Best Turkish shoe brands & Online shopping

Best Turkish shoe brands & Online shopping

Turkey is cheap and has high-quality brands, tourists coming to Turkey shop a lot. In this article, we will tell you about the best Turkish shoe brands and online shopping sites.

If you are considering shopping for shoes in Turkey, it may be useful to be familiar with these words.

“Male” 👉🏻 “Erkek”

“Female” 👉🏻 “Kadın”

“Child” 👉🏻 “Çocuk”

“Shoe” 👉🏻 “Ayakkabı”

“Sport” 👉🏻 “Spor”

“Size” 👉🏻 “Boyut”

“Boots” 👉🏻 “Bot”

“Walking shoe” 👉🏻 “Yürüyüş Ayakkabasıı”

“Slipper” 👉🏻 “Terlik”

“Sock” 👉🏻 “Çorap”

If you want to learn more Turkish words, you can take a look at Turkish words for tourists.

We will introduce sports shoes, classic and leather shoes, and retail shoe stores in Turkey.

If you are looking for comfortable shoes on your holiday in Turkey, you can take a look at Barefoot Shoes.

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Turkish Shoe Sizes

Shoe sizes may vary from country to country. Turkish shoe numbers are the same as European countries. You can use the UE column below. You can also use this site to convert inches to cm.

Turkish Shoe Sizes
Turkish Shoe Sizes

Turkish Shoe Brands and Shoe Stores

Let’s start with the Turkish shoe brands, which are the shoe store chains in Turkey. Classic shoes, sneakers, slippers, etc. can be found in these stores. You can find all kinds of shoes, brands, and accessories you are looking for.

FLO shoe stores

FLO shoe stores are Turkey’s largest shoe store chain and the cheapest Turkish shoe brand.

You can find brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Vans, and Lotto as well as Turkish brand shoes such as Kinetix and Polaris in FLO stores, one of the Turkey shoes brands.

If you are asking where to buy the cheapest shoes in Turkey, the right answer is FLO stores. There are many campaigns both in its stores and on its website, and it is the most preferred shoe store by Turks.

FLO has 320 stores in Turkey, 76 of which are in Istanbul. You can browse all the stores here. There is no English language support, but you can also shop from the website or iOS and Android applications.

In our opinion, FLO is the best Turkish shoe store with a large number of brands, and many stores, and being cheap.

FLO - Turkey shoe stores
FLO – Turkey shoe stores

Ayakkabı Dünyası Stores

It is one of the oldest shoe brands in Turkey in the Ayakkabı Dünyası. It has stores in 16 different cities in Turkey, with more than half of the stores in Istanbul. They usually have stores in shopping centers in Istanbul. You can browse all shoe world stores here.

You can buy shoes from more than 30 famous brands in the Ayakkabı Dünyası. You can order from their website and ask for shipping to your home, or you can get it delivered from the nearest store.

Click to shop online for shoes from Ayakkabı Dünyası.

Turkey Shoe Store
Turkey Shoe Store

Greyder Turkish Shoe Brand

Greyder is one of the most well-known Turkish shoe brands and produces its own products. It exports to many countries of the world. Greyder has more than 100 stores in 38 different cities.

Greyder’s shoes are of really high quality and since they are Turkish production, their shoes are cheaper than their competitors. Greyder boots in particular are really good.

Click to browse the Greyder stores and buy shoes online.

Turkish Shoe Brand - Greyder
Turkish Shoe Brand – Greyder


Deichmann is actually a German shoe brand, but it has many stores in Turkey. It has more than 50 brands shoes in its stores. It has more than 40 stores in Turkey, mainly in Istanbul and Antalya.

Click to browse Deichmann stores and buy shoes online.


Trendyol is an online e-commerce site and does not have a physical store. Trendyol is Turkey’s largest e-commerce brand.

You can find many shoe brands on Trendyol. If you have a fixed address that you can give for cargo and 3-4 days of time to receive the cargo, you can find many shoes at an affordable price in Trendyol.

You can order Trendyol from more than 10 countries. You can click on Trendyol global site and Trendyol Turkey.

Turkish Sports Shoe Brands and Stores

Let’s take a look at the sports shoe brands and stores in Turkey.

Instreet Sports Shoe Stores

You can buy sneakers from 62 different brands at Instreet sneaker stores. Among the brands, in addition to global brands such as Adidas, Nike, Puma, and Skechers, Turkish shoe brands such as Kinetix and Mavi are also sold.

It is possible to find plenty of discount campaigns in Instreet stores and there is an outlet section on the website.

Apart from shoes, Instreet also sells bags and accessories.

