Turkish Horror Movies IMDb (Rates & Facts)

Turkish horror movies imdb

In this guide, I will talk about my favorite Turkish horror movies IMDb rates and their details such as subjects, where you can watch, etc. 

If there are those of you who watch Turkish horror movies, they will definitely know that in most of the Turkish horror productions, folk horror, jinns, and spiritual entities which are based on Islamic mythology, haunted places, villages, rituals, and spells, supernatural issues stand out.

Of course, there are some movies included in this article that fall outside these generalizations. Let’s explore Turkish horror movies IMDb together and get to know Turkish horror cinema with contemporary productions. You can be sure that I will try to avoid spoilers as much as possible.

Make sure you’ve checked the free trial for the movies and TV shows you can watch on Prime. Now we can directly jump into Turkish horror movies IMDb rates, product years, summaries, and other facts!

Turkish Horror Movies IMDb (Rates & Facts)

Since expectations are generally high for horror movies, many of them (even some great ones) have low scores. However, if you are a true horror movie gourmet or know how to watch a movie without raising your expectations, you will not care too much about these scores. Keep in mind that factors such as year of production, number of people voting, mainstream media and popularity can also affect these scores. 

The Turkish horror movies I will talk about below are the movies that I have watched over the years and I would like to tell you briefly what they say along with their IMDb scores. Remember, there may be treasures inside that may appeal to you and some of them are very very underrated! Hope you enjoy it.

Turkish Horror Movies IMDb
Turkish Horror Movies IMDb

Dark Spells

“Dark Spells” is definitely one of my favorite Turkish horror movies. It tells the story of the disasters that befell a group of archaeologists who went on an excavation in Mardin Turkey, in a village, in Old Mardin houses. It really deserves to be watched, both for its cast and its plot twists. The fire that broke out at the premiere of the movie added to the cursed reputation of the movie and left its mark on the period.

I know, the IMDb score is a disaster, but considering the year of production and the genre, it seems normal to me.

Dark Spells IMDb rate: 3.00 

Releases in: 2004

You can watch Dark Spells on Amazon. 

The Abortion

The plot of the Turkish horror movie The Abortion is a bit interesting. Although there are moments when we think it strays into supernatural territory, we can actually say that it is more of a reckoning with conscience than a haunting story.

It’s definitely a dark and slow-paced movie. I prefer to consider this film in the horror-drama genre. The metaphors, references, and blending of an event that most of society considers a sin with horror fiction really impressed me at the time I watched it. Afterward, sequels were released, but I cannot comment on them since I have not watched them. You can access The Abortion movie from here.

I never recommend this movie to pregnant women. Because it really has an annoying side.

The Abortion IMDb rate: 2.4

Releases in: 2006


Another lesser-known Turkish horror movie is Gomeda. Dream and reality mix together in the film, which presents a nightmarish narrative about the experiences of five friends who set out to go to Gomeda Valley in Cappadocia. If you want to learn more information about this worldwide famous place, make sure you’ve visited my Cappadocia guide.

Gomeda IMDb rate: 2.3

Releases in: 2007

You can watch the Gomeda Turkish horror movie from here.

The Voice

The Voice has a high IMDb score compared to the movies we have mentioned so far. We witness the life of a young woman working in a call center, whose life turns into a nightmare because of the paranormal voices she hears. The tempo of the film is very high and makes the audience think about metropolitan life and meaning as well. The film is set in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Voice IMDb rate: 5.2

Releases in: 2010

You can watch this movie on Apple TV and Google Play Movies.

The Voice - Turkish Horror Movies
The Voice – Turkish Horror Movies


Musallat, a scary production that deals with demons and possessions through religious rituals, manages to leave its mark on its audience with its twists and turns and its good cast. Some of you may remember Burak Ozcivit, the lead actor, from the TV series Magnificent Century.

Musallat Imdb rate: 5.9

Releases in: 2007

Actually, he is not the one. There are more familiar names from the movies we’ve talked about so far. Such as Okan Yalabık (Pargali Ibrahim Pasha) from Dark Spells, Serkan Altunorak (Taslicali Yahya) from Gomeda, Mehmet Gunsur (Prince Mustafa) from The Voice, also Selma Ergec (Hatice Sultan – one of the Sultan Suleiman sisters)

You can view more Sultan Suleiman cast from here. If you want to watch more historical Turkish series, you should take a look at Resurrection Ertugrul summary as well. 

