Antalya Golf Courses 2022

Antalya Golf Courses 2022

If you are asking that question to yourself: Where can I play golf in Turkey? Obviously the answer is Antalya because of its various golf areas. 

Especially Belek, Antalya is one of the best golf destinations in Turkey. Whether you are looking for an all inclusive golf holidays Turkey including flights or only a couple of golf lessons, this Antalya golf courses 2022 blog post will be your guide. 

In addition, you will zoom in Turkish golf holidays, Turkish golf resorts and the best golf courses in Turkey.

For sure, Turkey golf resorts are very popular recently. Because so many golf resorts offer fine options to golf lovers from all around the world. Here with Antalya golf courses 2022, you will discover the best golf resorts in Turkey, all inclusive golf holidays in Turkey including flights, Antalya golf packages, and courses. Let’s start.

Antalya Golf Courses 2022 Guide

Turkey Golf Resorts (Golf Holidays in Turkey)

Do you need a golf vacation? Turkey has a huge country with natural beauty and miraculous coasts. Do many people wonder if golf is allowed in Turkey? The answer is yes, of course. Honestly, it is not such a common sport for Turkish people but actually, there are many popular golf destinations in Turkey.

Turkey golf resorts host locals and foreigners from all around the world every year. So, if you are asking, is golf popular in Turkey? Totally yes. Especially Belek, Antalya is one of the most popular golf destinations in Turkey. 

So what about prices? It depends on the duration of the course or vacation. Let’s say, how much does it cost to play golf in Turkey? Probably if you book your course or trip earlier, you will catch the promotions and discounts.

Also if you search for all inclusive golf holidays Turkey including flights, that could be much cheaper than you presume. If you are looking for a particular region like how much does it cost to play golf in Belek? Probably, you should check the Turkey golf holidays including flights in order to see the whole golf vacation price. 

Later, we will suggest some places for you to check the Turkey golf holidays all inclusive for your next golf vacation in 2022.

antalya golf resort
Turkey Golf Resorts

Antalya Golf Packages (Golf Turkey Antalya)

When somebody is looking for golf breaks in Turkey, many people suggest they go to Antalya. Especially in the city center, you may not find a golf club or golf courses in Antalya.

But the Belek region is very close to the city center and has many golf clubs places there. So you can explore some Antalya golf packages, golf club hotels, golf holidays, and golf courses to your required specification.

Some of those golf packages include flight tickets and all inclusive golf holidays. Probably you may want to check those golf in turkey including flights out for more budget friendly golf holidays.

Antalya Turkey Golf Packages

Some of those golf packages include flight tickets and all inclusive golf holidays. Probably you may want to check those golf in Turkey including flights out for a more budget friendly golf holiday in Turkey.

You will be able to see the best golf resorts and golf courses in Antalya at the prices below. In addition, those golf resorts have so many options for families, children, individuals, groups, etc.  You can find every kind of golf holiday in Turkey including flights.

Best Golf Courses in Antalya

Before your golf trip, you may want to learn how many golf courses are there in Antalya, particularly in the Belek region. Don’t worry. You have lots of options there. By the way, Belek is very close to Antalya Airport.

So, transportation is very easy whether you go there on your own or the resort’s services. Where were we? Here are the best golf courses in Antalya with prices and qualifications for an unforgettable golf holiday in 2022. 

How many golf courses are in Belek, Turkey?

You can find so many golf courses in Belek district. Belek is like a golf heaven in Turkey. Here below, we will mention plenty of them with details and websites for bookings. Let’s continue. 

Antalya Golf Club

Antalya Golf Club is known as PGA Sultan and The Pasha courts is one of the best golf places in Turkey. Antalya golf club green fees are very suitable for golf plays and also useful for each season. Besides, they have sample golf videos on their website!

Apart from courses they have tournaments at Antalya Golf Club. But you should know the overseeding period of Antalya Golf Club.

For more information about accommodation and golf package prices, you should choose the hotel first. Antalya Golf Club has sister companies like Sirene Belek and Kempinski Hotel The Dome Belek. You can check the best golf offers from golf in Turkey all inclusive.

Gloria Golf Academy

Gloria Golf Academy is another golf place in Belek, Antalya. They have golf courses and tournaments. Gloria Golf Club has particular golf packages for everyone and every level. Gloria Golf Academy is one of the best Turkey golf resorts all inclusive.

In general Gloria Golf Courses are separate for adults and kids, for beginners and advanced level. 4 days golf packages are group classes from 2 up to 6 people. The courses are 4 hours per day. If you complete the course you will have a certification in the end.

So, what about the prices? All equipment included golf courses price for a week per person: from 500 to 600 euro. For children, per person 400-500 euro for a week currently. You may want to check the website from Gloria golf resort golf packages

Also, Gloria Golf Resort’s reviews look very heartwarming. You can reach the Gloria Golf resort map at the end of this post.

National Golf Club

National Golf Club is a very rooted golf club in Antalya. Carya Golf Club, Regnum Carya and National Golf Club have the same price list on the website from National Golf Club Antalya.

We added the National Golf Course map to our golf courses in Turkey Belek google map.

Belek Golf Academy

Belek Golf Academy has excellent options for golfers. Private lessons, online classes, from beginner to advanced level, tournaments like Rikse Tournament at Titanic Golf Club etc. You can book your golf from the website of Belek Golf Academy via online reservation. 

Titanic Golf Club Antalya

Titanic Golf Club has lots of options for golfers. You can view Titanic Golf Club Antalya all inclusive golf packages, golf courses, golf course maps, overseeding and golf holiday bookings from Titanic deluxe golf Belek booking. Also, you can see the Titanic golf course map down there.

Sueno Golf Club

Sueno Golf Club is another excellent golf course in Belek, Antalya. You can discover the offers, golf course packages, and all inclusive golf holiday packages, etc. from Sueno Golf Belek.

Last but not least, for more golf breaks in Turkey including flights, all-inclusive golf holidays in Turkey, Belek golf holidays including flights or in general interested in golf holidays, golf courses, and golf packages; we suggest you read Best Golf Breaks in Turkey 2022

And what is more, as we promised above, here is our map for best golf courses in Belek, Turkey

We hope that you enjoy this Turkey golf packages and courses post. We will sure you’ll find the best choice for your next golf holiday to Turkey which is an all inclusive golf holiday including flights!

You can also view all golf courses in one place on this Trip Advisor map.

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