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Explore the natural beauties with Antalya Olympos Beach Guide. Olympos was a city in ancient Lycia. This historical and ancient place is in Antalya city, Turkey today. Olympos’ ancient city area is a very rich location for your Antalya trip. You can find so many things to do in Olympos Turkey

If you are looking for a vacation compatible with nature with fair prices, Olympos is the best area to stay in Antalya.

You can find all vacation advice and tips on this Antalya Olympos Beach guide. Let’s start with transportation to Olympos from Antalya.

How Do I Get From Antalya to Olympus?

You can take a bus to Olympus from Antalya bus station. You can rent a car or use the carpooling apps. Antalya to Olympos Beach distance is approximately one and a half hours. 

Before coming to Olympos, you will see the Çıralı – Yanartaş sign. Keep going on, after Çıralı turnout you will be able to see Olympos turnout. There is a view terrace and ATMs. If you want to have a rest, you should drink something there and take some photos. If you don’t have enough cash money, you probably want to use ATMs over there. Make sure that you have enough cash money because down there, at the beach side some places do not accept credit or bank cards. If you are going to Olympos with your own car it is not so hard to go down to the beach side. But if you choose bus or bla bla car, you can hitchhike or arrange a service for your transportation to Olympos Beach and treehouses. This region is highly protected. So there are no asphaltic roads or buildings. Every detail is harmonic with nature.

From Olympos turnout to Olympos Beach the distance is about 15 minutes via car and more than one and a half hour by walk.

How is the weather in Olympos Antalya Turkey?

In Olympos, Turkey; weather is very hot and sunny, especially in the summer. The air is very fresh, humid and there are no city noises. The nature is fantastic in the ancient city and Olympos region. You can find air conditioners in almost every tree house or room. Honestly, Antalya city generally has air conditioners in every corner. So, the Olympos region is more crowded than the Çıralı region, especially in the summer months. If you want a more isolated place, you should check Çıralı, too.

How do I get to Olympos Beach?

Olympos is an ancient city from Lycia. So this place is a protected area. Firstly, you should pass from the ticket barriers and enter the ancient city area. If you have a museum card / müze kart, museum pass, ticket etc. you can use it. Or you can pay the entrance fee and you will be able to see the ancient city and the beach at the same time. The entrance fee includes Olympos beach using and visiting the ancient city. After ticket barriers, continue for about ten minutes and you will arrive at the beach. But you should remember this things during your vacation:

This place is a highly protected area so you have to take your needs with you before the ticket barriers. When you pass the barriers you will not be able to see any sunbeds, markets, toilets or changing rooms at the beach. Take your water, food, beer, suncream, hat, umbrella, sunbed, beach towel, tent etc. with you. After closing time you should leave the ancient city and beach so you can use your tent only for a daily purpose. For the rest of the time you can prefer camping places near there. 

There are some hawkers at the beach. Sometimes they rent umbrellas until closing time or sell drinks like beer. But it is not for sure.

The sea is very bright and the beach is full with round pebbles. There is no pier or anything like that.

Maybe you want to pass from Olympos Beach to Çıralı Beach but it is not possible even if they are side by side.

Olympos Turkey Tree House Booking

Antalya, Olympos region is an archeological site so you won’t be able to find any five star resort or hotels over there. There is no building also, except bungalows! But you are lucky because you will make a vacation that integrates you with nature.

You can search all bungalows and treehouses in Olympos Lycia. Some of them are a little far away from Olympos Beach but now we will tell you about the most famous treehouses in Olympos Antalya.

Kadirs Tree House
Bayrams Tree House
Turkmen Tree House
Salinas Tree Houses etc.

Or you can find a camping place in Olympos Antalya and use a tent for your trip.

Things to do in Olympos Antalya

Olympos Antalya is famous for the fresh pomegranate juice and traditional “gözleme” or Turkish pancake! So you must try those things. Also they have an ice cream in melon. If you like ice cream and melon, you should try this taste. Then if you pick your energy up, maybe you want to do some nature activities like renting a canoe or kayak, climbing mountains or hiking with the groups. 

Most of the people are hippie style. Be casual and relax there. Make sure that you are in comfortable suits because it is all just nature, not anything else. On the other hand, be aware of weekends because there are a lot of people / one-day guests from the city center. 

Olympos Ancient City and Olympos Beach entrance fees are together. You can learn the open hours via this link:

There are some bars and pubs for nightlife like Bull Bar Olympos, either you can prefer those places or you can enjoy in your treehouse’s garden. 

Generally, events are not so limited. Please search Olympos Turkey on tripadvisor. You can choose according to your expectations. If you want a moonlight boat tour then go with. You can prefer daily boat tours in Olympos, or if you want a hiking tour you must go trekking with 13 kilometers of the Lycian Way hiking tour.

Maybe you have so much spare time left from your vacation and you want to explore the new routes so you can visit Ulupınar which is a very good area. You must see Tahtalı (Olympos) Mountain with a cable car. Çıralı, Yanartaş visit will be the most beautiful experience in your vacation. Please note that and make sure you have enough time for the Chimaera trip.

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