Istanbul City Transportation Card for Tourists

Istanbul City Transportation Card for Tourists

Istanbul is Turkey’s most populous city and has a developed transportation infrastructure. You can provide public transportation in Istanbul by train, tram, metro, bus, or ferry. Of course, you need Istanbul City Transportation Card for Tourists for transportation.

Traffic in Istanbul is quite heavy and it can take hours by car to get from one place to another. The traffic is very heavy, especially during business entry and exit times, and public transportation is a very good alternative.

All public buses, subways, trams, or ferries in Istanbul work with the card system and cash is not accepted. Therefore, if you want to use public transportation in Istanbul, you must buy a transportation card.

After the Kovid measures, Turkish citizens can buy their Istanbul cards with their identity numbers, and people who have Kovid are prevented from getting on public transport. But tourists do not have a citizenship number and how will they buy an Istanbul card? The answer to this question is the Istanbul City Transportation Card for Tourists.

Istanbul City Transportation Card has been produced for Tourists with a certain duration so that tourists can use public transportation in Istanbul comfortably, and if you come to Istanbul on holiday, you can buy this card and use public transportation.

Get detailed information about Istanbul Metro Map, Train and Tram and Public transportation.

What is Istanbul City Card for Tourists?

Special for tourists, Istanbul Card is a transportation card produced to enable tourists who want to visit Istanbul to use public transportation comfortably. It has 6 different designs to be a souvenir for tourists and is sold in 30 different regions of Istanbul, where tourists are concentrated.

Types of Istanbul City Cards for Tourists

First of all, no matter which card you buy, you also have free entrance to the museums of the Istanbul municipality, apart from transportation.

There are two different types of cards that tourists can buy in Istanbul. Let’s take a look at these.

Istanbul transportation Card
Istanbul transportation Card

Daily Istanbul City Card for Tourists

You can use this card unlimitedly in all parts of Istanbul and in all public transportation. All you have to do is have the card read by the card reader. You can buy these cards from Istanbul card dealers in the 30 busiest regions of Istanbul.

Some areas where you can buy are airports, Taksim Square, Sultanahmet, Karaköy, and Eminönü. For tourists, you can buy daily city cards for 1 to 15 days.

Istanbul City Transportation Card for Tourists
Istanbul City Card

Hop on – Hop off card (Private Istanbul Bus Tour Travel)

You can travel unlimitedly to the tourist areas of Istanbul with private double-decker buses belonging to the Istanbul municipality.

There is a 24-hour ring service to designated areas. You can get off wherever you want and take the next bus.

Hop on – Hop off bus stops

  • Sultanahmet
  • Eminönü
  • Karaköy
  • Galataport
  • Dolmabahçe Sarayı
  • Naval Museum
  • Beylerbeyi Palace
  • Beşiktaş Bazaar
  • Taksim Square
  • Şişhane-1
  • Egyptian Spice Bazaar

Advantages of the Hop on – Hop off the card

Hop on – Hop off card has the following advantages over the daily Istanbul card,

  • Convenient and safe transportation
  • Istanbul narration in 8 different languages during your trip and trip
  • Delicious snacks throughout the trip
  • Enjoying Istanbul with a panoramic roof

Disadvantages of Hop on – Hop off the card

You can use this card only in certain locations, and if you want to go to a different destination, you have to buy a daily Istanbul card.

Istanbul Transportation for Tourists
Istanbul Transportation for Tourists

Where can I buy Istanbul City Transportation Card for Tourists?

Istanbul City Transportation Card for tourists is sold in 30 different regions of Istanbul. Some of the points you can buy are Istanbul transportation card dealers in places such as Taksim Square, Eminönü, Karaköy, Sultanahmet, and Beşiktaş.

If you want to travel to Istanbul and buy a public transport card, the most logical thing to do is to buy online.

👉🏻With the Istanbul Welcome Card, you can use all public transport. The most important advantage is that you gain the right to enter the museums and palaces in Istanbul without waiting in line and without paying an extra fee. This card is cheaper than transportation and museum entrance fees. Buy now to enjoy Istanbul.

👉🏻Another option is to buy the day pass online for tourists. You can choose 5 or 10 trips and receive your card from the airport. This card is really advantageous financially and you don’t have to wait in line at the dealer if you buy it online. Click to buy an Istanbul transportation card online.

Also, if you are coming to Turkey on holiday, it would be good to get a Turkey Museum Card.

Istanbul Transportation and Istanbul Tourist Card frequently asked questions

If you have any questions, leave a comment and we will respond immediately.

Is the Istanbul transportation card compulsory for tourists?

If you are not going to use public transportation in Istanbul, you do not need to buy an Istanbul card, but if you are going to use public transportation in Istanbul, you need to buy it. There is no cash in public transportation in Istanbul, you can only pay with these cards.

Can I buy an Istanbul Transportation card from Istanbul Airport?

You can buy an Istanbul transportation card for tourists from Istanbul Card dealers at Istanbul airport or Sabiha Gökçen airport. After purchasing online, it would be more logical to receive it quickly from the dealer. Do not forget that the dealers are inside the airport, so if you receive your card before you leave, you will not have to enter the airport again and you will save time.

Can foreigners living in Turkey get an Istanbul Card?

If you live in Istanbul and have a Turkish national number, you do not need to get an Istanbul City Transportation Card for Tourists. You can buy a standard Istanbul Transportation card.

Does it make sense to buy an Istanbul City Transportation Card for tourists?

Istanbul is a big city and you have to use a car for transportation. If you do not have a private vehicle, you should prefer a taxi or public transportation. If you want to provide transportation at cheaper prices, yes, the Istanbul transportation card is a logical option for tourists.

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  1. Hello, I bought a Istanbul city card today at Sultanahmet Tram Station for 3 days. I paid with mastercard but the card doesnt work. A guy at the Tram station told me I can go inside its ok. But I wanna use it tomorrow and on Sunday, what can I Do? I already paid.

  2. In fact, these cards are activated the first time they are used. It is beneficial to hold the card a little closer to the device and for a long time while reading it. If not, you can tell the situation to the dealer you bought or other dealers and request that they change it.

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