Meet the Majestic Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog

Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog is a large, strong, and human-friendly dog breed bred to protect farm animals in Turkey.

This dog breed, which has been friendly to shepherds in Turkey and Anatolia for centuries, has recently been preferred by shepherds in many parts of the world.

We will explore the history, physical characteristics, temperament, training and socialization, health, and care of the Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog, which is especially effective against wolves.

History of the Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog

The Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog came to Asia Minor with the nomadic Turks from Central Asia and has been accompanying shepherds for centuries.

Although there are many dog breeds belonging to the same family in many parts of Turkey, the most popular is the breed known as “Sivas Kangalı” in Turkey.

Its first use as a shepherd dog is considered to be in the city of Sivas, Turkey.

Kangal is known as a strong, courageous, and very loyal dog. Its protective nature and impressive size made it the ideal guardian for herds of sheep and goats, which are often left to graze freely in the mountains and countryside.

In the early 20th century, it was taken under protection by the Turkish government and introduced to the world. Apart from the shepherd dog, many training programs were organized for its use in search and rescue and military fields.

In 1985, the Kangal has officially named the national dog breed of Turkey, and its breeding was strictly regulated to maintain its genetic purity and ability to work.

Apart from its protective feature, the Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog, which is very loyal, has a very good relationship with people and especially with children.

Revered around the world, its popularity has spread to other parts of the world, where it is recognized for its ability to work as well as its potential to be a loyal and devoted companion dog.

Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog
Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog

Physical Characteristics of Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog

The Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog is a large breed and is in the large dog class. Let’s have a detailed look at the physical characteristics of this faithful shepherd dog, known as the Sivas dog or Anatolian dog.


Kangal Shepherd Dog is a large dog. Male coils range from 50 to 66 kg (110 to 145 pounds), while females range from 41 to 54 kg (90 to 120 pounds).


The Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog has a strong and muscular body. It has a broad chest and a deep, slightly sloping back. Its limbs are straight, with large and compact claws.

Shoulder width

The Kangal Shepherd dog has a broad shoulder structure. Male coils are slightly larger than female coils.

Male coils vary in shoulder width from 71 to 86 cm (28 to 34 in) and average 74 to 76 cm. In female coils, it varies between 66-76 cm (26-30 inches).


The Turkish dog has a broad and slightly rounded head. The ears are of medium size, triangular, and curved near the head. Its mouth is large and cone-shaped. Their eyes are far apart, dark brown and almond-shaped.


The Anatolian Shepherd Dog has a low and partially short tail that is curved towards its back. Its tail is hairy and strong. Its tail is short and curved, giving it an advantage over other predators.


The Anatolian dog has fur suitable for cold winter conditions. It has short, dense fur and is light brown or sable in color. The undercoat is soft and dense, while the outer coat is thicker and longer.

In general, the Turkish Shepherd is a large and strong dog breed that was bred to protect livestock from predators such as wolves and bears. He has an impressive physique and intelligence for this role.

Is a Kangal dog a slobbering dog?

Like all dogs, the Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog also has saliva, but we can say that it has less saliva compared to the average dog breed.

It’s worth noting that a number of factors can cause drooling, including excitement, anxiety, and dental problems, so it’s a good idea to talk to your veterinarian if you’re concerned about your dog’s drooling.

Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog
Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog

Temperament and personality of the Turkish Kangal dog

The Turkish Kangal Dog or the Anatolian Shepherd Dog by its other known name is a completely protective dog. It is a loyal, protective, and intelligent breed with a strong instinct.

Let’s take a look at the temperament and personality traits of the Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog.


The most important feature of the Kangal dog is that it is protective. For this reason, they are trained to protect farm animals. This powerful breed is also known as wolf-strangling in Turkey.

Especially a few Kangal dogs can easily protect farm animals from predators such as wolves and bears.


Kangals form a strong bond with family members and people or animals they see as part of their herd, and they are a very loyal breed. He protects his owner or his flock at the cost of his life and does not run away.


Kangal is an intelligent breed and learns quickly. They have the ability to make their own decisions, which is an essential trait for a watchdog.

Kangal likes to work independently and can make decisions on his own during danger. They can be stubborn at times.


Kangals are quite calm and harmless dogs as long as they are not a threat. However, they can become very nervous and aggressive if they feel that the family or property they are protecting is threatened. Also, coils rarely bark unless threatened.

Turkish Dog
Turkish Dog

Relationships with children and people

The Turkish Kangal dog can be great with children and people if given the right training and socialization. It is not an aggressive dog towards people.

Although we can’t exactly call it a babysitter dog, they do not harm and protect children. But do not leave your child alone with a coil that you are not sure about education.

Turkish shepherd dog training

The Turkish Kangal dog is a very popular breed in Turkey, trained to protect livestock from predators.

Although Kangals are generally calm dogs, they are quite strong and predatory animals. Therefore, education is very important.

The training of the Turkish Kangal Shepherd Dog should start at an early age. Socializing with other dogs is important.

Kangals are often trained to guard livestock. For this reason, it is important to meet livestock at an early age. This will help them develop a strong bond with the animals they protect.

Kangals respond quite well to love and treats. You can give treats and show love for good behavior.

In addition, since the main purpose of the Turkish shepherd dog is to keep predators away, it is very important that they do their exercises correctly and without interruption.

With proper training and socialization in general, Kangals can be loyal and effective guardians of livestock and families alike.

Is the Turkish Kangal Dog’s Health?

Kangal dogs are generally a healthy breed, but on rare occasions, they can suffer from hip dysplasia, eye problems, and skin diseases.

If you want to keep a Kangal dog, it would be good to research the breeder and have genetic testing done.

For the healthy development of Turkish Kangal dogs, it is important to exercise regularly and have a diet. Kangals need a balanced diet of protein and fat.

You should also have the coils regularly groomed and routinely maintained with the veterinarian.

Can Turkish Kangal be kept at home?

While it is possible to keep a Turkish Kangal dog indoors, it is not an ideal idea to keep it at home.

Kangals, also known as Anatolian dogs, are independent, territorial, and protective dogs. They are strong and large dogs, they also need a lot of exercises. For these reasons, they are not very suitable for the home environment.

However, if you have a large house or garden, Kangals are very protective dogs.

If you want to feed the Kangals at home, it is necessary to adopt them at a young age, to provide socialization and education from an early age.

As a result, Turkish Kangal dogs are not very suitable for apartments or small houses. They will be happier in large estates or gardens.

Frequently asked questions about the Turkish dog

How can I make sure my Kangal is happy and healthy?

Kangal dogs are good with people and love their owners very much. If you treat your Kangal like a friend and show your love, he will be happy. He will also be quite happy if you exercise and feed him regularly.

What does the Turkish Kangal feed on?

It is important to feed the coils in a balanced way. Apart from healthy dog foods, you can feed them cooked meat, vegetables, and whole grains. Raw or bloody meat should never be given.

Can a Turkish dog be a babysitter?

The most important feature of the Turkish dog is to protect livestock. He is very good with children and is protective against dangers, but he is not exactly a care dog.

Is the Turkish shepherd dog effective against wolves?

Yes, the Turkish shepherd dog is effective against wolves. Also known as “wolf drowner” in Turkey. They will protect your herd especially if you feed more than one coil. They are also effective against predators such as bears and jackals.

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