Most Popular and Best Kas hotels

Popular and Best Kas Hotels in 2022

Kas is a small but very beautiful holiday town where you can have a full holiday. Kas hotels reflect the identity of Kas. An authentic holiday town where five-star all-inclusive hotels are replaced by beautifully designed boutique hotels. In short, we can say that it is a place that has a soul and very unique style.

Most of the Kas hotels only serve breakfast, but don’t worry, there are many restaurants in Kas where you can eat. If you are wondering where to eat and what to eat in Kas, visit it. Kas holidays are very unique and delicious.

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If you are already in Turkey, I highly recommended this booking website that I generally use for own my vacations as well. Below, I will share with you one by one the hotels that I love to stay in Kas.

I think two things should be considered before making a hotel reservation in Kas. The first is the distance to the center of Kaş, and the other is the view from your room.

The name of the central district of Kas is Andifli. If you stay in the center, it will be easier to reach Kas private beaches. You can also walk everywhere, as restaurants, shopping opportunities, and Kas nightlife are in the center.

Another popular location where you can stay in Kaş is the Çukurbağ peninsula. Çukurbağ peninsula, which is right across the island of Meis, is 8 minutes by car from the city center.

There are more luxurious hotels in the Çukurbağ peninsula than in the city center, but the most distinctive feature is that you can watch the sunrise and sunset from your room’s balcony.

Wherever you stay in Kaş, make sure to go to the Çukurbağ peninsula and watch the sunset over the sea before the sun goes down.

In our opinion, we recommend the best hotels in Kas, but no matter which hotel you stay in Kas, you can be sure that you will leave satisfied.

Here you can find the best prices for the best hotels in Kas.

If you are going to have a holiday in Kaş, it is useful to pay attention to the religious holidays in Turkey. Since religious holidays are long, Kaş will be very crowded and hotel prices will be higher than normal. You can take a look at religious and national holidays in Turkey here.

If you wish, let’s take a look at the Kas Hotels that we can recommend to you.

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Best Hotels in Kas Center

You can have great holidays to Kas Turkey. The place where you stay is also very important in terms of your holiday satisfaction. Here I gathered up the best hotels in Kas Turkey for you.

1. Sea View Hotel Kas

The hotel, which is only 3 minutes from Kaş Square, has its own private beach and parking lot. The suite rooms have a jacuzzi with sea views.

Sea View Hotel does not accept children and pets under the age of 13.

Why I liked this hotel? Topics such as service and transportation are easy. There is hygiene and taste.

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Best Kas Hotels
Sea View Otel Kas

2. Medusa Hotel

Medusa hotel is right next to Sea View Hotel. Medusa Hotel has its own private beach and parking lot. The hotel, which includes breakfast in the morning, has a private pool for its customers only.

Medusa hotel does not accept children and pets under the age of 13.

Why I liked this hotel? An established business. It has its own swimming area. The service is of good quality.

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Kas Best Hotels
Medusa Kas Hotel

3. Hera Hotel Kas

Hera Hotel, Medusa, and Sea View hotels are on the same street. Hera hotel has its own beach, pool, parking lot, and Turkish spa. The most beautiful feature that distinguishes Hera Hotel from other Kaş hotels is that it is suitable for the handicapped.

In addition, Hera Hotel accepts families with children but charges a fee for each extra bed. Hera hotel also has child medicine.

Why I liked this hotel? It is majestic, satisfying, and has a wonderful view. Kas Turkey holidays are better with Hera Hotel Antalya.

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Best Kas Hotel
Hera Hotel Kas

4. 8 Pension

Located at the very center of Kas nightlife, 8 Pensions stands out with its room designs.

There is a 2-story suite villa and a 12-room central building in 8 Pensions. The breakfasts of the hotel, including breakfast, are served on the rooftop, which has a beautiful view of Kas. The breakfasts are delicious and everything is homemade.

Since it is in the city, it does not have a pool and parking lot, but it is within walking distance of the beaches.

8 Pension is an adult hotel and has an age limit of 18 years. Unfortunately, pets are not accepted.

8 Pension is the first hotel I stayed at in Kas and I wanted my Kas holiday to never end.

Why I liked this hotel? It has its own style. Every detail in the room is dominated by design touches. The only downside is that due to its location it is a bit noisy at night. But the price is quite reasonable compared to others. I really like the breakfast. Keep in mind, though, that you’ll have to compromise on the view and some comfort.

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8 Pension Kas
8 Pension Kas

5. Livia Hotel

I was very satisfied with the Livia hotel that I stayed in Kas this summer. Livia hotel is the cheapest compared to our other recommendations in the same region.

At the beginning of the street where Livia hotel, Sea view, Medusa, and Hera hotel are located.

Livia hotel does not have a private beach or pool, but the free Small Pebble Beach is right in front of the hotel. You can get information about Küçük Çakıl and other Kaş beaches.

If you prefer the Livia hotel, I can recommend you the penthouse room with a sea view.

Why I liked this hotel? It’s my second time here and I hope to come back again. Courtesy of employees and operators, smiling, cleanliness, taste, calmness. I find the peace I am looking for at Livia Hotel. Please keep it that way, thank you.

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Livia Hotel Kas
Livia Hotel Kas

Best Hotels in Kas – Çukurbağ

As we look at the best hotels in the center of Kas, we can look at the best Kas hotels in the Cukurbag peninsula, which is very close to the center of Kas by car. If you are going to stay at Cukurbag peninsula, make sure you provide a car or transportation service. You can check rental cars from here.

