Everything About Museum Pass Turkey

Museum Pass Turkey

Turkey has a rich culture, historical landmarks, UNESCO heritage, and more. In this guide, we will tell you all details about Museum Pass Turkey. You will be able to learn where you can buy Museum Pass Turkey, how you can use it, etc. Also, you will be able to know which places accept the Turkey museum pass card.

In addition, there are different kinds of museums pass Turkey. So, you can compare them, the pros and cons as well. If you are a culture-vulture, buying a Museum Pass Turkey is worth it, certainly.

What is a Museum Pass?

Turkey Museum Pass cards offer you free entrance to many museums, archaeological sites, and more historical places in Turkey during your vacation. Visitors can easily access many places with only their Museum pass card. 

Turkish museum pass is more affordable especially if you will visit many places. Turkey pass includes more comprehensive validity than other regional museum passes.

Why should you buy Museum Pass Turkey?

Do you have a bucket list that covers extended things to do and cultural spots on your trip to Turkey? Then, you should definitely buy a Museum Pass Turkey. Now, we will tell you the reasons and benefits of that.

Before the Museum Pass, we would like to mention tickets and e-tickets. This may give you a more comfy field to compare every entranceway. So you can find the suitable one for yourself.

You can buy tickets from the box offices per place but it will be more expensive and time loss. Time is important so much the more hot and sunny weather. If you are traveling to Turkey, particularly in the Summer months we highly recommend e-tickets or Museum pass cards.

E-tickets can be bought from this official page of the Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism. E-tickets are the same price as box office tickets but they have an advantage. You don’t have to wait in line for a place that you’ll visit. Also, there are some e-tickets like combined tickets that cover more than one place (museums or archaeological sites together) for visitors.

Turkey museum card

Let’s get close to the Museum Pass now. Museum Pass cards are affordable if you will visit multiple cultural spots in Turkey in general.

Moreover, some of the museums or archaeological sites in Turkey are bigger than others. That makes price differences between them. Museum Pass is a very budget-friendly option to visit all of them even if they are more expensive than others. You only pay while buying this card. After that, you’ll just enjoy it.

Museum pass Turkey what’s included

With a Museum pass card or museum pass mobile, you don’t need to carry extra cash or cards, especially in the historical sites with beaches. Don’t forget, that museum cards only cover the entrance fee for significant places. 

Buying a museum pass is a very time-saving decision. You don’t have to wait for long tails and you can pass from the turnstiles directly.

It is also a significant memory from your Turkey holiday. You can use it as a bookmark or add it to your travel memories later.

Letoon Ancient City
Letoon Sanctuary Place

READ Mediterranean ancient city trip itinerary 👉 Letoon ancient city facts

Museum Pass Turkey List

Museum pass cards are varied for visitors’ needs. Thus, visitors can pick the best museum pass kind for themselves. The most inclusive one is Museum Pass Turkey provides access to over three hundred museums, ancient cities, and archaeological sites in Turkey. Other cards are separated by region.

Museum Pass Turkey

Turkey Museum Pass 2023 is valid for fifteen days in the places which belong to the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Directorate of National Palaces.

Museum Pass Turkey Price

Museum card Turkey price is 3500 Turkish Liras. Visitors can reach one access each museum or archaeological site.

What does Museum Pass Turkey 15 days include?

Via Turkey Museum Pass 15 days, you can find a chance to access many historical sites, museums, and antique cities. Museum pass Turkey 15 days list of museums is listed below.

Turkey Museum Pass
Turkey Museum Pass

Museum Pass Istanbul Turkey

Museum Pass Istanbul 2023 is available for 5 days. It starts from your first visit to a museum, palace or archaeological site.

What is Museum Pass Istanbul?

Museum Pass Istanbul is a limited version of Museum Pass Turkey. It still includes the best part of Turkey’s historical landmarks but only in Istanbul. You can visit 13 museums in Istanbul, Turkey with the Istanbul pass.

Museum Card Istanbul Price

Museum Pass Istanbul price is 2250 TL in 2023. Museum Passes are for one person and for one entrance to each museum or historical site.

Where to buy Museum Pass Istanbul?

