20 Best Places for Beaches in Antalya 2022

You can swim from anywhere in Antalya and the sea is very clean and clear, but some places are more special. We will talk about the 20 best beaches of Antalya and the features of these beaches for you.

If you are planning to come to Antalya for summer vacation, you should pay attention to the National and Religious Holidays in Turkey. You may find it difficult to enjoy your holiday as the beaches will be very crowded during these periods.

Kaputas Beach

Kaputas beach is one of the best beaches in Antalya and probably the most popular beach in Antalya. It is one of the 40 best beaches in Europe according to the Guardian.

There is a canyon behind the beach in Kaş Antalya and freshwater flows from the canyon towards the beach. For this reason, the color of the sea is very beautiful at Kaputaj beach and Kaputaj beach is the beach where tourists share the most photos in Antalya.

You can take a look at our detailed article about Antalya Kaputas beach.

Best beach Turkey Kaputas
Kaputas Beach

Phaselis Beach

Phaselis beach is inside the ancient city of Phaselis. It is the perfect place to combine history and the sea and is one of the best beaches in Antalya.

Since Phaselis is a historical area, you cannot rent sunbeds on Phaselis beach, but it is a wooded area. If you take a beach chair with you, you can have a very enjoyable day.

Phaselis is very good for couples or families. There is an entrance fee for Phaselis Ancient City as it is a ruined place.

Click for more information about Phaselis Ancient City.

Phaselis beach
Phaselis Ancient City Beach

Adrasan Beach

Adrasan beach is one of the best sandy beaches in Antalya. Adrasan, which is very close to Olympos, is one of the places where you can have a holiday at the cheapest price in Antalya.

Boats going to the famous Suluada boat tour in Antalya depart from Adrasan beach. If you are looking for an Antalya holiday with a sandy beach at an affordable price, you can consider Adrasan.

You can learn more about Adrasan Antalya.

Antalya Adrasan Beach
Adrasan Beach

Olympos Beach

Olympos beach is in the ancient city of Olympos. It is a magical, mystical and historical place. Olympos beach is a sandy beach.

You go to Olympos beach by passing through the ancient city of Olympos and freshwater flows to the beach. Since it is an ancient city, sunbeds are not used on the beach. You can bring a beach chair, but the sand of Olympos beach is quite beautiful and it can be enjoyable to lie on the sand.

If you are going to Olympos beach, I recommend you go early in the morning. You won’t believe the silkiness of the sea. You can read more about Olympos Antalya.

You can also check out Olympos nightlife and the best hotels in Olympos.

Olympos Beach Turkey
Olympos Beach

Kalkan Public Beach

Kalkan is a region between Kas and Fethiye. Kalkan beaches are made of pebbles, but the sea is very clear and you can enjoy swimming with sea turtles.

Kalkan Public Beach has a blue flag and is suitable for couples, families, and divers.

Kalkan Public Beach
Kalkan Public Beach

Çıralı Beach

Cirali Beach is a very clean and quiet place. The landscape is surrounded by incredible mountain and sky views. It is next to Olympos beach.

Caretta carettas nest here. That’s why it is a very exceptional beach in Antalya. You can take a look at the eternal flame Turkey in Çıralı.

Cirali Beach Antalya
Çıralı Beach

Patara Beach and Patara Ancient City

Patara Beach is the most beautiful sandy beach in Antalya. Lots of sand dunes here, ancient and historical heritages, and amazing sunsets. That’s all you need for your Turkey trip. Patara Beach is perfect for photographers, couples, families, and solo travelers. You must see that heavenly place.

Read more about Patara beach and the Patara ancient city and check out the tips!

Patara Beach Antalya Turkey
Patara Beach

Kas Public Beaches

Kas Public Beaches are incredibly clean and relaxing places. Kaş beaches are pebbles, but the sea view distance is the best in Turkey. For this reason, if you like diving, Kaş is the right place.

You can read more about the best Kas beaches.

Kas is one of the most beautiful regions in Antalya. If you want to read more about Kas, you can visit our Kas Antalya article.

Kas Public Beach Antalya Turkey
Kas Public Beach

Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach is one of the hidden gems in Antalya. So, that place will provide the most romantic beaches in Antalya city center. This beach is definitely for couples so enjoy your romantic vacation at Mermerli Beach, Antalya, Turkey.

Mermerli Beach is located in the historical marina and the castle walls rise behind the beach.

Bonus: You can go to Adalar Beach in the city center, too. Adalar Beach is located in Karaalioglu Park which is near Antalya Old Town.

Mermerli Beach Antalya
Mermerli Beach

Lara Beaches

Lara beaches are the only sandy beaches in the center of Antalya. There are many private beaches in this area and you can find an option for every budget.

Lara beach is very much preferred by tourists. Also, Lara beach is on our Best Beaches in Turkey for Families list.

Lara Ekdag Public Beach Antalya
Lara Ekdağ Public Beach

Konyaaltı Beaches

Konyaaltı beach is the most popular beach in the city center. There are many hotels on the beach and it is also preferred by the Turks.

