Patara Ancient City – Guide 2023

Patara Ancient City

The ancient city of Patara, one of the first symbol cities that comes to mind when Lycia is mentioned, is the commercial port of Lycia opening to the Mediterranean. It is the city where St. Nicholas (Saint Nicholas) was born, known as Santa Claus, and its ancient structures have survived to the present day.

Letoon Sanctuary Place: Letoon Ancient City

Letoon Ancient City

The ancient city of Letoon, located on the Fethiye – Kaş highway, is an ancient city considered sacred by the Lycians, whose first settlements are estimated to have been established in the 7th century BC.

Why should visit Turkey?

Why should visit Turkey

Turkey is a country that has important tourism destinations and hosts millions of tourists every year. So why do millions of tourists visit Turkey every year? In this article, we will answer the question of why should visit Turkey.

5 Best All inclusive Fethiye Hotels

all inclusive Fethiye hotels

All inclusive Fethiye hotels are the new rising stars in the south-west coast in Turkey. Now, without wasting any time, we will do a deep dive into these Fethiye hotels. You can find other articles related to Fethiye at the end of this blog post.

Map of Asia Minor or Anatolia Map

Anatolia Map

Called Anatolia or Asia Minor, it is the land of Turkey in the Asian continent of today. It is very important as it connects Anatolia, Asia, and Europe with the Bosphorus. We will refer to the article as Anatolia in one part and Asia Minor in the other. Please note that they are both in the same place. Let’s start with the Map of Asia Minor or Anatolia Map.

Basic information for living in Turkey

Basic information for living in Turkey

Do you want to live in Turkey but do not know about Turkey? Let us share with you basic information about living in Turkey, such as the economic situation, weather, and health insurance.

Best Kas Nightlife Places

Kas Nightlife

Kas Antalya is one of the best vacation destinations in the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. During the day, you can swim in the clear and pristine turquoise bays; In the evenings, you can enjoy the colorful nights of Kaş accompanied by wonderful tastes.

What to eat in Kas Antalya?

What to eat in Kas

Kas, Turkey is a very popular destination with many visitors every year. In this blog post, we will share with you all food & beverage tips, what to eat in Kas Antalya, and the nicest restaurants in Kas, Turkey.

How to get Fethiye, Dalaman or Antalya to Kas?

Antalya to Kas

Kas is the holiday district of Antalya, which is adjacent to Fethiye, which is located in the westernmost part of Antalya, and where you can have a great holiday despite its small size. We will answer you on how to get to this beautiful town, Antalya to Kas, Dalaman to Kas, and Fethiye to Kas. … Read more

Turkish Maldives: Adrasan Suluada island boat tour

Adrasan Suluada Island Boat Tour

Antalya province has many secret beauties inside like Adrasan Suluada a.k.a. Maldive Islands Turkey. You’ll see why they call like this and more below. In this blog post, we will cover all your needs about the Adrasan Suluada Island boat tour.

How to get to Pamukkale Turkey?

How to get to Pamukkale

Pamukkale is a district of the city of Denizli located in the Aegean region of Turkey and is a very popular tourist area. Only in May, 200,000 tourists visited Pamukkale.

National and Religious Holidays in Turkey

National and Religious Holidays in Turkey

Before planning a holiday in Turkey, paying attention to national and religious holidays would be helpful. There is only one day off on national holidays and Turkish people generally prefer to spend these days at home with their families.

Best Beaches in Turkey for Families 2023

Best Beaches in Turkey for Families 2022

Probably Turkey is a must see country with all those various natural beauties and ancient history. Every year, so many families are looking for safe and family friendly vacation destinations for their next holiday.

Izmir Shopping Malls & Izmir Fake Markets

izmir fake market

Every year, thousands of tourists visit İzmir to take a summer vacation and to visit historical sites such as Ephesus. Tourists coming to Turkey do their shopping because the Turkish lira is cheap against the dollar and the euro. Apart from the best Izmir shopping malls, we will talk about the most visited and the best Izmir fake markets.

10 Best Hotels in Fethiye

best hotels in Fethiye

Are you ready to explore the best hotels in Fethiye, which is an amazing pearl of the west Mediterranean part of Turkey? Do not forget to book your holiday at affordable prices with early reservation for the summer of 2023.

The most livable cities in Turkey 2023

livable cities in Turkey

Due to the warming crisis in the world and Turkey is a cheap country, many people want to settle in Turkey. But in which city does it make sense to settle in Turkey? We have compiled the most livable cities in Turkey for you.

All Tips and Truths About Solo Travel To Turkey

solo travel to turkey

Solo travel to Turkey is a very unique experience for everybody. Because Turkey is a country with incredible beauties consisting of 81 provinces that you can’t get enough of exploring. Although it offers options suitable for every budget.

10 Things You Need to Know About Bodrum Nightlife

10 Things You Need to Know About Bodrum Nightlife

Summer is the perfect time to visit Bodrum! The weather is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, and spending days at the beach. After sunset, you can enjoy the Bodrum nightlife. You can also visit some of the ancient ruins or take a boat ride around the stunning Turquoise Coast.