Turkey Istanbul Museum Pass can be found in 9 places in Istanbul. Those places are like this: 

Istanbul Archaeology Museums, Great Palace Constantinople Mosaics Museum, Galata Tower inside, Rumeli Fortress Museum, Museum Of Turkish And Islamic Arts, Topkapi Palace inside, Hagia Irene Museum, Maiden’s Tower Istanbul.

If you are staying in Istanbul at least 2-3 days and want to discover cultural spots, the Istanbul museum pass is worth it for your Istanbul travel.

UPDATE 👉 As of 2023, this card is sold as Museum Pass Istanbul Mobil and you can buy it from official websites or sales points.

What museums are included in the Istanbul Museum Pass? (Museum Pass Istanbul what’s included)

Museum Pass Istanbul list includes sales points that we mentioned above. In addition, you can visit Galata Mevlevi House, Adam Mickiewicz Museum Istanbul, Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology in Islam, and Turbes Museum.

Museum pass istanbul
Galata Tower – Istanbul

Istanbul Museum Pass vs Tourist Pass

Let’s compare Istanbul Museum Pass and Istanbul City Tourist Pass offers and find the affordable one for your expectations.


We count the places that you can visit with your Istanbul Museum Pass card. It covers only one entrance for each place and there are no guides for you. If those places are enough for your trip you can choose to buy a museum pass for Istanbul. But you should read Tourist Pass offers before you decide.

Istanbul tourist pass

Istanbul City Tourist Pass gives you the opportunity to travel to Istanbul with guided tours, additionally. This card offers you up to 75 attractions that you can join. You can visit the famous mosques, palaces, museums, and bazaars and experience the Bosphorus cruise with dinner, private museums like Madame Tussauds and Museum of Illusions, etc.

Two cards have differences in prices but also in their offers to you. So, it is better to create an Istanbul travel map for yourself and decide on the affordable Pass for your next Istanbul trip.

Now, let’s get to Cappadocia from Istanbul. The easiest way to reach Cappadocia is via Kayseri Airport flights.

You can take a look at other ways to travel to Cappadocia from here.

Cappadocia Museum Pass

Museum Pass Cappadocia allows more than ten cultural spots for visitors. If you will explore Cappadocia’s historical and natural landmarks alongside hot air ballooning, you should buy a Cappadocia museum pass card.

What museums are included in the Cappadocia Museum Pass?

Here are the complete cultural spots that Cappadocia Museum Pass includes free entrance for each and one time.

  • Derinkuyu Underground City
  • Kaymakli Underground City
  • Ihlara Valley
  • Aksaray Monastery Valley
  • Aksaray Museum
  • Goreme Open Air Museum
  • Dark Church Turkey (Goreme)
  • Ozkonak Underground City
  • Nevsehir Museum
  • Nevsehir Archaeological Site & Cavusin Church
  • Haci Bektas Veli Museum (Nevsehir)
  • Zelve Open Air Museum (Nevsehir)
  • Church of St. Jean, Gulsehir (Nevsehir)

Some of these places have audio guidance but for more, you should join comprehensive tours.

Cappadocia Museum Pass

Cappadocia Museum Pass Price

Cappadocia pass card price is 1500 TL in 2023. That’s a fair price because if you try to visit all of the places with separate tickets, you will probably have to pay more than 1500 TL. Another thing is, this card only provides one entry for each place. You won’t have special guides for those spots.

Cappadocia has a great historical and natural background. If you are interested in learning more, a Museum pass card won’t be enough for you. You can look at guided Cappadocia tours instead of buying Museum pass cards.


Here are a few tour suggestions which include admission tickets at all stops. If you decide to join those tours you don’t need to buy Museum pass Cappadocia.

This Cappadocia day tour has a private guide and it takes 10 hours. Very nice and affordable tour to visit the hot spots of Cappadocia in just one day.

Also, there is a 2 days Cappadocia tour package which includes Hot Air Balloon Tour, Cappadocia Red Tour, and Cappadocia Green Tour!

If you are into Istanbul and Cappadocia in 7 days, make sure you check this tour as well.