Konyaaltı beach is pebbly but not disturbing. Getting to Konyaaltı beach is quite easy and is ideal for sitting on the beach with your beer. Konyaaltı beach is blue-flagged and its sea is very pleasant, especially in the early morning hours.

You can rent sunbeds on Konyaaltı beach or throw your towel on the beach and enjoy the sun. Also, Konyaalti beach is on our Best Beaches in Turkey for Families list.

Konyaalti Beach vs Lara Beach

Konyaalti Beach is made from pebbles, and Lara Beach is one of the sandy beaches in Antalya Turkey. They are both beautiful and surrounded by many things to do. You should swim in both.

Antalya Konyaalti Beach
Konyaaltı Beach

Side Beaches

Side Beaches are either public and entrance free or private and exclusive. So that region has different options even for romantic events or couples and families with kids both.

Side beach is a sandy beach and there is the ancient city of Side right behind it. Side Antalya is a region where tourists show great interest.

Side Beach antalya
Side Beach

Alanya Cleopatra Beach

Alanya Cleopatra Beach is the best beach in Antalya for couples. Alanya has blue flag beaches.

It is believed that the sands of Alanya Cleopatra Beach were brought from Egypt by Cleopatra. The sand on the beach is a color close to orange and it is really beautiful.

Turkey Alanya Cleopatra Beach
Alanya Cleopatra Beach

Alanya İncekum Public Beach

Another romantic and sandy beach in Antalya. Alanya İncekum Public Beach offers you a calm and quiet vacation with very tiny sands on the beach.

Alanya Public Beach is affordable and sandy. You can read more about Alanya Turkey.

Alanya İncekum Public Beach

İnciraltı Beach

Here are other best places in Antalya for couples. İnciraltı Beach is in the city center of Antalya with blue flags. This beach is not so big, there is no sand or pebbles. There is a deck on the rocks. You can enjoy the sun and deep fresh water for swimming.  

inciralti beach antalya
İnciraltı Beach Antalya

Çamyuva Public Beach

Çamyuva is not so close to the city center. The distance is 30-40 minutes by car. The entrance is free and that beach is totally for kids and families.

Camyuva beach is quite quiet except for Turkey’s public holidays. The beach is pebble.

camyuva public beach antalya
Camyuva Public Beach

Kemer Moonlight Beach

Kemer Moonlight Beach is a very beautiful bay in the center of Kemer. The water always shines like a crystal.

The beach in Kemer Ayışığı Beach is a bit expensive, but the service quality and the sea are quite good. It is a very popular and popular place with tourists.

Kemer Moonlight Beach
Kemer Moonlight Beach

Korsan Bay

Korsan Bay is a very unique and hidden bay, one of them in Antalya. Korsan Beach is the best beach in Antalya for travelers and campers on a budget.

You can take a look at Korsan Bay located in Kumluca on the map.

korsan koyu
Korsan Beach

Papaz Bay

Papaz Bay a.k.a. Karaöz Koyu is one of the best beaches in Antalya for couples and campers. If you are looking for a quiet and woody trip, you should add Papaz Bay to your list.

The road to Papaz Bay in Kumluca is a little winding, but it will be worth it. You can check its location on the map here.

Papaz Bay Beach
Papaz Bay

Sarisu Beach

Near the harbor, there is Sarisu Beach. Sarısu Beach is split into two parts. One is Sarısu Women’s or Ladies Beach which means until 19.00 only ladies can use that part. Inside the ladies beach, there are some cafes and restaurants. There is a traditional Turkish bath which is quite a relaxing experience that we highly recommend.

The other part is allowed for everyone. You can have a barbecue at the picnic place and at the same time, you can go swimming or sunbathing. You can enjoy it with your family.

Check this Antalya famous places for picnic with beaches which includes Sarisu Beach as well.

Also, you can take an Antalya city tour with waterfalls and cable car.

sarisu beach antalya
Sarisu Beach

Frequently Asking Questions About Antalya Best Beaches

Here are the top-asked questions about the best beaches in Antalya city. If you have more questions, you can feel free to comment below!

Is Konyaalti Beach sandy?

No, Konyaaltı Beach is not sandy, it is pebbles, but the pebbles are not large enough to disturb them. If you are looking for a sandy beach in the center of Antalya, Lara beach will please you.

Are there any sandy beaches in Antalya Turkey?

Lara Beach, Kaputas BeachPatara Beach, and Side Beach are famous sandy beaches in Antalya, Turkey. Also, you can check the best beaches in Turkey for families from here.

How beautiful is Sarisu beach?

Sarisu Beach is quite beautiful beach that includes a Turkish hammam, cafeterias, and picnic places inside. Either you can use the women’s part for a better sunbathing experience or you can go to the public one which offers you a picnic and barbecue attraction at the same time.

Which is the best beach in Antalya?

It depends on what you are looking for, but Kaputas beach, which is the most popular and among the 40 best beaches in Europe, is really special and beautiful.

How much are the sunbed fees on Antalya beaches?

It varies, but the average price of sunbeds and umbrellas in Antalya is 100 TL.

Are you looking for a full-day city tour, you should check Antalya 1 Day Itinerary from here.

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