Instreet has a total of 134 stores in Turkey, 38 of which are in Istanbul. You can browse all Insreet stores here.

There is no English language support on Instreet’s website, but you can shop for shoes online using translate.

Turkish Sports Shoe Brands
Turkish Sports Shoe Brands

Superstep Sports Stores

Superstep is a brand with the same concept as Instreet. Its prominent products are sports shoes and it works with nearly 40 foreign and Turkish shoe brands.

Superstep has nearly 50 stores in 20 different cities in Turkey. Most Superstep stores are in Istanbul and Antalya.

Superstep’s website has Turkish, Russian, and Ukrainian language support. You can click to see Superstep stores and shop online.

Turkish shoe shopping
Turkish shoe shopping

Boyner sports

You can find Boyner sports in almost all shopping centers in Turkey. Besides sports shoes, you can find everything you are looking for in sports. You can also buy evening dresses, children’s clothes, cosmetics, and all kinds of clothes in Boyner stores.

Boyner has a very large sports section. You can find the products of all international brands and many Turkish sportswear brands that you can find in Turkey.

You can also shop online from the Boyner website. If you wish, it can be delivered to your home by courier or you can pick it up from the nearest store. In terms of product variety, it may be more logical to buy it from the website and receive it from the store.

You can see Boyner Sports special stores here and all Boyner stores here.

Turkey Sportswear Brands
Turkey Sportswear Brands

Turkish classic shoe brands and Turkish Luxury Shoe Brands

We will talk about the leading brands of classic clothing and classic shoes in Turkey. These brands have special designers and they sell genuine leather goods. For this reason, they are luxury shoe brands that you can easily find in Turkey.

Beymen – Turkish Luxury Shoe Brand

Beymen is especially famous for its leather products. Beymen has 13 stores in Istanbul, 3 stores in Ankara, 2 stores in Antalya, and 1 store each in Adana and Bursa.

Beymen shoe products are usually in a classic style, but there are a few sneakers. Apart from shoes, you can also buy suits, evening dresses, and accessories from Beymen.

At Beymen, shoes start from 50 Euros, but leather shoes start from 120 Euros on average.

Check out Beymen’s website to browse its stores and shop online.

Turkish Luxury Shoe Brand
Turkish Luxury Shoe Brand

Derimod – Turkish Luxury and Leather Shoe Brand

Derimod, like Beymen, is a brand that stands out with its luxury and leather products. There are also sports shoes, suits, and evening dress products, mainly classic shoes.

Derimod has 86 stores in total, mainly in Istanbul and Antalya. In Derimod, there are sales of other quality Turkish shoe brands besides their own products.

Visit Derimod’s website to browse its stores and buy shoes from the English site.

Let’s continue with the Best Turkish shoe brands.

Turkish classic shoe brands
Turkish classic shoe brands

Kemal Tança – Turkish Luxury Shoe brands

Kemal Tança stands out with his leather shoes. The shoes are really good quality and very comfortable. Shoe prices at Kemal Tança start from 50 Euros and go up to 350 Euros.

Kemal Tança’s website has English language support and you can pay in Euros and Dollars other than Turkish Lira. Click to buy shoes online from the website.

Hotiç – Turkish Classic Shoe Stores

Hotiç is one of the best Turkish shoe brands where you can buy sneakers, evening shoes, slippers, and casual shoes, along with classic shoes.

Hotiç has stores in 16 different cities in Turkey, mainly in Istanbul. There are frequent campaigns on Hotiç’s website. You can buy it from the website and get it delivered from the nearest store to you.

Visit their website to browse Hotiç shoe stores and buy shoes online.

Best Turkish shoe brands & Online shopping
Best Turkish shoe brands and online shopping

Best Turkish Shoe Brands List

  • FLO
  • Ayakkabı Dünyası
  • Greyder
  • Deichmann
  • Instreet
  • Superstep
  • Boyner Sports
  • Beymen 
  • Derimod 
  • Kemal Tança
  • Hotiç
  • Polaris
  • Kalahari
  • Muya
  • Elle
  • Scooter
  • Ziya
  • Dogo
  • Flower

Designer shoes from Turkey

If you are thinking of buying designer shoes from Turkey, you are in the right place. There are many local brands and stores producing designer shoes in Turkey, but the following are the commonly preferred and popular brands.

Designer shoes from Turkey
Designer shoes from Turkey


What makes Dogo shoes different is the special design prints on them. It offers a variety of specially patterned and colorful shoes. The range of shoes is quite wide and the prices are reasonable.

You can check out the Dogo online store.