For watching more Turkish movies, read my Amazon’s Best New Romantic Turkish Movies Review, too.

The Little Apocalypse

I think this movie, which starts like a holiday story and evolves into an incredible nightmare, has a very special place in Turkish horror cinema. Additionally, I prefer to evaluate this movie in the horror-drama genre. Learn more about Fethiye, Turkey for the holiday scenes in the movie.

IMDb rate: 6.3

Releases in: 2006

The script of the movie is written by Doğu Yücel, one of my favorite writers. In addition, the 2004 production movie named Okul, adapted from his book, has an important place in the field of horror comedy among Turkish productions.

Three Letters (Marid)

This film, which is also based on Islamic mythology and deals with issues such as jinn and possession, also has sequels. Three Letters Marid is my favorite among them. It is said to be one of the paranormal Turkish horror movies based on true story.

IMDb rate: 3.4

Releases in: 2010

You can watch Three Letters Marid on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play Movies, etc. 


Semum is a Turkish horror movie produced by Hasan Karacadag, set in Izmir, Turkey. Jinns, an indispensable part of Turkish horror movies, are present in large quantities in this movie as well. In this film, we also see concepts such as the Turkish evil eye and black magic at the forefront.

IMDb rate: 5.0

Releases in: 2008

It is also possible to watch the movie on YouTube.

Dabbe Turkish Movie Series

Dabbe Turkish horror movie is a very cult and brave production among its contemporaries. I won’t claim that it is original, but it is still possible to say that it took the theme of the end of the world to a different place than the movie it was inspired by, Kairo (2001), and blended it in accordance with Islamic mythology.

The word “Dabbe” which appears in many verses of the Holy Quran represents a series of events believed to occur towards the apocalypse in the context of this film. Additionally, in the movie, Dabbe appears in the form of a terrifying creature.

Dabbe Turkish Movie Series
Dabbe Turkish Movie Series

What story is Dabbe based on?

The plot of “Dabbe” revolves around a terrifying tale of a group of young people who start receiving strange emails from their friend after he commits suicide.

IMDb rate: 4.4

Releases in: 2006

Is Dabbe Based on a true story?

Honestly, I don’t believe the rumor about “Dabbe Turkish movie real story.” Perhaps some parts may have been taken from a true story. However, when looking at the entirety of the film, it doesn’t seem very likely.

Is Dabbe the possession a real documentary?

The Dabbe movies are fictional. Even if the topics involving jinn, magic, and possession in the sequels are based on true stories, the Dabbe horror film series does not have a documentary nature.

What does Dabbe mean in Turkish?

In Turkish, “Dabbe” generally refers to a creature or a being. However, in the context of Islamic eschatology, “Dabbet-ul Arz” is mentioned in the Quran, and it is often translated as “The Beast of the Earth.” This creature is believed to have emerged near the end of times with signs related to the Day of Judgment. The term “Dabbe” in the context of the Turkish horror movie series is derived from this religious reference, though the movies take creative liberties with the concept.

It is possible to watch Dabbe movies on Netflix.

The Karadedeler Incident

The Karadedeler Incident tells the story of a journalist who comes to investigate paranormal events in an Anatolian village and is another Turkish horror movie that is based on a true story. Eerie, chilling, and successfully integrating the found footage technique into its narrative, this film stands out as a more realistic and worth-watching horror movie when compared to its contemporaries.

IMDb rate: 3.4

Releases in: 2011

You can watch the Karadedeler Incident from Amazon with English subtitles.

Deccal Turkish Movie

The movie “Deccal,” which you can watch on Amazon Prime and some other platforms as well, also has a sequel. Although I didn’t like the second film as much as the first one, I can say that it has its own good aspects. 

While the plot of the “Deccal” movie might remind viewers of films like “The Omen” and “Rosemary’s Baby,” it leaves a different impression on the audience with its paranormal and slasher genres. I must say that the film falls short about makeup and visual effects. In terms of sound and effects, it could be a bit better given its potential.