1. Alley Prime Hotel

Alley Prime is the most expensive hotel on our Kas hotels list, but we can say that it deserves its price.

It has its own private beach, outdoor pool, and a very beautiful view. The breakfasts are open buffet, you can get as much as you want from the food you want.

Unfortunately, Alley Prime does not accept guests and pets under the age of 13.

Some rooms have jacuzzis and the views from the rooms are really beautiful. You should wake up before sunrise and watch the sunrise from your balcony.

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Kas Alley Prime Hotel
Alley Prime Hotel Kas

2. Lukka Exclusive Hotel (Lukka Hotel Kas Turkey)

Lukka Exclusive Hotel is one of the best Kas hotels in Çukurbağ. The hotel, which is located by the sea, has its own beach and outdoor pool. You can also get Turkish spa service at the hotel.

The hotel only accepts adult guests. You can have a romantic dinner at the seaside restaurant.

If you are considering Antalya Kas for your honeymoon, I recommend you consider about this hotel. The hotel also has private honeymoon rooms.


Best Kas Cukurbag Hotel
Lukka Exclusive Hotel Kas

3. Mandalina Luxury Boutique Hotel

Another hotel with a wonderful view is Mandalina Luxury Boutique Hotel. The hotel has its own beach, outdoor pool, car park, and two bars.

The 12-room hotel has a jacuzzi in some rooms. Children under the age of 12 and pets are not allowed in the hotel, including breakfast in the morning.

Mandalina Hotel Antalya

Mandalina Luxury Boutique Hotel deserves to be among the best hotels in Kas with its view, cleanliness, and employee interest.

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Mandalina Luxury Boutique Hotel
Mandalina Luxury Boutique Hotel Kas

4. Sunset Villa Hotel(Family hotel)

Sunset Villa Hotel has only 8 rooms. The hotel is right across the island of Meis and the view is very beautiful.

The hotel has a private beach and pool, and breakfast is served as an open buffet. Unfortunately, pets are not allowed, but this hotel is one of the rare hotels that accept children at an early age.

Kas Hotels Turkey (for families)

We can easily say that Sunset Villa Hotel is the best family hotel in Kas.

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Best Family Hotel Kas
Sunset Villa Hotel Kas

5. Blanca Beach Hotel

Blanca Beach Hotel is right in the middle of the Cukurbag peninsula and is the closest hotel to the center of Kas.

Located by the sea in Hidayet Bay, the hotel has its own very beautiful beach. The hotel, which has a bed and breakfast service, does not accept children and pets under the age of 14.

Blanca beach hotel is the most affordable among other options.


Blanca Beach Hotel in Kas
Blanca Beach Hotel Kas

Bonus: Hostel in Kas

Sole’n Blu Hotel

Located on the Çukurbağ peninsula, Sole’n Blu Hotel has shared rooms for 3, 4, and 5 people. This is the only hostel-type hotel.

One of the most quiet Antalya Kas hotels…

Although it does not have its own beach, it has an outdoor pool. The hotel has an open kitchen if you want to make a reservation including breakfast or prepare your own meals. You can use it as you want.

The hotel also has a car park, open bar, and shuttle. Very isolated and calm place to stay. Very close to the Akropol Restaurant.

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Hostel in Kas
Sole’n Blu Kas

Aquapark Hotel Cukurbag Peninsula Kas Turkey

Where to stay in Kas Turkey? Especially if you are a crowded family. Family with children are generally prefer hotels with aquapark in Turkey.

You can check this hotel in detail from here.

Conclusion: Where to stay in Kas?

Nightlife and dinner options in Kas are very varied. The center of Kas has its own features but Cukurbag peninsula offer nice experiences too. If you have a car, there are very nice hotels in Cukurbag as well.

READ 👉🏻 Kas nightlife

In summary, if you want convenience in Kas, hotels in the center of Kas. If you want calmness and scenery, you should choose the hotels in the Cukurbag peninsula.

Frequently Asked Questions About Accommodation in Kas

Here I gathered up top-asked questions about the best Kas hotels.

Are there any luxury hotels in Kas?

There are no big 5-star hotels in Kas, but there are boutique and luxury hotels. Lukka Exclusive Hotel, Alley Prime Hotel, and Mandalina Luxury Boutique Hotel are just three of them.

Is there a family hotel in Kas?

Kas hotels are generally for adults and the age limit is 12. Sunset Villa Hotel is the best family hotel you can stay in.
You can quickly check the prices of Sunset Villa Hotel.

Are Kas hotels cheap?

Kas is not a very expensive place. Kas hotel prices range from 40 to 120 dollars. If you book early, room rates can go as low as $20. I recommend the Livia hotel, which is affordable and one of the best hotels in Kas. You can read more about Livia on our page, above.

How many days should I stay in Kas?

There are many things to do in Kas, but you can do many activities in 4 days. You can spend one day on the Kekova Boat tour, one day at Patara, Xanthos, Letoon ancient city trip, one day at Kaputas Beach, and another day at other Kas beaches.

In which season are Kas hotels cheap?

You can swim in Antalya in September and October. If you want a quiet and cheap Kas holiday, you can choose Kas in these months. Kas Hotel prices will be more suitable as there will not be too much density.

What are some nice things to do in Kas, Turkey?

You can go shopping, swim on the best beaches in Kas and Kaputas Beach, and visit ancient cities such as Patara, Xanthos, Letoon, and more. My favorite Kas experience is definitely the Kekova boat tour from Kas. You can also explore more things to do in Kas from here.

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