Cabani Turkey is a Turkish shoe brand that produces comfortable and quality shoes, mostly in classic style. Their shoes are specially designed and unique.

You can check out the store here.


Flower is another brand in Turkey where you can buy special design shoes. You can buy all kinds of shoes such as casual shoes, sneakers, and evening shoes. They also make special designs according to their preferences such as color and fabric.

Get exclusive shoes with Flower.

Best fake Turkish shoes

You can find the best fake Turkish shoes in Istanbul in the Grand Bazaar, Bakırköy, or Kadıköy.

Turkish shoes sold here are very similar to the real ones and are of good quality.

You can check out Istanbul Fake markets, Izmir fake markets, or Antalya fake shopping to find out more.

Turkish replica shoes online shop

If you want to buy replica shoes, bags, or clothes online in Istanbul or Turkey and you are looking for a reliable place, our answer is there is no address where you can shop for Turkish replicas online.

Usually, such sites are opened by scammers and either no product is sent or a different product comes from the product you purchased.

The most reliable address is to go to the Grand Bazaar, Kadıköy, Pendik, Bakırköy in Istanbul and buy it by checking it.

Turkish shoe online brands

Here are the best brands where you can buy shoes online in Turkey;

  • FLO
  • Ayakkabı Dünyası
  • Boyner
  • Derimod
  • Kemal Tança
  • Greyder
  • Deichmann
  • Trendyol Shoes
  • Hotiç
  • Instreet
  • Superstep
  • Beymen

Frequently asked questions about the best Turkish shoe brands

We will try to answer some of the questions you may be wondering about the best Turkish shoe brands and shoe shopping in Turkey.

Are shoes cheap in Turkey?

You can buy shoes for every budget in Turkey. Since the Turkish lira has been low in recent years, shopping in Turkey will be cheap for you.

Are Turkish shoes of good quality?

Yes, Turkish shoes are of good quality. Turkish shoe companies produce shoes for many famous brands around the world. Especially Turkey’s leather industry is highly developed.

Can I buy real leather shoes in Turkey?

Yes, you can buy real leather and fake leather in Turkey. You can buy leather shoes and dresses from brands such as Derimod, Hotiç, and Beymen. Special tours are organized to leather shoe factories in Antalya.

Where can I buy the cheapest shoes in Turkey?

If you want to buy cheap shoes in Turkey, the right address is FLO stores. If you have an address you can give for cargo, Trendyol is a good alternative for cheap shoes.

Where can I shop for shoes in Istanbul?

You can find shopping malls all over Istanbul. There are at least two different shoe stores in shopping malls. There are outlet stores of brands in shopping centers such as Viaport, Optimum, and Istanbul forum.

Is there a Nike store in Turkey?

Yes, there are Nike stores in Turkey. You can browse Nike stores in Turkey here.

Where can I buy classic shoes in Turkey?

If you are looking for classic and evening shoes in Turkey, the right addresses are shoe brands such as Derimod, Hotiç, Beymen, and Kemal Tança. These brands also sell suits, evening dresses, and accessories.

Where can I buy sports shoes in Turkey?

Sports shoes of more than one brand are sold in stores such as Instreet, Boyner, Superstep, and FLO. Among the brands, there are well-known brands such as Nike, Adidas, Puma, Vans, Lescon, Under Armor, Skechers, and New Balance.

Where to buy fake shoes in Turkey?

If you want to buy fake shoes in Turkey, the right address is Istanbul. You can take a look at our Istanbul fake markets article. If you are on holiday in Antalya, you can take a look at our Antalya fake markets article.

Where to buy cheap shoes in Istanbul?

If you are looking for cheap shoes in Istanbul, you can take a look at the outlet stores of FLO or other brands. Or you can buy cheap imitation shoes from the Grand Bazaar, Kadıköy, Bakırköy, and Pendik markets.

How much are trainers in Turkey?

Trainers’ shoes in Turkey will vary depending on the brand and store you buy. Stores like Flo may be cheaper, while brands like Boyner may be a bit more expensive. The average price of trainers shoes in Turkey is 2000 TL (75 USD).

Cabani shoes Turkey stores and prices

Even though the Cabani brand is not very common in Turkey, its products are really high quality and it is a brand loved by its customers. Cabani has 3 stores in Istanbul and 1 store in Bodrum in Turkey. But there are cargo services for all Turkey and Cabani shoes prices start from 2000 TL on average.

Which are the best Turkish sneaker brands?

Instreet Sports, Flower, Hotiç, Boyner Sports, and Superstep are the best brands where you can buy sneaker shoes in Turkey.

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