It continues with the story of a woman living alone in Istanbul, her experiences with an overly kind elderly landlord, and her discovery that she is pregnant later on.

IMDb rate: 3.5

Releases in: 2015


I watched “Kulyas” on YouTube. The ever-present jinn in Turkish horror movies are at it again. As usual, there are modern young people visiting a house in an eerie village. The stories told to them and the unrest in the house evolve in a demonic direction as time progresses. It’s a film that hasn’t been unnecessarily dragged out and can be given a chance for those who are fans of this genre. It looks pretty good for its budget.

IMDb rate: 3.4

Releases in: 2019

Shattered Soul

“Shattered Soul,” which combines crime, murder, horror, and mystery, is primarily based on a true story. It seeks to fictionally shed light on the mystery behind severed legs found in various parts of Istanbul in the year 2000. It’s also worth noting that this film was made a full decade before the movie “Split.” I believe you might enjoy watching both films together.

IMDb rate: 6.2

Releases in: 2006

Shattered Soul - Turkish Horror Movies
Shattered Soul – Turkish Horror Movies

Portrait of a Beauty

The film tells the story of a woman whose father has passed away and the events she experiences while spending days in the mansion she inherited from him. While the first half of the movie gives a paranormal impression, as the mystery of the enigmatic portrait in the house unravels, the events shift towards a detective and slasher genre. Be ready for twists, surprises, and unexpected turns.

You can watch Portrait of a Beauty on Amazon Prime and some other platforms.

IMDb rate: 6.3

Releases in: 2019

Turkish horror movies IMDb ratings are not so important for me and I think we should see their subjects as well. Because every movie has something it’s trying to tell, and some of them can have a really strong background. It may be time to stop watching horror movies with a superficial eye.

For this reason, in this article, I’ve compiled the ones that stood out to me among many Turkish horror productions. As a connoisseur of horror films, I don’t see even the worst ones as a waste of time.

You can find all these movies that we mentioned so far and more Turkish horror films in my Turkish horror movies list on Letterboxd. And if you’re a lover of horror fiction, follow my horror fiction page on X. I will follow you back. 

Portrait of a Beauty -  Turkish Horror Movies
Portrait of a Beauty Turkish movie

Frequently Asked Questions About Turkish Horror Movies IMDb

Here are the top asked questions about Turkish horror movies IMDb rates and facts about them. If you have more questions, let’s meet in the comments below.

What are some iconic Turkish horror movies?

Some of the most iconic Turkish horror movies include “Dabbe,” “Siccin,” “Dark Spells,” and “Three Letters”.

Are there Turkish horror films based on true stories?

Yes, films like “The Karadedeler Incident” and “Shattered Soul” claim to be inspired by true events, adding an eerie realness to the story.

How do Turkish horror films differ from Western horror movies?

Turkish horror films often incorporate local folklore, Islamic mythology, and regional superstitions, giving them a unique cultural flavor compared to Western horror.

Are jinn commonly portrayed in Turkish horror movies?

Absolutely! Jinn, known as “cin” in Turkish, frequently features in Turkish horror, often depicted as malevolent entities causing havoc.

Which Turkish horror movie has the highest IMDb rating?

The ratings change over time, but as of my last update, films in the “Dabbe” series consistently receive high ratings on IMDb.

Do Turkish horror films tackle contemporary social issues?

Some do! Beyond the scares, certain films subtly discuss issues like family dynamics, urbanization, and societal expectations.

Are there any Turkish horror film festivals or events?

While there isn’t a dedicated Turkish horror film festival, horror movies often feature in national film festivals and events in Turkey.

Who are some notable directors in the Turkish horror genre?

Hasan Karacadag with his “Dabbe” series and Alper Mestçi with his “Siccin” series are among the prominent names in Turkish horror cinema.

Are Turkish horror films more psychological or gore-oriented?

While some Turkish horror films do have gory elements, many lean towards psychological horror, emphasizing atmospheric tension and character-driven scares.

Where can I watch Turkish horror films with English subtitles?

Platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube occasionally feature Turkish horror films with English subtitles. It’s always good to check the current offerings.