You can go from Cappadocia to Izmir by bus. There are many ways to reach Izmir from Cappadocia as well. You can read other transportation ways from Cappadocia to Izmir distance blog.

Cappadocia Museum Pass Turkey
Cappadocia Museum Pass Turkey

Aegean Museum Pass (Mobile)

Now, we just arrived in Izmir province in order to explore Museum Pass Turkey Aegean. You can use the mobile museum pass Turkey Izmir but in addition to other Aegean cities and towns as well. Izmir, Aydin, Mugla, and Denizli provinces are waiting for their visitors every year. Aegean Pass will be affordable for you.

What museums are included in the Museum Pass Aegean?

  • Bergama Acropolis Archaeological Site (Archaeology Museum Bergama)
  • Bergama Asklepion Archaeological Site
  • İzmir Bergama Kizilavlu (Basilica) Archaeological Site
  • İzmir Bergama Museum
  • Çeşme Museum
  • Eritrai (Ildiri) Archaeological Site
  • Ayasuluk Archaeological Site
  • Ephesus Museum
  • Ephesus Archeological Site
  • Ephesus Archeological Site The Terrace Houses
  • Basilica Of St. John
  • İzmir Agora Archaeological Site
  • İzmir Archaeological Museum
  • Museum Of Ataturk House
  • Ethnography Museum Of İzmir
  • Claros Archeological Si̇te
  • Klazomenai Archaeological Site
  • Metropolis Archaeological Site
  • İzmir History And Art Museum
  • Teos Archaeological Site
  • Izmir Birgi Çakirağa Mansion
  • İzmir Ödemiş Museum
  • İzmir Tire Museum
  • Aphrodisias Museum And Archaeological Site
  • Ethnography Museum Of Aydin Karacasu
  • Alabanda Archaeological Site
  • Alinda Archaeological Site
  • Aydin Archaeological Museum
  • Ethnography Museum Of Aydin
  • Aydin Magnesia Archaeological Site
  • Aydin Nysa Archaeological Site
  • Aydin Yoruk Ali Efe Museum
  • Aydin Didyma Archaeological Site
  • Miletus Archaeological Site And Miletus Museum
  • Aydin Priene Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Bodrum Antique Theatre
  • Muğla Bodrum Mausoleum Museum
  • Museum Of Underwater Archaeology
  • Muğla Bodrum Zeki Müren Art Museum
  • Muğla Fethiye Amynthas Rock Tombs
  • Muğla Fethiye Gemiler Island Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Fethiye Kadyanda Ancient City
  • Muğla Fethiye Kaunos Ancient City And Rock Tombs
  • Muğla Fethiye Kayakoy Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Fethiye Letoon Ancient City
  • Muğla Fethiye Museum
  • Muğla Fethiye Pinara Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Fethiye Tlos Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Marmaris Knidos Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Marmaris Museum
  • Beçin Castle Ve Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Milas Damliboğaz Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Milas Euromos Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Milas Gümüşkesen Mausoleum
  • Muğla Milas Heraklei̇a Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Milas Iassos Balik Pazari Museum
  • Muğla Milas Iassos Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Milas Labraunda Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Milas Museum
  • Muğla Lagina Archaeological Site
  • Muğla Museum
  • Sedir Island Archeological Site
  • Muğla Stratonikeia Archaeological Site
  • Denizli Atatürk And Ethnography Museum
  • Laodikeia Archaeological Site
  • Hierapolis Pamukkale Archaeological Museum
  • Hierapolis Archaeological Site

There is no specific Pamukkale Museum Pass but if you will only visit the Pamukkale Hierapolis ancient city and museum, you can buy e-tickets for around 400 TL as well.

Aegean Museum Pass
Ephesus Archeological Site

Aegean Museum Pass Price

Aegean Museum Pass Turkey online price is 1700 TL. You can use it for 7 days which starts from your first visit to a museum or an archaeological site.

Mediterranean Museum Pass (Mobile)

Let’s say you want to visit Pamukkale Hierapolis temple and ancient city but then you will visit the Mediterranean towns of Turkey. Don’t worry about that. The Mediterranean Museum pass covers the Pamukkale Hierapolis entrance as well.

