BEST Authentic Turkish Evil Eye Products

authentic Turkish evil eye

The authentic Turkish evil eye is one of the most powerful Turkish good luck symbols around the world. In this shopping guide, I have created a very remarkable authentic Turkish evil eye items list with regard to their categories. 

This mystical design, which is believed to be good for jealousy and bad looks, continues to be preferred today with both traditional and modern variations without sacrificing their popularity. You asked me a lot of questions about evil eye online shopping, and I wanted to introduce you to various areas of use and beautiful products by preparing an authentic Turkish evil eye shopping guide.

So, I wish you an enjoyable journey with evil eye items. If there are products that you like or use but are not on this list, please share them in the comments. I’m curious about your experiences with the evil eye.

Table of Contents

Authentic Turkish evil eye

Authentic Turkish evil eye products and items can be used either for protection beliefs or just for nicknackery. But there’s a secret no one has told you, that now is the time for you to find out. Evil eye products are the most sought-after souvenirs. In addition, it is very, very special in terms of meaning to give it to someone or to receive a gift from someone as a product of the evil eye.

Explore more 👉🏻 Turkish evil eye protection

If you are interested in evil eye products on Amazon, you can get all of the products I have categorized and listed below for you online. Evil eye productions are one of the most authentic and meaningful gifts that you can give yourself or your loved ones as an ornament or for protection.

Let’s start with attractive evil eye home decor and keep continue to other evil eye products for sale that you may be interested in. 

Turkish traditional evil eye
Turkish traditional evil eye

Buy evil eye home decor

Whether you prefer it for a visual decoration only or in line with belief and energy, evil eye home protection items will help you create the peaceful atmosphere you expect in all circumstances. I think even just the soothing effect of the blue color will have a big share in this. You can able to find mixed items for home decoration. 

  1. Evil eye Hamsa hand decor plate
  2. Turkish evil eye tree
  3.  Evil eye tablecloth
  4. Turkish home decor evil eye mosaic lamp
  5. Evil eye neon sign
  6. Blue evil eye home decor
What is the authentic evil eye in Turkey?
What is the authentic evil eye in Turkey?

Evil eye decoration wall hanging

Evil eye decoration wall products can be found in different forms, in different hanging forms, for different purposes, and for different places. Here are plenty of the most popular and unique designs for a new style and protection. 

  1. Home decor hanging evil eye
  2. Evil eye license plate
  3. Evil eye for home entrance
  4. Greek evil eye home decor
  5. Evil eye protection home decor
  6. Evil eye macrame wall hanging
  7. Evil eye canvas poster

You can also read Turkish evil eye benefits and get to know evil eye protection better.

What are good luck charms in Turkey?
What are good luck charms in Turkey?

Evil Eye Carpet

Evil eye carpets, rugs, round rugs and more are waiting for you to explore. Are you ready to change the atmosphere of your home, add a more bohemian air, and meet the protective feature of the evil eye pattern?

  1. Blue Evil Eye Round Rug
  2. Evil Eye Doormat
  3. Evil Eye bathroom rug

You can also check the tips for a new-age atmosphere.

evil eye round rug
Evil eye round rug

Cheap Evil Eye Products for Kitchen

Authentic Turkish evil eye products can also be found as kitchen items. You can use evil eye kitchen items either as decorative objects or use them for the purpose they fit. In fact, there are many products and designs that deal with the form and theme of the evil eye, but when it comes to the kitchen, I have brought together the products that might interest you most.

  1. Evil eye Turkish coffee cups
  2. Evil Eye glass coffee cup
  3. Evil eye spoon set
  4. Evil eye coasters for coffee table
  5. Evil eye kitchen towels
  6. Evil eye protection products (serving plate set)
evil eye coffee cups set
Evil eye coffee cups set

Evil eye fabric

You can buy Turkish evil eye home textile products with evil eye patterns. They mostly designed vivid colors and glamorous looks in general. Both you and your guests will love these products. Make your home style unique with authentic Turkish evil eye items.

  1. Evil eye fabric by the yard
  2. Evil eye shower curtain
  3. Evil Eye Bedspread
  4. Evil Eye round table cloth
  5. Evil Eyes Fleece Flannel
evil eye homeware
Evil eye homeware

Turkish evil eye ornament

Many evil eye ornaments and jewelry are sold both online and in shops. You can buy them as a gift, buy them with the intention of protecting yourself from the evil eye and envy, or give them as a gift. It is possible to find products suitable for all kinds of usage purposes and from various materials. For daily usage and protection, you can prefer this national-style evil eye boho bracelet

Dive into 👉🏻 Turkish evil eye jewelry

Evil eye bags online

You should definitely take a look at the comfortable evil eye bags that you can use in your travels, in your daily life, in special invitations, or on the beaches. It will be an ideal choice not only for protection or ornamental purposes but also for catching a different style.

