20 Best Places for Beaches in Antalya 2022

All Of Antalya’s parts are the best. If you are looking for the 20 best places for beaches in Antalya 2022, you’re in the right place. Antalya is a perfect vacation city with sandy beaches. Here are the best sandy beaches and more in Turkey. Check those perfect beaches with blue flags then decide which beach is better in Antalya, Turkey, and make your next vacation program. Add these 20 best places for beaches in Antalya 2022 to your bucket list.

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Kaputaş Beach

Once you go to the Kaputaş Beach, Kaş, Antalya; you never want to leave this. Kaputaş Beach is heavenly, and great and the most important thing is it has a blue flag. Kaputaş Beach is another beach in Antalya which has free entrance. Kaputaş is a dream place for couples.

According to The Guardian travel writer, Kaputaş is among the best 40 beaches in Europe.

Best beach Turkey Kaputas
Kaputas Beach

Phaselis Ancient City

Phaselis Ancient City has few beaches and bays. This place is amazing and very historic. Phaselis is very good either for couples or families. There is an entrance fee because Phaselis Ancient City is an archeological site.

Click for more information about Phaselis Ancient City.

Phaselis beach
Phaselis Ancient City Beach

Adrasan Beach

Adrasan is a very quiet and calm place for your holiday. Free entrance is a good chance for your budget. Adrasan is one of the best beaches in Antalya for travelers on a budget. It is good for couples, solo travelers, campers, or families.

Antalya Adrasan Beach
Adrasan Beach

Kalkan Public Beach

Kalkan’s beaches are really magical. Kalkan’s sea has colorful fishes and it is very clean. Kalkan Public Beach has a blue flag. Kalkan’s beaches are made from pebbles. It is suitable for couples, families, and divers.

Kalkan Public Beach
Kalkan Public Beach

Olympos Beach and Ancient City

Olympos ancient city is another magical and historical place in Antalya. This place has a very mystical atmosphere. There is an entrance fee because this area is an archeological site. Antalya news: During the summertime and on the weekends Olympos is generally crowded. So if you want a quiet and chill vacation, make sure that you are going to Olympos on weekdays or off the season.

Olympos Beach Turkey
Olympos Beach

Çıralı Beach

Çıralı Beach is a very clean and calm place. The view is surrounded by incredible mountains and sky landscapes. Caretta carettas nestles here. So it is a very exceptional beach in Antalya.

Cirali Beach Antalya
Çıralı Beach

Patara Beach and Patara Ancient City

Patara Beach is the most beautiful sandy beach in Antalya. Lots of sand dunes here, ancient and historical heritages, amazing sunsets. That’s all you need for your Turkey trip. Patara Beach is perfect for photographers, couples, families, and solo travelers. You must see that heavenly place.

Read more about Patara beach and the Patara ancient city and check out the tips!

Patara Beach Antalya Turkey
Patara Beach

Kaş Public Beaches

Kaş Public Beaches are incredibly clean and relaxing places. Free entrance beaches, blue flags and good hospitality in Antalya. Hereby visiting Kaş, Antalya, Turkey will be a satisfying experience in your life.

Kas Public Beach Antalya Turkey
Kas Public Beach

Mermerli Beach

Mermerli Beach is one of the hidden gems in Antalya. So, that place will provide the most romantic beaches in Antalya city center. This beach is definitely for couples so enjoy your romantic vacation at Mermerli Beach, Antalya, Turkey.

Mermerli Beach Antalya
Mermerli Beach

Lara Ekdağ Public Beach

Lara public beach is a good attraction in the city. If you come to Antalya for vacation and are looking for sandy beaches with blue flags, Lara Ekdağ Public Beach is totally for you. By addition, this sandy beach is very budget friendly and family friendly.

Lara Ekdag Public Beach Antalya
Lara Ekdağ Public Beach

Konyaaltı Beaches with blue flags

Probably, Konyaaltı region provides you with the most romantic beaches in Antalya. The Sahil Yaşam Parkı is a very good point for swimming and socializing. You can go running or biking on the beach line, enjoying your drink. Konyaaltı has the best beaches, parks in Antalya for kids and families.

Antalya Konyaalti Beach
Konyaaltı Beach

Side Beaches

Side Beaches are either public and entrance free or private and exclusive. So that region has different options even for romantic events or couples and families with kids both.

Side Beach antalya
Side Beach

Alanya Cleopatra Beach

Alanya Cleopatra Beach is the best beach in Antalya for couples. Alanya has sandy beaches with blue flags.

Turkey Alanya Cleopatra Beach
Alanya Cleopatra Beach

Alanya İncekum Public Beach

Another romantic and sandy beach in Antalya. Alanya İncekum Public Beach offers you a calm and quiet vacation with very tiny sands on the beach.

Alanya İncekum Public Beach

İnciraltı Beach

Here are other best places in Antalya for couples. İnciraltı Beach is in the city center of Antalya with blue flags. This beach is not so big, there is no sand or pebbles. There is a deck on the rocks. You can enjoy the sun and deep fresh water for swimming.  

inciralti beach antalya
İnciraltı Beach Antalya

Çamyuva Public Beach

Çamyuva is not so close to the city center. The distance is 30-40 minutes by car. The entrance is free and that beach is totally for kids and families.

camyuva public beach antalya
Camyuva Public Beach

Kemer Moonlight Beach

Kemer Moonlight Beach is a very beautiful bay in Kemer. The water is always shining like a crystal. If you are planning to travel to Antalya in 2022, you must see that place.

Kemer Moonlight Beach
Kemer Moonlight Beach

Korsan Bay

Korsan Bay is a very unique and hidden bay, one of them in Antalya. Korsan Beach is the best beach in Antalya for travelers and campers on a budget.

korsan koyu
Korsan Beach

Papaz Bay

Papaz Bay a.k.a. Papaz Koyu is one of the best beaches in Antalya for couples and campers. If you are looking for a quiet and woody trip, you should add Papaz Bay to your list.

Papaz Bay Beach
Papaz Bay

Demre Taşdibi Beach

Demre Taşdibi beach is not so famous but it is a very quiet and budget-friendly beach. Taşdibi beach is made from small and colorful pebbles. Campers, couples, families, travelers on a budget; prepare your things because you must visit Demre.

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