Turkey Museum Pass Mediterranean
 Phaselis Archaeological Site

What museums are included in the Museum Pass Mediterranean?

  • Alanya Atatürk House And Museum
  • Alanya Castle
  • Alanya Museum
  • Syedra
  • Antalya Arykanda Archaeological Site
  • Antalya Aspendos Archaeological Site
  • Museum Of Ataturk House Of Antalya
  • Antalya Karain Cave
  • Antalya Limyra Archaeological Site
  • Antalya Museum
  • Antalya Olympos Archaeological Site
  • Antalya Perge Archaeological Site
  • Antalya Phaselis Archaeological Site
  • Antalya Termessos Archaeological Site And National Park
  • Antalya St. Nicholas Museum
  • Antalya Demre Andriake Archaeological Site And Lycian Civilization
  • Antalya Myra Archaeological Site
  • Antalya Patara Archaeological Site
  • Antalya Simena Archaeological Site
  • Antalya Xanthos Archaeological Site
  • Letoon Sanctuary Place
  • Antalya Elmali Museum
  • Antalya Side Apollon – Temple Of Athena
  • Antalya Side Museum
  • Side Attique Theater
  • Mersin Anamur Anamurium Archaeological Site
  • Mersin Anamur Museum
  • Mersin Anamur Mamure Castle
  • Museum Of Atatürk House
  • Mersin Gözne Castle
  • Mersin Kanlidi̇vane Archaeological Site
  • Mersin Maiden’s Tower (Sea Castle, Castle, And Beach)
  • Mersin Archaeological Museum
  • Mersin Silifke Alahan Monastery
  • Mersin Silifke Asthma Cave
  • Mersin Silifke Atatürk House And Ethnography Museum
  • Mersin Silifke Ayatekla Archaeological Site
  • Mersin Silifke Chasm Of Heaven And Hell
  • Mersin Silifke Museum
  • Mersin Silifke Narlikuyu Mosaic Museum
  • Mersin Silifke Uzuncaburç Archaeological Site
  • Mersin Tarsus Museum
  • Mersin Tarsus St. Paul Memorial Museum
  • Mersin Tarsus St. Paul Well
  • Adana Anavarza Archaeological Site
  • Adana Museum
  • Adana Museum Of Atatürk House
  • Adana Kuruköprü Church And Historical Adana House
  • Adana Şar Archaeological Site
  • Denizli Atatürk And Ethnography Museum
  • Hierapolis Pamukkale Archaeological Museum
  • Hierapolis Archaeological Site
  • Laodikeia Archaeological Site
Phaselis Ancient City
Phaselis Archaeological Site

Mediterranean Museum Pass Price

You can buy The Mediterranean Museum Pass Turkey online for 2200 TL. Seven days available since the first entrance. Turkey history museums definitely worth a visit.

Museum Pass Card Prices

RECAP 👉 Here are all the museum pass types with prices. Turkish museum cards can help you to save money.

  • Museum Pass Turkiye – 3500 TL
  • Museum Pass Istanbul – 2250 TL
  • Museum Pass Cappadocia – 1500 TL
  • Museum Pass The Mediterranean (Mobile) – 2200 TL
  • Museum Pass The Aegean (Mobile) – 1700 TL

Buy Museum Pass Turkey online

You can buy 15-day Museum Pass Turkey, Museum Pass Istanbul, Museum Pass Cappadocia, Museum Pass Mediterranean, or Museum Pass Aegean cards online from the official website of Turkish museums.

How many days Turkey Museum Pass 2023?

You can learn how many days Museum passes are available and from when. They activate from your first entrance to a museum or archaeological site.

  • Museum Pass Turkiye – 15 days
  • Museum Pass Istanbul – 5 days
  • Museum Pass Cappadocia – 3 days
  • Museum Pass The Mediterranean (Mobile) – 7 days
  • Museum Pass The Aegean (Mobile) – 7 days

We hope this blog post has helped you start planning your next vacation!  Until next time, happy travels!

Turkey Museum Pass List
Turkey Museum Pass List

Frequently Asking Questions About Museum Pass Turkey

Here are some questions about Museum passes in Turkey. If you will ask for something else, please meet with us in the comment below. Let’s start.

