Visiting Mardin City: Complete Tour Guide 2022 Includes Midyat

Mardin City

Mardin city is a historical city located in the Mardin Province, Turkey. It’s one of the oldest inhabited areas in the world and a place where different cultures and religions have coexisted for centuries. 

The Mardin population is 800k and Mardin city has very touristic parts almost in every corner. Mardin history and culture are waiting to be discovered by you! You should visit this one of the ancient Mesopotamia cities as soon as possible.

If you are wondering about Mardin meaning here is an aspect: Some people believe that this Mardin word came from Merida from the Roman period. On the other hand it means “fortress” according to some sources. 

Mardin city is home to many beautiful buildings and landmarks that are worth visiting. In this blog post, we will provide you with a complete tour guide for Mardin city that includes Midyat Mardin. 

We will tell you about the top attractions, stunning views for photographers, history of Mardin, best things to do, local cuisines, places to stay, hidden gems, souvenirs, buildings and landmarks, historical places, museums and more!


Is Mardin worth visiting?

Mardin city is definitely worth visiting! This historical city and also Mardin tour guide has a lot to offer tourists. The architecture is beautiful, the food is delicious and there are many interesting places to see. 

If you are planning a trip to Mardin city, be sure to read this blog post for a complete guide that includes Midyat Mardin. Explore everything that you’ll need to know with this Mardin blog.

Visit Mardin City

Is Mardin safe to visit?

Mardin city is safe to visit in general. You should use common sense when traveling to any new place and be aware of your surroundings, but there is no need to worry about safety in Mardin city. Just in case, it is better to walk around touristy and well known places. You can discover all walkside distances with the Mardin travel blog.

How do you get to Mardin Turkey?

The best way to get to Mardin city is by flying into Mardin Airport. The airport is located just outside of the city and has regular flights from Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. You can also take a bus or drive to Mardin city center.

From Istanbul to Mardin, there are several flights and trains that you can catch up one. If you want to use railways in Turkey, there is no direct Istanbul to Mardin train but you can make a transfer. 

You can use the Southern Express Train (Güney Kurtalan Ekspresi) from the capital city Ankara until Diyarbakir city. Diyarbakır is the closest interchange station to Mardin city.

Also you can rent a car or use public over-the-road buses in order to go to Mardin city. But keep that in mind. Istanbul to Mardin distance can be very long unless you go by airways. 

So, how far is Mardin from Istanbul by plane? The flight takes nearly 2 hours from Sabiha Gokcen airport to Mardin airport. 

turkey Southern Express Train

Mardin to Cappadocia

Well, Cappadocia is close to Mardin compared with Istanbul. But it still takes nearly 9 hours by car. You can also go by bus from Mardin to Cappadocia. 

The fastest way is probably catching the flights to Mardin. Turkish Airlines (THY) currently has flights from Mardin to Cappadocia and the opposite way. 

Does Mardin have an airport?

Yes, Mardin has an airport named Mardin Airport (MQM) which has so many flights both inside the country and going to other countries. Mardin airport to city distance is approximately 20 km. You can find car rentals or find some hotels to stay near to the airport.

We share a Mardin city map with you so you can see the exact location of Mardin on Turkey map.

Getting around in the Mardin City

The best way to get around Mardin city is on foot. This will allow you to really take in all of the sights and sounds of this historical city. If you are tired, there are also taxis and dolmus (minibusses) that can take you around Mardin city.

Mardin city

How many days in Mardin?

It is better to visit Mardin for at least two days. If you are thinking about a South Eastern Turkey tour you will need at least 4-7 days.

Is Mardin safe for tourists?

Many people travel to Mardin, Turkey as individuals every year. However, Mardin is a border city in south eastern Turkey. Mardin city is a very popular destination for foreigners, too. So be careful, stay around popular places and no worries. 

If you have some doubts, you can visit Mardin with the groups or tours anyways.

Mardin Tour Guide

Well, you can join separate Mardin tours or South Eastern Turkey tours which include Mardin city. Also you can find some freelancer city guides who will be your Mardin trip leader.

Either you can take the guided Mardin tours or you can explore Mardin city by yourself. It’s up to you.

Mardin Weather

Mardin city has a Mediterranean climate which you don’t need to worry about but prepare your package proactively anyways.

When is the best time to visit  Mardin city?

The best time to visit Mardin City is in the spring or fall. The weather is mild and there are fewer tourists during these times of the year. Mardin weather April is fine with the not bothering sun. However, Mardin City can be visited all year round!

What should I pack for Mardin city?

Be sure to pack comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking in Mardin city. You should also pack a light jacket or sweater as the evenings can be cool, even in the summer. If you are wondering about the Mardin weather December month and you are visiting Mardin City during the winter, be sure to pack a warm coat!

Things to do in Mardin: Mardin Day Trips

If you are wondering about what are the best things to do in Mardin? Here are the highly recommended places in Mardin. This city is totally worth seeing! Besides, you should see the 9 places in the Mardin Unesco tentative list. The heritage of Turkey is richer than you think. There are many great things to do in Mardin city. Some of the top things to do include visiting the Mardin Museum, exploring the Old City, and checking out the Dara Ruins. For a complete list of things to do in Mardin city, be sure to read our blog post!

