About Melisa Parlak

Melisa was born in Izmir, Turkey in 1991. Then she grew up in Antalya which is one of the most popular Turkey coastal cities. She is a published fiction writer, travel blogger, and yoga instructor (200-hour yoga teacher training certification from Yoga Alliance). Also, she completed 200 hours of mindfulness meditation and yoga online training with Zeynep Aksoy. She likes kundalini yoga classes, visiting museums and ancient cities, taking photos, and watching horror movies. Currently, she lives in Istanbul, Turkey with her husband.

She lived and worked in several cities and towns in Turkey which are Izmir, Marmaris, Aydin, Antalya, Zonguldak, and Istanbul. Once, she traveled to Belgrade, Serbia then she decided to write travel blogs about the places that she visited. You can read her own experience with Belgrade travel tips from here.

Turkey is not the only country that she has lived in. After her bachelor’s degree, she went to Greece for six months with a European solidarity corps project. During these times exploring Athens Greece, living like a local, and working as a volunteer in another country became a transformative experiences for her. According to her, living in Athens, Greece is not just a coincidence because Sophie’s World is one of her favorite books. Also, she had a connection with Ioannina Greece from her father’s side.

Why do writers write?

From her viewpoint, she thinks that this is a unique way of self-actualization which is in total harmony with her existence. Before her published books, she was still writing non-fiction, blogs, and poems. Well, she always has something to say and she chooses different ways for that.

She wrote her first fiction works about four or five years ago. Her first short story book “Asparagas” was published in 2020. Then she contributed an anthology made from short stories which are “Tepetaklak Öyküler”. She had an honorable mention for her first novel “Tesis” in 2021.

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