Eternal Flames Chimaera Guide(Yanartaş)

If you are planning to visit South Turkey, you must see the Chimaera Flames in Chimaera Cirali. There is a flaming mountain in Antalya, Turkey. Here is a complete Eternal Flames Chimaera Guide for you. Chimera Turkey is a very famous place for Turkey attractions that you must see.

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Where is Mount Chimaera? (Chimera Cirali Turkey)

Chimera and Olympos are side by side and their distance from Antalya is about 60 km. If you go from Antalya city center, you should move to the west side of Mediterranean. We are gonna discuss the differences between Chimera and Olympos but first we will talk about Chimera eternal fire a bit.

What is the secret of Chimera Eternal Fire?

There are many name variations (like Çıralı, Yanartaş, Chimera, Chimaera, Fire Mountain etc.) Chimaera Flames are so famous and extraordinary. Yanartaş is a Turkish word and it means firing stone. Çıralı is also a Turkish word and it means resinous. Chimaera or Chimera words come from Greek mythology. So it is all about fire and flame.

Chimaera Mythology (Eternal flame Greek mythology)

Bellerophon is a Greek mythology hero. Due to the legend, Bellerophon killed the Chimera. Today, burning flames and flaming rocks on top of the Cirali Mountain is a symbol of this myth. 

As you know Olympos was the sacred place of gods in Greek mythology. Mount Olympuslycian and Mount Chimaera are side by side. So Chimaera Turkey is a very important location both mythological and ecological.

How do I get to Çıralı from Chimera?

If you want to see a chimera flaming mountain, you should hike a rock to the top for 20 minutes from center of Cirali. It is very easy to get Cirali Chimera because you will be able to see eternal flames Turkey or Chimera Antalya signs on the road. What is the secret of chimera eternal fire? Flaming rocks of Chimaera, Turkey are very charming but why? Is it a natural chemical phenomenon? Yeah. Sort of. Top of the mountain, there are so many fire vents.

Exploring Rocky Slope of Chimaera (Eternal Flame Olympos Turkey)

Yanartaş Çıralı region is a very quiet place in general. You can have a vacation with nature. Chimaera Antalya place is very inspirational location for nature and yoga lovers and also writers. It is a very good place for a vacation, trip or holiday because you will find a lot of beautiful details throughout the whole year. 

Accommodation in Cirali Antalya (Turkey eternal flames)

You can visit Yanartaş Chimaera Eternal Fire in one day or you can stay for a while in Yanartaş Çıralı region. Honestly, one day is enough to discover Çıralı, Antalya and Cirali fire. But if you want to stay there and spend much more time, it is up to you.

The Çıralı region has bungalows, treehouses, tiny houses, and camping places like Olympos. But the Çıralı region is more quiet, clean and isolated than Olympos. Accommodation options are more dispersed. You can find more camping places, especially wild camping in Chimaera Olympos both. 


How To Go to Çıralı Region? (Chimera Cirali)

The distance is about 1 hour from Antalya city center by car. You can choose public transportation or with cheap car rental in Antalya. If you choose public transportation, you should follow a path (in order to reach Cirali) after the main road. There are midi buses but there is another option as well. Not every hotels don’t do this but some of them offer you to pick you up from main road and drive until hotel.

How do I get from Antalya to Mount Chimaera?

You can take the Olympos buses from Antalya bus station. Before coming the Olympos, you will see Cirali turnout on the main road.

How to go to Eternal Flames from Çıralı?

If you are in Çıralı region already, you can ask someone about the Flaming Rocks of Chimaera. As I told you before, accommodation points are a little bit dispersed and diverse. So, first of all you should make one thing clear: how far are you away from the Chimaera entrance? If it takes 5-10 minutes, you can walk. But if it’s much more than this, maybe you want to go to the entrance by bicycle, atv or car. Here you are a online trusty bike rental Antalya. You can find rental bicycles, ATVs, motorcycles and scooters.

On the other hand, you want to hike or trekking so make your preparations and start for your journey. 

What to wear while visiting Chimaera Yanartaş?

Which way you are choosing, you should follow some advice for your comfort. Trust me, those things can make your Chimaera journey better. Antalya is a very hot city even in winter, so you should pick comfy clothes which dry fast.

Outdoor hiking sneakers are so important because the road of Chimaera is very natural and climby. The water is another thing because Antalya is very hot almost all the time. If you visit there on summer days, please cover your head with a hat. The sun is very burning. 

If you want to enjoy the landscape of Chimaera Mountain, take your drink with you. Stay hydrated with these foldable travel bottles. Besides, so many people take chopsticks and marshmallows or sausages with them to fry. After getting dark, you may take a torch or flashlight with you. 

If it’s your first time, you should visit the flaming rocks of Chimaera, Turkey before the dark in order to explore the way.

Mount Chimaera Closed (Opening & Closing Time)

Mount Chimera closes at 9:00 p.m. and opens at 9:00 a.m. every day.

Other Things to Do in Cirali

Lycia Way trekking is a very unique thing to do near Cirali. Olympos Cable car ride is another alternative attraction. But if you want to stay in Cirali district for several reasons you can enjoy the beach all day long.

Çıralı Beach

Çıralı and Olympos Beach are side by side but there is no passing between them. So you should go up first, then you can go to the other beach. 

There is no entry fee for Çıralı Beach. If you want to use sunbeds and umbrellas you will pay for them, then you will be able to use them all day long. 

Çıralı Beach is a home for Loggerhead sea turtles or a.k.a. Caretta carettas. So be mindful during your Cirali Beach visit especially after sunset.

Where to stay in Cirali, Turkey? (Olympos and the Chimaera)

You can check for the Cirali hotels booking which includes tiny houses, motels and camping areas around Mount Chimaera Turkey.

are one of the best Cirali hotels for your next vacation.

You should also note that: Be aware that you keep cash money with you. It is a very virgin place so you should take all your needs with you before your trip. 

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