  1. Evil eye bag crochet
  2. Evil eye tote bag
  3. Evil eye handmade bag
  4. Evil eye make up bag
  5. Evil eye beach bag

Evil eye Beachwear

Before we talk about evil eye-patterned beach products, let’s take a look at one of the famous products in Turkey. As you know, Turkish towels and textiles are very famous, and people use Turkish peshtemal towels on the beaches as well. If you like these very light products with a nice and soft texture, make sure that you’ve checked peshtemal Turkish beach towel.

Evil Eye beachwear is very alluring and assertive but if you are into it, you can handle its luminescence. You can see the notable evil eye beach items that I’ve picked for you. And you can also see my lovely sister below in the photo with her evil eye swimsuit cover up. Evil eye beach dress will protect you from the sun and the evil eye!

  1. Evil eye swimwear
  2. Evil eye beach towel
  3. Evil eye clothing
  4. Evil eye dress
Evil eye beach cover up
Evil eye beach cover up

Mixed Authentic Turkish Evil Eye Items

Here you can also enjoy these evil eye-designed products for daily usage. It will both visually add authenticity to your style and protect your energy and aura from envious glances with the belief that it protects the person.

🧿 Check 👉🏻 Evil eye phone case iphone 14 pro max

If you are in love with evil eye glass beads, you will definitely want to get one of these. For you, I chose the one with vegan leather inserts on the back. Wondering why? Here’s a secret. Evil eye beads are generally made of glass. Even though they are thick and durable, they may not always have good luck when colliding with other objects. Therefore, it is useful to take precautions and choose the ones with such leather backs for a key chain that you can use for a longer time.

🧿 SEE the best 👉🏻 Evil eye leather keychain

Turkish evil eye for car can be a good ornament for your car and it can make your journey different with the belief in its protection and the serenity of the color blue.

🧿 Check 👉🏻 Evil eye for car mirror hanging

Turkish blue glass evil eye amulet is one of the most popular authentic Turkish evil eye products. It can always be a nice gift for both yourself and your loved ones. It is beneficial to use it carefully due to its glass structure. It should not be exposed to extreme heat and cold. Minimal care must be taken to avoid scratching.

evil eye gift ideas
Evil eye gift ideas

Evil eye spiritual items for sale

I prepared an evil eye spiritual products mixed list for you. If there are any of you who are interested in spiritual things like me, definitely check out here. For powerful evil eye protection and authentic fashion style, let’s dive into this blue mystical world. 

🧿Try Jonathan Adler evil eye candle for space and home purification 

🧿Evil Eye incense holder

🧿Evil eye gemstone rose quartz

🧿Turkish evil eye hand wooden shelf

🧿Evil eye yoga mat

🧿Selenite charging plate evil eye

Also you can try to make your own unique ornaments or evil eye mala bracelet with using the evil eye beads glass. Try evil eye beads for jewelry making in order to share your boho style with your friends. You can do evil eye gifts for them as well. 

🧿Last but not least: Those protection items as known as Greek evil eye products. Learn more about the evil eye history from here. 

🧿For whom is interested in wholesale buying, you can find wholesale evil eye products in Turkey. 

🧿Check the evil eye movies for horror movie addicts. Movies about jealousy and obsession mostly.

evil eye gift ideas for her
Evil eye gift ideas for her

Frequently Asked Questions About Authentic Turkish Evil Eye Products

Here are top-asked questions about the best authentic Turkish evil eye products and other curiosities. If you have any questions, write them below in the comment section. 

Is the evil eye Turkish?

The evil eye is a cultural inheritance of Turkey’s geography. Of course, in neighboring countries such as Greece, the evil eye has a counterpart, but this is a natural interaction. When we look at the origin of the evil eye bead and the evil eye, we see that it comes from the shaman traditions and ancient Turkish civilizations. Therefore, it is possible to say that it is Turkish.

What is an authentic evil eye made of?

The authentic evil eye may include traditional patterns and designs. If modern and traditional evil eye beads are to be mixed, the type and decoration of the material used are also factors that determine how much it reflects the authentic style. Real evil eye beads contain lead.

What are the evil eye beads in Turkey?

We call “nazar boncugu” in Turkish and whether we are talking about a single object or we are referring to more than one tiny bead, we call them evil eye beads in general. If you just only say “nazar” mean “evil eye”, you are not referring to the object. If you want to talk about the object, you should say the evil eye bead / nazar boncuk.

Can you give an evil eye as a gift?

Yes, you can, there is no harm in that. Just be sure to gift it with good intentions and good energy. Otherwise, you will not be doing the person to whom you are giving the gift a favor. If you receive an evil eye gift from someone you don’t like very much at all, don’t forget to neutralize it with energy purifiers like incense.

Where to buy an authentic evil eye bracelet?

You can purchase authentic Turkish evil eye bracelets either in stores or online shopping. You can explore authentic evil eye protection bracelets and find something that can cover your needs and expectations.