Turkey Travel Guide For Women

Turkey Travel Guide For Women

Here is a short Turkey Travel Guide for women. A lot of women friends are asking is it safe to travel to Turkey as a woman, while they were planning a trip to Turkey. Turkey’s location is a very important point in the world and also the population of the country is very crowded. Therefore women want to make clear some information about Turkey. If you are a woman about to go for a vacation to Turkey, you should know some trip tips and don’t do’s before you go there. That’s why you would like to keep reading this Turkey travel guide for women.

As we told you before, Turkey’s population is very crowded. If you have hesitations or worries about crimes, you should consider that population subject. Honestly, to be a woman and live as a woman in Turkey is a little bit harder than in other countries. Especially if we compare with the developed ones. But in general it’s not a touristy issue. 

What about Turkish people? The people you will meet there are from 81 different cities and actually each city has their own culture. So a lot of things can change. Foreign language knowledge depends on the region for example. But overall Turkish people are very gentle and helpful especially if you are a foreigner. Just do not forget that, like in every country there are people who have bad intentions in Turkey, too.

Are you a solo woman traveler?

So if you are a solo women traveler make some points clear before your trip. But don’t think about those things only for Turkey. In every country that you will visit you should know the dangers of solo female travel.

Groundwork before your trip

Make your research about the region of that place you will stay. Read all the comments about the hotel that you will stay during your vacation. Be sure about the security issues before you go.

Lastly, learn the emergency numbers like police, first aid etc just in case of urgent cases. Take a note about your country’s consulate information in that country.

During your vacation

During your trip, be aware of your surroundings. Mind your personal belongings all the time. Do not consign your personal belongings to somebody who you did not know well. Don’t tell so much information about yourself to those kind people. 

Stick with the known and famous, touristy places. Make your research about local or wild places before your trip. Especially in crowded cities, some areas can be dangerous after certain times. 

Use the registered vehicles for transportation.

Particularly in Turkey travel guide for women…

Particularly in Turkey you need to know some cultural tips before your vacation. In general, Turkish people are very careful about their personal hygiene. But especially in crowded cities, public usage can be uncomfortable. Carry a pocket of napkins with you. If you need, you can use them in various ways.

Take note of public restrooms. There is no unisex restrooms in Turkey easily. Public restrooms are separated as women and men. 

Here is another point for you. Many Turkish people prefer bottled water in daily life so you should prefer it too.

As a solo woman traveler, you should check on the place where you want to drink something. In Turkey, some cafes are for men but informally, they play games and drink tea or coffee at those places all the time. Besides an awkward moment, you probably can’t find a lot of options in there. 

Another thing is, especially in İstanbul you can see some protests in particular places. If you don’t have any special purpose or intention, it is better to not get involved with them. 

Once and for all, there are so many mambo jambos about women wearing burka etc. in Turkey. Fake news! Here is the truth: Turkey is a democratic state and secular republic. Some of the muslim women are wearing turban or hijab in their daily life but it’s completely a personal choice, not with force. So you can relax, you are free. 

The only advice is about covering your hair and dressing properly when you visit a mosque in Turkey. It is an expected duty for all visitors even if you are muslim or not. 

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