Antalya Travel Guide

Travel Guide for Antalya

Antalya, together with Istanbul, is one of the most visited cities in Turkey for touristic purposes.
Antalya is a city of unique beauty, which has hosted many civilizations in history such as Lycia, Hittites, Roman, Byzantine, Ottoman, and history and nature.
It is possible to reach holiday options suitable for every budget in this city. Whether by the pool in a 5-star hotel, on the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, or in countless fascinating ancient sites.
We have prepared Antalya Travel Guide you to help you plan your Antalya holiday.

How to get to Antalya

Antalya has a good place in Turkey’s transportation network with its international airport, wide highways and transportation to the city.

Arriving in Antalya by Air Travel

Fraport TAV Antalya Airport ranks 14th among Europe’s busiest airports, according to data from the international airport council.

Antalya airport is 13 km away from the city center and transportation to the airport is provided by taxi, bus, tram and private airport buses. In addition, many hotels and tour companies have VIP vehicle services.

You can find the Antalya airport map here.

Travel to Antalya by Car or Bus

You can reach Antalya with many local bus companies. Or you can rent a car and provide transportation yourself. Since the surrounding of Antalya is a mountainous area, the entrance roads of the city are slightly curved, please pay attention. Apart from that, the roads are extremely wide and safe. For those who rent a car and plan to visit, the list of state highways is as follows.

  • D650
  • D400
  • E87

It takes an average of 8 hours by private car from cities in the north of Turkey such as Istanbul and Ankara. Our advice is to choose air transportation.

Attractions in Antalya

Antalya is a city famous for its historical monuments and beaches. You need a long vacation to visit Antalya’s beaches, historic cities, and museums. We have compiled the most preferred holiday resorts of Antalya for you.

We wish you a pleasant and productive holiday with Antalya Travel Guide.

Antalya City Center

The central district of Antalya is Muratpaşa. You can visit the historical houses in the Old City in the center of Antalya, and enjoy the sea at Mermerli beach in the Old City harbor. In addition, the Old Town is an entertainment center and you can have a pleasant time in its beautiful bars. It will be quite crowded in the evenings.

Lara is located in the center of Antalya and besides its beautiful sandy beaches, there are many restaurants, bars and nightclubs on the old Lara road.

For more detailed information, we recommend that you read our article one day in Antalya.

antalya old town


Konyaaltı is very close to the center of Antalya and the airport. Famous for its beach, Konyaaltı is a holiday center where you can enjoy the sea. There are many cafes and restaurants in the “beach park” on the beach. You can see Antalya and Konyaaltı from the air by taking the cable car to Tunektepe. Do not forget to cross the “Boğaçay” bridge late in the evening.

Top attractions in Konyaaltı

  1. Konyaaltı Beach
  2. Tunektepe
  3. Beach park
  4. Cakirlar breakfast
  5. Feslikan Plateau
Konyaaltı Tunektepe Cable Car


Kemer is one of the districts that attract the most tourists in Antalya. It is the indispensable address of beaches and crazy night entertainments. You can take it out of production at the beach or pool during the day and join the foam parties at the nightclub in the evenings. You can find many 5-star hotels in Kemer.

Top attractions in Kemer

  1. Phaselis Antik kenti
  2. Göynük kanyonu
  3. Tahtalı Dağı
  4. Beydağları Sahil Milli Parkı
  5. Moon Light Parkı
  6. Çalış Tepesi
  7. Tekirova Tabiat Parkı
kemer things to do


It is a town famous for its historical cities and holiday regions such as Kumluca, Olympos, and Adrasan. You can enjoy the sea on the beach by passing through the old Lycian city of Olympos. You can see natural beauties such as Suluada by boats departing from Adrasan. You can visit Chimaera in Çıralı. You can visit the Gelidonya lighthouse.

