. But there are nice hotels where you can stay in Bodrum and Istanbul.

All hotels with golf courses in Antalya are extremely luxurious and comfortable.

The customer base of golf hotels is mostly golf-loving foreign tourists.

Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort

Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort is an ultra-luxury golf hotel located in Belek, Antalya.

There is a large golf course and a mini golf course. You can also get a free golf course.

Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort has a free Turkish bath, SPA, tennis court, special diet menus, outdoor pool, indoor pool, heated pool, and many other facilities.

Get information about the other facilities of Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort and find out the best price.

Turkey golf holiday
Maxx Royal Belek Golf Resort

Sueno Hotels Golf Belek

Another ultra-luxury hotel in Antalya is Sueno Hotels Golf Belek.

Sueno Hotels has two golf courses. There is also a free daycare center, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness room, Turkish bath and spa, and different activities throughout the day.

Enjoy the golf courses and have a pleasant holiday at Sueno Hotels Golf Belek.

Turkey golf hotels
Sueno Hotels Golf Belek

Gloria Golf Resort

Gloria Golf Resort is another ultra-luxury golf hotel in Antalya.

There are 6 golf courses at Gloria Golf Resort. Apart from golf courses of different sizes, you can also get a free golf course.

You can enjoy your holiday to the fullest at Gloria Golf Resort with its outdoor, indoor, and heated pools, Turkish bath, open buffet breakfast and meals, and all-day activities.

Check out the best prices and all the facilities for Gloria Golf Resort.

Antalya golf resort hotel
Gloria Golf Resort

Regnum Escana Villas & Boutique Hotel – Bodrum

As an alternative to Antalya, you can play golf and have a holiday in Bodrum. Bodrum is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey.

You can enjoy playing golf at Regnum Golf and Country Club Bodrum in Bodrum.

There is also a hotel belonging to the Regnum Golf facility. Regnum Escana Villas & Boutique Hotel is located in the center of Bodrum and has a beautiful view. There is a shuttle service to golf courses.

Regnum Escana Villas & Boutique Hotel brings together the Turkish bath, spa, indoor and outdoor pools, and many other opportunities for holiday lovers.

See the best deals and learn more about Regnum Escana Villas & Boutique Hotel.

Regnum Golf & Hotels
Regnum Escana Hotels & Regnum Golf Club

Best Istanbul Hotels for Golf breaks

Istanbul is a very big city and there are many hotel alternatives. You can choose the 3 best hotels in Istanbul, close to golf courses and where you can enjoy Istanbul.

Hotel Sultania is located on the historical peninsula of Istanbul and has an authentic design where you can experience the Ottoman atmosphere. Hotel Sultania was the most liked hotel by tourists in 2023.

Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus is very close to Taksim and is a preferred hotel with its Bosphorus view. It offers an outdoor, indoor, and heated pool, fitness room, Turkish bath, and many different facilities. From Conrad Istanbul Bosphorus, you can easily reach Istanbul’s golf courses and all historical and touristic places.

Bosphorus Palace Hotel offers accommodation in a historical building near the Bosphorus. Although the hotel on the Asian side of Istanbul is farther from the golf courses than our other suggestions, you may want to stay because it is a palace by the Bosphorus.

Where should I choose for a golf break in Turkey?

Istanbul and Bodrum are good alternatives, but you should definitely choose Antalya for a golf break. Golf hotels are quite luxurious and you will feel special. Also, Turkey’s best golf courses are in Antalya.

How much is an all-inclusive golf holiday in Turkey?

Antalya is the first choice for golf rest in Turkey. All-inclusive ultra-luxury hotels in Antalya start from $130 per day. It starts from 120 Dollars in Istanbul and 90 Dollars in Bodrum.

Can I play golf even if I do not stay at golf hotels in Belek?

Yes, even if you are not in these hotels, you can play golf at the golf courses by paying a fee. The average wage for 2023 is around $100 per day.

Can I take a golf course in Turkey?

Yes, you can join a golf course in Turkey. All hotels in Antalya have free golf courses for their guests. If you are not staying at the hotel, you can attend these courses by paying the fee. You can contact Antalya Golf Club for information about Antalya golf courses.
You can get detailed information about the price and course by contacting Bodrum Golf Club to get a golf course in Bodrum and Istanbul Golf Club for Istanbul.

Flights to Turkey for a golf break

It is important where you choose for a golf rest in Turkey. You can find direct flights to Istanbul from all over the world.

If you prefer Antalya for your golf holiday, you can find direct flights from all over Europe and direct flights to Antalya from some cities in America. If you cannot find a direct flight from America to Antalya, you must first fly to Istanbul and then from Istanbul to Antalya.

The same is true for Bodrum.

Click here to search for flight tickets to Turkey for a golf holiday and see the best prices. You can also get a discount with the code TP-369698.

Golf holidays Turkey including flights

Golf hotels in Turkey are ultra luxury and very popular. For this reason, tour packages including flights are not preferred by hotels.

You can still try your luck at sites like Viator, GetYourGuide, and TripAdvisor. Surely that you will be satisfied with your golf rest in Turkey and your holiday in Turkey.

Golf holidays in Turkey including flights. Even if you can’t find a package, I think you can try to get the hotel and the plane yourself. Turkey is a really good choice for golf rest in terms of quality – price.

Turkey golf breaks
Turkey golf breaks

Video about Turkish golf holidays and hotels

You can browse the reviews of golf courses and golf hotels in Turkey on Your golf travel youtube account.

Another video watched by a million people is night golf in Turkey. The video was shot at the golf courses of Belek hotels.

Golf breaks in Turkey frequently asked questions

Questions and answers we might wonder about golf breaks, golf holidays, and transportation in Turkey.

How long should I stay in Turkey for a golf break?

It’s entirely up to you, but golf courses take at least 4 days. Apart from golf, you can enjoy the sea and nature in Antalya and Bodrum. In Istanbul, you can visit historical places. 7 days will be enough for a golf break and other activities.

Should I choose Antalya or Bodrum for a golf holiday?

You should definitely choose Antalya for your golf holiday. Hotels in Belek town have private golf courses and are hotels that provide golf services.

I don’t know how to play golf Should I go on a golf holiday to Turkey?

If you want to learn how to play golf, Turkey golf hotels are for you. You can both take a vacation and get free golf courses from professional teachers.

Would you like to go to Turkey from America for a golf holiday?

Turkey is about a 12-hour flight distance from the United States. It may seem a bit tiring, but I think it’s worth it for affordable ultra-luxury hotels, golf courses, famous Mediterranean beaches, and unlimited fun.

Where should I stay in Istanbul for a golf break?

Golf courses in Istanbul are on the European side of Istanbul. Hotel Sultania is the closest to the golf courses among the hotels we recommend and is a traditional Turkish hotel.

How can I go to my golf hotel in Belek?

After landing at Antalya Airport(AYT) for Belek, you can take the hotel’s private shuttles. All of the golf hotels in Belek offer free airport shuttle service.

What awaits me on the Turkish golf holidays?

In all-inclusive Turkish golf holidays, we invite you to other golf lovers and ultra-luxury hotels with beautiful golf courses, delicious Turkish food, Turkish bath, Turkish coffee, all-day animation events, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, heated pools, and many other things I cannot count.

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