Is the museum pass Turkey worth it?

It is worth it if you like traveling to museums, cultural spots, and historical landmarks. If you are planning to visit many museums and archaeological sites, the Turkish pass will help you save money.

What is Museum Pass Istanbul?

Museum pass, Istanbul, Turkey gives access to 13 places to visitors. If you buy for Istanbul, museum passes in Turkey for 5 days are available.

How much does the Istanbul museum pass cost?

Istanbul museum pass costs 2250 TL in 2023. With this card, which is valid for five days from your first museum or archaeological site visit, you can enter many museums and sites in the city without paying any extra fees and without waiting in line at the box office. Get your museum card scanned at the turnstiles. That’s how simple it is.

How do you get the museum pass in Istanbul?

You can get it from Istanbul Museum Pass sales points. You can also download it to your phone online now. Please click on the Purchase button on their official website.

What is included in the museum Pass Istanbul?

Istanbul museum pass covers museums, towers, palaces, monuments, and others. We detailed them above. You can go to those places with the Istanbul Museum Pass.

Are museums free in Istanbul?

Some of them are free. You can find a few free museums in Istanbul from this blog post. Also, you can explore by filtering the city from here.

Where to buy a Turkey museum pass in Istanbul?

There are 77 sale points to buy Museum Pass Turkey. Either you can purchase from the official website online or use sale points. I recommend you buy online in advance to avoid waiting in line at the box office.

Where can you use the museum pass in Turkey?

You can use your Museum Pass Turkiye in more than 300 museums or archaeological places in Turkey.

What is the cost of the Turkey Museum Pass?

Turkey Museum Pass costs 3500 Turkish Liras in 2023.

Is the House of the Virgin Mary under the Turkey Museum Pass?

The museum pass doesn’t cover the House of the Virgin Mary. When you get there, you should pay a petty price for entrance. By the way, there is no public transportation.

Here is a route for you. You can visit Ephesus ancient city with your Museum pass, and after that, you can take a cab from the antique city to Virgin Mary Church and House. The distance is about 9 km. from Ephesus. Don’t forget to carry a bit of cash for the Church entrance.   

Can I get a museum pass for Istanbul, Turkey only?

Yes, you can buy an Istanbul Museum pass for 5 days for 2250 TL. But if you will travel to other cities after Istanbul, we suggest you buy a Turkey museum pass for 3500 TL which is 15 days available. That’s a more affordable and extended choice.

Is there any student museum card istanbul?

Yes, there is a student museum card for only Turkish citizens. If you are a foreigner, you should buy regular ones. But here is a good news, According to the regulation of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, foreign children aged 0-12 are not charged any fees.

Is there a Museum Pass Turkey list of places to visit?

You can find the full list at Museum Pass Turkey 15 days from here.

Where can you use the Museum Pass in Turkey?

You can use your Museum pass Turkey in more than 300 destinations. There is a large map for visitors. Please check the list above.

Museum pass Turkey is good to Dolmabahce Museum?

No, Museum pass Turkey doesn’t cover the Dolmabahce Palace tickets. Dolmabahce palace entrance fee 2023 is around 800 – 1000 Turkish Liras. These prices change because of the parts of Dolmabahce Palace.

I recommended to you a Dolmabahce Palace guided tour with tickets.

You can get more info from the official website of Turkish palaces. You should also mind about national and religious holidays in Turkey.

Is the Turkey Museum Pass worth it?

If you are planning to visit the ancient cities and museums during your Turkey trip and also in more than one city, Museum pass Turkey 15 days is a very affordable choice for you.

Which museum has Prophet Muhammad’s belongings?

Topkapi Palace has the holy relics and Prophet Muhammad belongings in Istanbul. Sultan Suleiman also lived there. Read more about Ottoman Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent.

Does Museum pass cover Hierapolis antique pool?

Nope. You must purchase an extra ticket for Cleopatra (Hierapolis sacred) pool. These tickets only can be found at the box offices of Hierapolis ancient city. You can read more about Hierapolis Ancient City.