About Mardin Museum

Mardin Museum is a great place to learn about the history and culture of Mardin city. The Mardin Museum is located in the Old City and has exhibits on the different cultures that have lived in Mardin over the years. There is also an exhibit on traditional Mardin crafts.

Mardin Museum

Deyrulzafaran Monastery (Mor Hananyo Monastery)

Deyrulzafaran Monastery is a beautiful historical site located just outside of Mardin City. The monastery was built in the 12th century and is still an active place of worship today. Visitors can tour the monastery grounds and even attend mass!

Mardin Castle

Mardin Castle is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Mardin City. The castle is located on a hilltop and offers stunning views of the city below. Visitors can also explore the inside of the castle, which has been turned into a museum.

Mardin Castle

Dara Mesopotamia Ruins

One of the famous things to do in Mardin is Dara Ruins! If you visit Mardin city, Dara Ruins must be on your bucket list. This ancient city is a very mystical place and offers stunning shoots for photographers!

Are there Mesopotamia ruins?

Yes, there are Mesopotamia ruins and Dara Ruins are one of them.

Where is ancient Dara?

The Dara Ruins are a ruined city located in the Mardin Province. Be ready to learn many things about history.

Who built the city of Dara?

The city was founded in the early Christian era and was inhabited by a number of different civilizations over the centuries. The city was abandoned in the 12th century and has been in ruins ever since. The Dara Ruins are a popular tourist destination and are one of the most visited archaeological sites in Turkey.

Dara Mesopotamia Ruins

Kasımiye Medresesi

Kasim Pasha Medrese is known as Kasımiye Medrese, which is a place that you should see while walking around in Mardin city.

Deyrulzafaran Monastery

Deyrulzafaran Monastery is a church still stunningly made thousands of years ago. Be a witness to this amazing history of Syriac culture.

deyrulzafaran manastiri

Sabanci City Museum

If you like modern museums which are exhibiting traditional details, you should see Sakıp Sabancı Kent Müzesi.

See Mardin Stone Houses

When you visit Old Mardin and see the old houses you’ll be surprised. Stunning atmosphere, excellent architecture, worth seeing buildings. Houses in Mardin city will be an inspiration for you.

Mardin See Stone Houses

What are some other popular tourist attractions in Mardin City?

Some other popular tourist attractions in Mardin city include the Grand Mosque, Zinciriye Madrasah, the Mardin Ethnography Museum (inside the Mardin Museum) and the Mardin Artuklu Palace. So you can honestly say yes to that question: Is Mardin worth visiting?

Mardin Food: Best Restaurants in Mardin

Mardin, Turkey traditions affect the foods and other cultural things for sure. Mardin food is incredibly rich and offers so many options for any kind of palate. If you are planning a Mesopotamia travel, make room for Mardin in your stomach!

What are some local cuisines I should try in Mardin?

Some of the local cuisines you should try while in Mardin include kebabs, kofte (meatballs), baklava and kadayif (sweet pastry). In particular you can try stuffed lamb ribs. For a complete list of Mardin city restaurants, be sure to check out our blog post and tripadvisor map for Mardin!

You must try the Assyrian wines in Mardin Midyat. The Shiluh wine brand is probably the best.

Shopping in Mardin: What is Mardin known for?

Assyrian wine, no doubt. Either as a drink or souvenir it is a very unique idea to shop. While visiting Mardin you may not see so many places like Mardin shopping mall. However we added some shopping places to our tripadvisor map for your needs.You can find so many souvenirs from various bazaar Mardin.

What are some souvenirs I can buy in Mardin?

Some souvenirs you can buy in Mardin city include hand-woven carpets, carved wooden boxes, and copper pots and pans. You can also buy Mardin-style baklava, which is a little different from the traditional baklava you find in other parts of Turkey.

Mardin City Nightlife

No higher expectations like in Mediterranean coastals of Turkey but you can still find out something about nightlife in Mardin for sure. City has only one disco inside. Some pubs have live folk songs if you are interested. In some Mardin hotels you can find events at different times. In addition you can join Sira Nights as a unique and traditional night event. 

We pinned our travel map of the hotels with bars in Mardin for you.

Where should I stay when I visit Mardin?

The best hotels in Mardin are waiting for your booking! There are many great places to stay in Mardin city. Some of the top hotels include the Mardin Hilton Garden Inn, the Mardin Ramada Plaza and more. For a complete list of Mardin city hotels, be sure to check out our map.

Bonus: About Midyat Mardin

We separate Mardin city center(Mardin Artuklu) and Mardin Midyat because Midyat town is far from the center of Mardin city about one and a half hours. So, let’s discover Midyat Mardin apart from Mardin city center.

Is midyat safe?

Midyat is safe as Mardin and the rest of the southeastern cities of Turkey. You can view the Midyat Turkey map and make your travel plans.

How far is Midyat from Istanbul?