Top attractions in Kumluca

  1. Olympos Beach
  2. Adrasan Beach
  3. Suluada tekne turu
  4. Korsan Koyu
  5. Papaz Koyu
  6. Rhodiapolis Antik Kenti
  7. Gelidonya lighthouse
  8. Eternal Flames Chimaera
things to do kumluca


Finike was founded as a port city by the Phoenicians in 500 BC. Although there is a coastline throughout the city, it is a district built mostly on agriculture.
It is famous for its orange. You may want to visit the orange groves.

Top attractions in Finike

  1. Arykanda Antik Kenti
  2. Lymyra Antik Kenti
  3. Andrea Doria Koyu
Things to do Finike


Demre (Myra) was founded as an ancient Greek city-state and maintained its importance as a port city during the Byzantine and Roman periods.
Demre is the city where Santa Claus was born and the Santa Claus church is also in this city.
You can take historical tours in Myra Ancient City, Kaleköy, Teimiussa Ancient City, Soura Ancient City, and Simena Castle. You can dive among historical artifacts on Kekova Island.
You should definitely visit Demre.

Top attractions in Demre

  1. Myra Ancient City
  2. St. Nicholas Church
  3. Andriake Ancient City and Lycian Civilizations Museum
  4. Kekova Island
  5. Kalekoy
  6. Teimiussa Ancient City
  7. Soura Ancient City
  8. Simena Castle
  9. Hoyran Ancient City
  10. Demre Bird Sanctuary
Things to do demre


Kas is a city of Antalya famous for its blue sea and nature. You can swim with the caretta carettas in Kaş and visit the Antiphellos Antique Theatre.
You can swim on the famous sandy beach of Patara. We definitely recommend you to watch the sunset in Kaş. You can also take a look at our One Day in Kaş article.

Top attractions in Kas

  1. Kaputas Beach
  2. Hidayet Bay
  3. Kaleköy Port
  4. Big Pebble Beach
  5. Small Pebble Beach
  6. Antiphellos Ancient City Theater
  7. The Lion Sarcophagus
  8. Patara Beach
  9. Patara Ancient City
  10. Gömbe Highland
Patara sandy beach


Kepez is one of the central districts of Antalya and is located in the north of the city. It has no coastline. If you are on holiday in Konyaaltı or Lara, you should definitely visit Düden waterfall by bus, traumay or taxi.
In addition, Dokumapark, which has a Toy museum, Modern Arts Gallery, Antalya Science Center and Open Air Museum, is at the center of attention of tourists.

Top attractions in Aksu

  1. Düden Waterfall
  2. Modern Arts Gallery
  3. Antalya Science Center
  4. Open Air Museum
  5. Toy museum
  6. Zoo
Duden Waterfall


Dosemealti is one of the central districts of Antalya. It is located on the Antalya – Burdur road and has no coastline. Kocain Cave, which was used in ancient times, is also located in this district.
The ancient city of Termessos, one of the best preserved ancient cities in Turkey, is located on the Korkuteli road, 30km north of this county.

Top attractions in Dosemealti

  1. Kocain Cave
  2. Karain Cave
  3. Termessos Ancient City
  4. Ancient Paving Road
  5. Ariassos Ancient City
  6. Duzlercami forest
  7. Evdirhan
kocain cave


Aksu is one of the smallest districts of Antalya. It is located on the Antalya – Alanya road. The ancient city of Perge is located in this district.

Top attractions in Aksu

  1. Ancient city of Perge
  2. Kursunlu Waterfall
Kursunlu waterfall


Belek, located in the district of Serikte, is one of the most important tourism regions of Antalya with its long sandy beaches and 5-star luxury hotels, which are generally referred to as golf. You can get more information by reading our special article on golf hotels.
It welcomes nearly 3 million tourists during the summer months.
Apart from the beaches and hotels, there are many places worth seeing in Serik such as the ancient city of Aspendos, Uçansu Waterfall, and Köprülü Canyon. Do not forget to do rafting in Köprülü canyon!

Top attractions in Serik

  1. Aspendos Ancient City
  2. Uçansu Waterfall
  3. Köprülü Canyon
  4. Köprülü Canyon Rafting
  5. Sillyon Ancient City
  6. The Lands Of Legends Theme Park
  7. Garden of Tolerance
Belek Beaches