Traditional Turkish Lamps for Home Decoration

Turkish Lamps

Turkish lamps are lighting products that have been used for centuries but have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Based on Ottoman palaces, Turkish lamps are known for their intricate design, colored glass or crystal structures, and Ottoman motifs.

You can add a different touch to your home or workplace with these bohemian and traditional style lamps.

Let’s take a look at traditional Turkish lamps together.

Turkish lamps in Ottoman history

Turkish lamps also had a cultural significance in Ottoman history apart from their illumination function.

Handcrafted artistic and cultural embroidery and painting on Turkish lamps reflect the cultural texture of the period.

Turkish oil lamps made of different materials such as copper, brass, and glass were used in homes, mosques, and other public places and were a part of daily life.

The use of oil lamps in Ottoman culture symbolizes hospitality, generosity, and a warm atmosphere.

In addition, Turkish oil lamps were associated with Islamic culture in the Ottoman Empire. In Islamic culture, light was associated with knowledge and wisdom, and lamps were used to represent this concept.

Lamps, which are also used in weddings and religious events, were used to illuminate the Kaaba during the pilgrimage. In Ramadan, they were hung on the walls of Ottoman palaces as a tradition.

Turkish lamps, which are also used as an economic tool, are very popular today for artistic, cultural, and decorative purposes.

Traditional Turkish Lamps
Traditional Turkish Lamps

Design and features of Turkish lamps

Turkish lamps, which usually have geometric shapes, are known for their Arabic calligraphy, Turkish traditional flower symbols, and colorful designs.

It is usually made of glass, crystal, copper, steel, and ceramic materials. It is decorated with pieces of glass, stones, and beads.

Turkish lamp shapes are usually produced in dome, teardrop, and cylindrical shapes. Turkish lamps made in the shape of a dome are the most preferred.

The colors used in Turkish lamps are generally bright and bold colors such as red, blue, green, and purple, and when the lamp is lit, it is aimed to emit vibrant colors to its surroundings.

Many Turkish lamps have a handcraft called filigree, which is created by twisting thin metal wires to create a decorative pattern.

In addition, patterns and designs are made on lampshades with glass beads and stones.

Traditional Turkish lamps use oil and candles as heat sources. But modern versions often use electric bulbs and LEDs.

Turkish Lamps
Turkish Lamps

Turkish lamps vs. Moroccan lamps: What’s the difference?

Moroccan lamps are traditional just like Turkish lamps and reflect the culture. Both types of lamps rely on intricate designs and craftsmanship.

Let’s take a look at the differences between Turkish lamps and Moroccan lamps.


Turkish lamps typically have a more geometric design with straight lines and angles, while Moroccan lamps often have more sinuous and organic shapes.


Turkish lamps are made of glass, while Moroccan lamps are usually made of metal.


Turkish lamps often feature bright and bold colors, while Moroccan lamps tend to be more muted and earthy.


Turkish lamps are often used as ceiling lamps or table lamps and emit a bright light, while Moroccan lamps are often used as ambient lighting and emit a softer, more diffused light.

Cultural influences

Turkish lamps were influenced by Ottoman and Islamic art, and Moroccan lamps were influenced by Berber and Arab cultures.

Overall, both Turkish and Moroccan lamps are beautiful and unique in their own way, and the choice between the two ultimately comes down to personal preference and the style of the room in which they will be placed.

Turkish lamps vs Moroccan Lamps
Turkish lamps vs Moroccan Lamps

What are the Turkish lamp types?

Turkish lamps come in several types, each with its own unique style and purpose. 

Here are some of the most popular types of Turkish lamps:

Turkish Mosaic lamps – These lamps have colored glass pieces arranged in a pattern or design, typically in the form of a dome or ball. They are often used as table lamps or hanging pendants.

Turkish Filigree lamps – These lamps have a metal frame with intricate cut-out designs, often in the shape of a cone or cylinder. They are often used as table lamps or hanging pendants.

Turkish Pendant lamps – These lamps hang from the ceiling and come in a variety of styles, including mosaic, filigree, and stained glass. They are often used to add ambiance and style to a room.

Turkish Floor lamps – These lamps stand on the floor and come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are often used to provide additional lighting and style to a room.

Turkish Wall sconces – These lamps are wall mounted and come in a variety of styles including mosaic, filigree, and stained glass. They are often used to add ambiance and style to a room.

Turkish Table lamps – These lamps sit on a desk or table and come in a variety of styles, including mosaic, filigree, and stained glass. They are often used to provide additional lighting and style to a room.

Overall, Turkish lamps offer a wide variety of styles and types to suit any room or decor. Whether you prefer a traditional or modern look, there is a range of Turkish lamps to suit your style and lighting needs.

Turkish lamp types
Turkish lamp types

Best Turkish mosaic lamps

If you want to buy a Turkish lamp and make traditional touches to your home or office, you can take a look at the products below.

Turkish and Moroccan mix Table lamp

A mixture of Turkish and Moroccan lamps, this table lamp is very popular. The glass painting of the handmade and metal-worked lamp consists of blue and green colors.

The price of the product, which has 4.5 points, is quite affordable compared to its counterparts.

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Ceiling-suspended Turkish lamp

Next product, Ceiling suspended Turkish lamp. The metal-engraved pendant lamp with its 5 different colored globes is very useful and stylish.

Electric powered lamp has 15 Feet Chain Cable and offers 9 different color options.

The Demmex branded product has received 5 stars and has very positive comments.

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Turkish lamp with moon and star

Another product we will recommend is the Turkish lamp with a crescent and a star, which is also found on the Turkish flag and is seen as a Turkish symbol.

The lamp, which has 10 different colors and metal-processed structures, has a width of 12 cm and a height of 18.

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Questions about traditional Turkish lamps

Some of the frequently asked questions about cultural Turkish lamps and lamp types;

What is the difference between a Turkish lamp and a Moroccan lamp?

The Turkish lamp and the Moroccan lamp are often confused, but the difference is simple. Turkish lamps are made of glass while Moroccan lamps are made of metal.

How long has the Turkish lamp been used?

The traditional Turkish lamp became popular during the Ottoman Empire. Cultural and Islamic meanings are loaded.

Is the Turkish lamp broken?

Like every electronic item, Turkish lamps break down and can go bad.

How much are Turkish lamp prices?

Turkish lamp prices start from $50 and go up to $200. If you want to buy in Turkey, prices start from 300 TL.

Where can I buy a Turkish lamp in Turkey?

If you want to buy a Turkish lamp in Turkey, the right address is the Grand Bazaar. For details, you can read our Istanbul fake market article.

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