Best Valentine’s Day Places Attractions & Hotels in Istanbul

Best Valentine’s Day Places Attractions & Hotels in Istanbul

Hello there! We know that you and your partner are very special. You deserve the best. In this unique and romantic guide which is the best Valentine’s Day places attractions & hotels in Istanbul, you will be able to find a chance to uplift your relationship. 

If you are going on a date in İstanbul and you don’t know where to go yet? Skip all the worries about romantic plans. Because we prepared for you the best Valentine’s Day places attractions & hotels in Istanbul. If you are asking where can I go on a date in Istanbul? Here is the complete guide for Valentine’s Day and for other romantic events, too. Come on. Here is a great opportunity to get spoiled for you and your partner. Here are the best romantic things to do in İstanbul for couples on Valentine’s Day.

Top 10 Best Attractions for Couples on Valentine’s Day in Istanbul

Many people are asking “Do they celebrate Valentine’s in Turkey?” Yes, of course. Especially in metropolises, people care about special days like February 14. Mostly, young adult couples are interested in Valentine’s Day. Be ready to see so many balloons, roses, and other red stuff on this day. Here are the most unique and top 10 best attractions for couples on Valentine’s Day in İstanbul.

What couples can do in Istanbul?

What about you, what do you want to do on February 14? If you are wondering about what couples can do in Istanbul? and finding unique ones you should keep reading. Those things to do’s are very excellent choices for purposes, too. 

Maiden’s Tower

Maiden’s Tower is a very famous and magical location for all visitors of İstanbul. It has panoramic beauty and is a very instagrammable place for your unforgettable memories and photos.

Is the Bosphorus Cruise worth it?

Definitely. Bosphorus cruise dinners and boat trips are very excellent choices for special days. Is the Bosphorus Cruise worth it? You should give it a try in order to have a romantic experience. 

A Walk on the Pierre Loti Hill Istanbul

When you have a walk on the Pierre Loti Hill Istanbul you will be mesmerized by the panoramic view of the city. Do not forget, Pierre Loti Hill is one of the must-see places in İstanbul. 

Visit Galata Tower

Add your bucket list to that one, too: Visit Galata Tower. You can see the Galata Tower via an ordinary city walk or you can go there for your purpose. Many people are also doing that. Because Galata Tower has a great atmosphere for romantic couples. 

Turkish Baths For Couples

Traditional Turkish baths, hammams, spas, and massages are very various and famous in İstanbul. If you are looking for Turkish baths for couples, no worries. You will find lots of mixed Turkish baths in this city. Be ready for a relaxing and intense adventure.

If you want to know more about Turkish baths, click here.

Turkish Baths
Turkish Bath

Princes Islands

Princes Islands are another hidden gem of İstanbul. Especially for couples, visiting the islands is a very unique experience.

Princes Islands
Princes Islands

Ortaköy İstanbul

The Ortaköy İstanbul region is a very famous place and you will never get bored. Surrounded by so many things to do there. Don’t forget to eat kumpir and waffles there.

Art Exhibitions and Museums

If you and your partners like art or ancient pieces, you must see all the art exhibitions and museums in Istanbul. You are lucky. You will be able to find so many places that are very close to each other. 

Breakfast at Beşiktaş

Beşiktaş area is an excellent choice for a couple of breakfasts and various coffee places. If you want something different, take a chance on breakfast at Beşiktaş.

10 Dreamy Places in Istanbul for Valentine’s Day

Here we gather 10 dreamy places in Istanbul for Valentine’s Day for you. Check these places out and decide your next place for couples dinner, purpose, or celebration.

Where is the best place to celebrate Valentine?

There are dozens of places to celebrate Valentine’s Day but we pick the warm and dreamy ones which make you and your partner closer. Those places are very heartfelt and hospitable. Here you go.

Viktor Levi Moda

Victor Levi Moda is a lovely wine bar that is vegetarian friendly and also has vegan options in Kadıköy. The staff is very kind and the place is very mystic for couples. The prices are fine as well.

Sarnic Restaurant

Sarnic Restaurant is a great cuisine with cultural details. You must see that atmosphere. That place is ancient and excellent. You can drink famous Turkish alcohol raki there, too. The very unique place is an old cistern about 1500 years old. The name “Sarnıç” comes from “cistern”.

Sarnic resturant
Sarnic Restaurant

Los Altos

Los Altos is a fine restaurant that is made of Mexican and Latin food. You will be able to find vegetarian and vegan options in Los Altos. If you are close to the Beyoğlu region, you can utilize this kitchen.


Rosario is another delicious place which is in the Anatolian side of Istanbul. If you like Mediterranean cuisine, especially Italian food, you won’t miss Rosario. Celebrate your special day with tasty pizzas in Rosario.


Hood is a perfect place for a celebration because it has an amazing view. You will be able to try international or traditional meals in Hood. They also have sushi. Tasty cocktails and a panoramic city views are waiting for you on the 12th floor of Doubletree Hilton Istanbul.

Pierre Loti Roof Restaurant

Pierre Loti Roof Restaurant has a French, Mediterranean, and traditional cuisine menu with vegan, vegetarian options. Enjoy with one of the best rooftop restaurants in Istanbul. Amazing dates with magical landscapes.

Garden 1897 Restaurant

Garden 1897 Restaurant is another excellent hidden gem of Istanbul. Explore the traditional tastes with all famous local desserts after your meal.

Roof Mezze 360

Roof Mezze 360 is another rooftop place for couples. Fine ambiance for a place. No regrets. Besides, you can reserve your table in Roof Meze 360 via TripAdvisor.

5. Kat Restaurant & Cafe Bar

This cute place has incredible views from any table. 5. Kat Restaurant & Cafe Bar has a very nostalgic elevator and ancient objects inside. For unforgettable memories and Valentine’s Day, that place may be one of the best.

16 Roof

16 Roof is another roof option for couples and celebrations. It is also very close to the Bosphorus Swissotel.

You will be able to find all places and attractions in our TripAdvisor collection, including the hotels that we offer for you. Here are the excellent and dreamy places to stay on Valentine’s Day night.

10 Best Romantic Hotels for couples in Istanbul

Before the hotels, there is a most common question about Turkey which is can unmarried couples stay in the same hotel room in Turkey? The answer can change. Maybe you can’t stay in some towns, villages and small provinces but not in Istanbul or the other touristy cities. 

However, it’s a good point to make that clear. Probably you won’t have any problem sharing the same room even if you are unmarried at well-known hotels. So here is the advice: choose a popular place to stay or make sure that they accept unmarried couples, too.

The place that you stay will show you the sentimental value of your relationship. So deciding the hotel that you will stay, is a very important step. You should consider some points like privacy, services, offers, optional facilitates and ambiance of the hotel. However, the location of the hotel is very significant, too. 

If you don’t want luxury but still want something exclusive here are the 10 Best Romantic Hotels for couples in Istanbul. You can also find them on our TripAdvisor trip map collection.

Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

Tomtom Suites

Romance Istanbul Hotel

Hotel Sultania

Swissotel The Bosphorus, Istanbul

Primero Hotel

The Elysium Taksim

Pera Palace Hotel

Four Seasons Istanbul at the Bosphorus

Radisson Blu Bosphorus Hotel, Istanbul

Click for the Trip Advisor map for couples in Istanbul.


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