Best Shopping Malls in Antalya (2022 Guide)

malls in Antalya

Hello, all shoppers and travelers! As you know, Turkey offers amazing deals for vacation and also shopping. Shopping in Turkey is very easy. Many malls and shops are reachable and they also have online shopping. Via tax free shopping, it will be better for shopping more.

You will find shopping opportunities (with or without tax free options) in the best malls in Antalya. Probably, shopping is one of the best things to do in Antalya. So, don’t miss the deals and current advice. In this ultimate shopping guide, we will tell you all the shopping tips and malls in Antalya in order to make your next stops more enjoyable!

Antalya Shopping Guide

Once you’ve learned all the shopping centers in the city, you can compare and visit shopping malls in Antalya. That’s why we want to enlighten you for their qualities. 

When I go to Antalya city center, I can probably easily find at least one shopping mall near me. But which is the cheapest mall in Antalya? Let’s discover all the malls, especially those which offer us cheap shopping in Antalya. Let’s find the best mall in Antalya together.

Mall of Antalya Shopping Center (Antalya Shopping Outlet)

This place is one of the biggest shopping mall in Antalya. The mall of Antalya shopping center is well-designed and a fresh place where you can find so many things besides clothes. It is next to the cheapest outlet mall which is Deepo Outlet Center, that’s why we will examine both together.

Deepo Outlet Center Antalya Shops (Outlet Mall in Antalya)

As we mentioned before, Deepo Outlet Mall is next door to the Mall of Antalya. You can pass directly inside.

Many many years ago, there was only a Deepo Outlet but now there are two shopping centers. These two outlet malls are very attractive places for clothes shopping in Antalya.

Agora Mall Shops & IKEA Turkey Antalya

Ikea Antalya and Agora Mall shops are side by side. You can pass from both inside and outside.

Antalya Migros Shopping Center

Migros shopping center is one of the oldest malls in Antalya. However, you can still find all your basic needs in this three decker shopping mall.

Mark Antalya Mall

MarkAntalya Mall is one of the most popular shopping centers in town. This mall is in the middle of the center and very near to the Old Town Antalya. You can find many options for cosmetics, clothes, shoes, textiles etc.

Shopping Malls in Lara Antalya

Lara district probably has one of the best beaches in Antalya but surely it has more things than swimming. You can find many things to do here which includes shopping and walking around. Here are the famous shopping centers in Lara Antalya for shopaholics! Let’s dig in more.

Terra City, Antalya

Due to other malls, Terra shopping center guests a bit luxury brands in the mall. Still you can find cheaper brands inside, too.

Laura Shopping Center

No overhope, but it’s ok. You can find the basics if you are in a hurry or for your specific needs.


You can find different things to do in the Shemall shopping center. This mall is not very big but you can find something in there for yourself. 

Erasta Antalya Mall

This mall is very unique because the mall is in the open air. If you want to buy some gardening stuff you can visit Bauhaus which is next to the Erasta mall.

This shopping center in Antalya is very near to the Antalya bus station location.

There is a Decathlon store for campers and nature lovers, a cinema for movie lovers and some clothes and other shops for shopping lovers.

You can have the best Turkish coffee in Kahve Dunyası which is next to the entrance of the mall.

Also, you can visit Ozdilek Mall, Metro Groceries, Belek Mall for your needs. 

Land of Legends Shopping Mall

The Land of Legends Shopping Avenue offers you so many amazing things there. Also, you can find Antalya golf clubs around.

Hisar Shopping Mall Antalya

This mall is located in the Kundu region and you can find the main things there. 

Antalya Mall Brands

Famous ones are written above but we would like to add this brand: Fulla Outlet.

Fulla Outlet

You can find many cheap clothes here. Fulla Outlet shop is one of the cheapest clothing brands in Antalya. Very near to Antalya airport.

Also you can visit Nike Factory outlet for sneakers. 

Frequently Asking Questions

Here, we gathered up some frequently asked questions about shopping in Antalya. 

What is the best mall in Turkey?

Mall of Antalya shopping center is probably one of the best malls in Turkey.

Is Antalya good for shopping?

Definitely yes. You can find amazing malls in Antalya. In addition there are plenty of street markets for clothes, bags and shoes. 

What are the best malls for shopping in Antalya?

Mall of Antalya, Mark Antalya, Terra City, etc. 

What is the best shopping mall in Antalya?

If the point is about cheapest shopping you should try Mark Antalya mall.

Which is the best Mall in Antalya?

If we look from the viewpoint of accessibility, Migros Shopping Center is the best. 

Which is the biggest mall in Antalya?

Mall of Antalya is one of the biggest malls in Antalya.

Are there any markets in Antalya?

There are so many groceries, supermarkets and street markets in Antalya. 

Which shopping malls offer entertainment for children?

Markantalya, Agora, Mall of Antalya, Land of Legends…

Which shopping mall is close to the Antalya Old Town?

MarkAntalya Shopping Center is walking distance to Antalya old town shopping.

What is Antalya known for?

Antalya is known for its nightlife, some of the best beaches in Turkey and of course cheapest shopping.

What to buy in Antalya?

You can buy mostly clothes and shoes in Antalya. Besides, souvenirs can be a kind shoppings for your family and friends.

Does Turkey have Tax Free Shopping?

In Turkey, airports have some tax refund places. So you may claim your taxes back.

Where is Antalya shopping fakes?

Antalya is probably the best place in Turkey for fake goods. But you should try street markets instead of shopping malls and stores. In some Antalya bazaars, you can find many Turkey copy clothes.

Which are the best fakes in Antalya?

 Hand bags and clothes might be imitations or excess of exports on the street markets.

Is there a Belek fake market?

Belek has plenty of stores and street markets. It is hard to say there is a Belek fake market but in some street market stands, fake products can be found.

If you want to see all those malls on out Google map please click Best Malls in Antalya map.

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