Midyat to Istanbul is about 20 hours by bus. You can use airways for the fastest transportation.

How is Midyat weather?

Midyat weather is nearly the same as Mardin city center. You don’t need to prepare in particular if you visit both.

Midyat Travel

Midyat is a town  in Mardin Province, in southeastern Turkey. The town is located on the Marda Plain, on the east bank of the Midyat River. Midyat is known for its silver jewelry and traditional handicrafts.

Things to do in Midyat

Some of the top attractions in Midyat include the Silver Bazaar, the Red Church, and the Old Town. Midyat is also home to a number of traditional handicrafts shops. If you’re looking for souvenirs, be sure to check out these shops! You can find anything from hand-woven carpets to carved wooden boxes.

Mor Gabriel Monastery

The Mor Gabriel Monastery (a.k.a. Deyrulumur Monastery) is a Syriac Orthodox monastery located in the Mardin Province. The monastery was founded in 397 and is one of the oldest monasteries in the world. The monastery is home to a number of historical artifacts and is a popular tourist destination.


Midyat Old City

Midyat Old City is an amazing historical site located in Mardin Midyat. Midyat Old City has a very impressive history. The city was founded in the early Christian era and has been inhabited by a number of different civilizations over the centuries. The Old City is filled with beautiful historical buildings, many of which have been turned into museums.

Midyat City Museum

If you’re interested in learning more about the history of Midyat, be sure to visit the Midyat Archeological Museum. The museum is located in the Old City and houses a collection of artifacts from the various civilizations that have inhabited Midyat.

Virgin Mary Church

The Virgin Mary Church is a Syriac Orthodox church located in the Mardin Province. The church was built in the early Christian era and is one of the oldest churches in the world. The church is a popular tourist destination and is home to a number of historical artifacts.

virgin mary church

Visit Beyazsu

Beyazsu is a natural place with water. If you want to enjoy nature then you should visit Beyazsu.

Movies and Tv Shows in Mardin

If you like Turkish cinematography, we can recommend some TV series, Netflix series and movies which have been shot in Mardin, Turkey.

Let’s start with the famous one: The Gift. The Gift or Atiye is a Netflix series which has a short part in Mardin province. Probably you know this one already. 

Second one “Hercai (Inconstant Love)” was performing on national channels but also very popular in the world. Hercai was shooting in Midyat town but Midyat Hercai is not the only TV show in this mansion.

The famous “Sila Mansion” is the owner of another Turkish TV Series “Sila” You can remember that show with famous actress and model Cansu Dere. Actually this mansion is named “Sila Konagi” after this show. It is also known as Midyat Guest House Museum or Midyat Konuk Evi Müzesi. So it is a monument that you should visit if you have time during your Mardin trip.

Last but not least, there is one Turkish horror movies best is filmed in the Mardin city. Büyü or Dark Spells was filmed in 2004 in Mardin’s Savur town. Savur is located north east of Mardin which is close to the Batman Province. 

Beyond doubt, Büyü can find a good place for itself on the top 10 Turkish horror movies list. If you want to discover those places via cinematography, don’t ignore them. Highly recommended to watch! 

FAQ About Mardin City and Midyat Town

How old is the city of Mardin Turkey?

Since B.C. 4500, Mardin Turkey has been a guest house for civilizations.

Is Mardin in Cappadocia?

No, Mardin is not in Cappadocia. Mardin is a province. 

What are some hidden gems in Mardin?

Some hidden gems in Mardin City include the Mardin coffeehouses, the Mevlevi Tekke (a Mevlevi dervish lodge), and the Mardin Stone House.

What are some historical places I can visit in Mardin?

Some historical places you can visit in Mardin City include the Mardin Archeological Museum, the Mardin Mosque, and the Mardin Citadel.

What are some of the best views for photographers in Mardin?

Some of the best views for photographers in Mardin City include the Mardin Citadel, the Grand Mosque, and the Dara Ruins.

What are some of the best things to do at night in Mardin?

Some of the best things to do at night in Mardin City include visiting the Mardin coffeehouses, exploring the Old City, and checking out the Mardin Stone House.

What are some travel tips for Mardin?

Some travel tips for Mardin City include carrying cash as many places do not accept credit cards, wearing comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking, and dressing conservatively as Mardin is a very traditional city.

Is Mardin Turkish or Kurdish?

Mardin consists of a mixture of several nations and cultures. There is no discrimination in Turkey’s cities.

Is Mardin Syrian?

Mardin province belongs to the Turkey Republic. 

Is Midyat a Kurdish?

Midyat consists of a mixture of many nationalities, too. Most of them are Kurdish. 

Where in Turkey is Midyat?

Midyat is a town in Mardin province which is a part of southeastern Turkey.

Does Midyat have snow?

Midyat may have snow during winter.

When was Mardin built?

Mardin was built in the 14th century.

Furthermore, you can reach our TripAdvisor map from here for the Mardin trip. We hope you enjoyed our complete guide to visiting Mardin city! If you have any other questions about visiting Mardin, be sure to leave a comment below. Safe travels!  

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