What to eat in Kas Antalya?

What to eat in Kas

Kas, Turkey is a very popular destination with many visitors every year. In this blog post, we will share with you all food & beverage tips, what to eat in Kas Antalya, and the nicest restaurants in Kas, Turkey.

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If you are planning a holiday in Kaş or want to learn more about Kas, I recommend you to read Kas Guide and Things to do in Kas. Congrats, you are in the right location to explore the best places to eat in Antalya Turkey.

What to eat in Antalya?

First of all, you can eat something that fits your palate and budget. Kas, Turkey offers something for everybody. Kas Antalya has some specific gourmet tastes like “pilaf with almonds”, “Turkish type ravioli” and other Anatolian and Mediterranean kitchen products.

You should try “moussaka” which are vegetables fried in oil and cooked with minced meat and tomato sauce.

In addition, you can try the seafood with the traditional Turkish drink Raki taste. FYI: Raki drink is a very strong alcoholic drink and raki alcohol percentage may be higher than regular alcoholic drinks.

Trying “gelato ice cream” in Kas may be a refreshing activity as well.

Kas restaurants
Kaşım Ev Yemekleri

Table of Contents

You can find most of those Kas restaurants TripAdvisor but you can check a few of them (which do not exist on TripAdvisor) on Google.

Kas Best Restaurants

  • Lilly’s Corner menu offers you one of the best pizzas in Kas Old Town. Bella Vita Kas has amazing lasagne and pizzas as well.
  • Mint. Kas offers you worldwide food experience in the heart of Kas Antalya.
  • Oburus Momus, Bunbun Kas, Kas Gurme Falafel offers you a very rich & gourmet vegan and vegetarian menu in Kas center.
  • The famous restaurant Zaika Kaş has the best kebab Kas that you should try.
  • Cafe Corner Kas has a wide menu for everyone. This place is one of the best fish restaurant Kas Turkey as well.
  • Looking for the best breakfast in Kas, Turkey? Gypsy Kitchenette, Dudu Mutfak, etc.
  • You should try those if you like gastro pubs as well: Tipsy Gastropub Kaş, Frida Pub Kas.
  • Homemade food Kas, the stars are here: BUTKA is very delicious. Try their own special dessert.
    Kaşım Ev Yemekleri has perfect view with homemade tasty food. Each food is delicious. My favorite ones are fresh beans and traditional Turkish stuffed varieties.
    Cafe Emre is a very rooted restaurant in Kas, which has delicious homemade foods with fair prices. Try their “tas kebabi” which is totally excellent.
  • For those who are coffee and tea addicts, here are the coffee stores in Kas: Kas Bio Tea House, Sankofa Coffee Shop Kaş, Menta Coffee.co, Gloria Jeans Coffee, Yemen Coffee, and more.

Kas Turkey restaurants are not limited with these.

Kas Foods
Traditional Turkish Food with Ayran

Eat Kas (Turkish taverns in Kas Antalya)

Antalya Turkey food is generally among Anatolian and Mediterranean cultures. But Kas is closer to the Mediterranean I think.

Many friends ask me where to eat in Antalya Kas. If we are talking about slow food and true gourmet, we cannot pass without mentioning the Mediterranean delicacies, kebabs, fresh seafood, and appetizers in Kaş taverns. Kas is one of the most impressive destinations in Antalya Turkey places to eat. Explore restaurants in Kas Turkey and enjoy.

Best restaurants in Kas Turkey

To me, Kas town has one the best fish restaurant in Antalya. Especially taverns in Kas offer amazing tastes for you. You can explore more Kas restaurants Turkey with my reviews. Here, see the best Turkish taverns in Kas from my experience.

You can try seasonal delicious seafood with traditional Turkish drink raki. This summer, I really liked fresh sea bass at Biugra Restaurant Kas.

If you are interested in, make sure you’ve checked the best restaurants in Antalya Turkey.

Kas, Turkey Best Restaurants Map

Here are the food and drink spots in Kas that we mentioned above! Bon appétit 🙂

You can also check Kas Turkey map to discover gastro pubs in Kas.

If you want to share your food experience and the best places to eat Antalya you can add your favorites and the best restaurants Kas, Turkey comment below! Tell us your favorite best restaurant in Kas and so we can go there next time!

Kas homemade food
Kas homemade food

More about Kas

If you are planning or vacationing in Kas, you can get information about the best Kas nightlife placeshow to get to Kasthe best beaches of KasKekova Boat tourPatara Ancient CityXanthos Ancient City, and Letoon Sanctuary.

For more, explore Where to eat Antalya with Best Turkish food in Antalya and discover different gourmet spots.

Frequently Asked Questions About Food & Beverage in Kas, Turkey

Here are some frequently asked questions about what to eat in Kas, Turkey.

What are the most popular restaurants in Kas?

Butka, Zaika, Oburus Momus, and Lily’s Corner are the most popular restaurants in Kas.

What are the best restaurants in Kas for cheap eats?

Kofteci Yusuf is a very cheap restaurant in Kas, Turkey. You can also try homemade food restaurants.

Should I choose Kaş or Antalya center for a vacation?

Kas is a place for adults. Family with kids should prefer Antalya city center. But if you want to see Kas, you can find nice things to do in Kas with your kids as well. The thing is your options are less. You should compare the two of them and make a list of your expectations. Then you can see the minus and plus for a decision. Checking One Day in Antalya out may make it easier for you.

How many days are enough for Kas, Turkey?

3 days are fine enough for Kas center and nearby. But if you want to explore deeper you should spare at least 4-5 days. Make sure that you’ve checked our Complete Kas Guidebook.

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